Black Lives Chatter!


Black lives chatter!
What’s the matter?
No one is even listening.
Not even the Mad Hatter!

Black lives chatter!
What’s on your platter?
Another protest march
as more feet go pitter patter?

Black lives chatter!
Your message is even flatter
than Taylor Swift’s ass
pumped with yeast-filled batter.

Black lives chatter!
Your pockets are fatter,
but what have you accomplished
with your Black Lives Chatter?

I’ll tell you! Not a goddamn thing!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

What the fuck has BlackLivesChatter accomplished? If someone can point out to me, just what the fuck BlackLivesChatter has accomplished, then by all means, please post it here! Because from where I sit, they got nothing!

AGAIN, for the Black folks who are either slow or otherwise dumb as all hell, the whites don’t give a shit about your life. You are unable to understand this? Why would George Soros give a shit about you? He is behind the explosion of that stupid shit, “BlackLivesChatter!” Who do you want to realize that Black lives matter? The ‘whites’? Get the fuck outta here with that stupid bullshit! They show you every single day that they don’t give a shit about you and yet you continuously shout to them that your life matters when it NEVER will matter to them! When you finally recognize that your life should matter to you and that other Black lives should matter to you, then and only then will you figure out just what the fuck you need to do to get your act together but until then, just continue acting out and hope that today’s whitey white ass that’s the progeny of what dragged your ancestors over here, will finally get an epiphany and lay off shooting you, enslaving you in the new prison slave pens and will stop gentrifying your neighborhoods. Yeah! And then, piss in the wind because like all the other shit that’s going down, it’s gonna blow back in your face anyway. Now open wide! In coming!

6 thoughts on “Black Lives Chatter!

    1. George Soros IS funding the group and word is that most of the higher ups in that group work FOR George Soros. No AGENDA THERE! Sarfuckingcasm and big fucking eye roll. In fact, the eye roll was so BIG, my fucking eyeball rolled clean on out of its socket and I had to chase it as it rolled across the goddamn floor, it was that BIG of an eye roll.

      I can only surmise what George Soros’s agenda is since I don’t work for him, nor have I donated my time and money to HIS group, “BLACKLIVESCHATTER!” Oh, my bad! BLACKLIVESMATTER. When Black lives matter, I’ll let you know, but as usual, I digress. What is behind George Soros funding a group ostensibly to let the world know that BLACKLIVESMATTER? Could it be that he got that ‘epiphany’ I was talking about? NAAAAH! But seriously, I think it was to, in part, attempt to start a race war since we all know that Trump’s campaign brought out the racist redneck white ‘supremacists’ and their cohorts and then along comes BLACKLIVESMATTER instigating shit as well. So, we’ve got two factions butting heads at campaign events, town halls and whatnot and this Hungarian billionaire is telling his employees to start a movement to declare to all and sundry, who don’t give a damn and never will, that Black lives matter. Now, if I have fallen on my head and thus, has got this all wrong, I am pretty sure that one of my readers will come on up in here and correct me if I am wrong.

      Those are, however, good questions that you asked Lou. Rob Stein, a former Clinton treasury official is also helping to fund Blacklivesmatter as well as the heir to Taco Bell, Rob McKay. Now, when rich ‘white’ folks start throwing money at groups called ‘Blacklivesmatter’, it makes me wonder. What’s up with that? Why not throw money at organizations that are attempting to free innocent men, mostly Black men, who are rotting in prison cells? Why not fund inner city school systems so that we don’t continuously hear of the ‘school-to-prison’ pipeline? Why not fund a lawsuit and sue the Justice Department for basically encouraging racial profiling, police brutality and outright murder of unarmed Black people? To me, that would seem to do the most good instead of just throwing money at a group that only goes around the country staging useless protests. Millions of dollars have been poured into the coffers of Blacklivesmatter and what is there to show for it? Not a goddamn thing! So to question ‘agendas’ here is certainly the right thing to do!

      Thank you for your comment Lou!


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