Hillary Clinton, A ‘Nasty Woman’!



I did not watch this debate just as I did not watch any of the previous debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but I just read that Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” has become wildly popular on Spotify since Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a, “nasty woman,” while Hillary Clinton was speaking on what she intends to do FOR Social Security. And AmeriKKKans have the goddamn nerve to wonder why they are choosing between Twiddle Dee Foolish and Twiddle Dee Liar? Seriously? No one has of yet said anything about Hillary Clinton’s words pertaining to Social Security. So, I shall recap them here.

“I am on record as saying that we need to put more money in the social security trust fund. “That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s – assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.” – Hillary Clinton. And because Donald Trump interrupted her and said, “She’s a nasty woman,” let’s forget about the important stuff and concentrate on some name calling? We already know that this farce is as fake as a four dollar bill, so let’s continue to sweat the stupid stuff while ignoring what these yahoos say? Really? We shall surely get exactly what we deserve, either way!

If there is anyone out there that has more than two brain cells operating, think about what Hillary Clinton said. “I am on record as saying that we need to put more money in the social security trust fund. That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy.”

Her dear philandering husband, Bill Clinton BALANCED THE BUDGET BY RAIDING THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND BEFORE HE LEFT OFFICE. Bill Clinton did not magically leave office with a surplus that was just lying around. Social Security would be entirely solvent today if the Social Security Trust Fund had been left the hell alone and now, we are to believe that Hillary Clinton, unlike her philandering husband, would actually ADD to the coffers of the Social Security Trust Fund? She fucking can’t take from it because it’s practically busted! Damn near every single past presidential Administration has raided the trust fund and now Hillary Clinton is going to come along and save the day for us all. Yeah! Right! And how many times have taxes been raised on the rich? Crickets are fucking chirping! The rich own this shithole and they are not going to allow taxes to be raised on their ill-gotten gains that are sitting in off-shore tax havens. What is there to tax when the money is not even sitting here in AmeriKKKa? But let us not concentrate on these so obvious lies that Hillary Clinton is spouting, let us concentrate on Trump calling Hillary, a ‘nasty woman’ and let’s go find a song with NASTY in it and make it go viral! I fucking swear, AmeriKKKans continue to outdo themselves in goddamn stupidity, cluelessness and moronic behavior. You useless bunch of yokels are indeed, going to get everything that’s coming to you! And about time, I might add! For the love of!! AGAIN, I just cannot make this shit up!

Bill Clinton’s lock-box plan is nothing more than a scheme to use more than $3 trillion in Social Security surpluses to buy down federal debt. In exchange, the Social Security trust fund gets another $3 trillion worth of IOUs. To be sure, most Americans would rather pay down the debt than use Social Security’s surpluses to fund pork barrel projects. But make no mistake, once that money is spent – to buy down debt or fund new programs – it will not be there to cover Social Security’s long-term liabilities.

And those liabilities are enormous. As most Americans are becoming aware, in 2014 Social Security will begin spending more on benefits than it collects in payroll taxes. Ten years later, its annual deficits will reach $370 billion, and by 2034, when today’s 33-year olds begin to retire, the program will be mired in $800 billion deficits. Over the next 75 years, those deficits total $122 trillion, or $19 trillion after adjusting for inflation.

Social Security is filled with nothing but worthless IOUs that I can’t even wipe my ass with and we are now to believe that Social Security is going to bounce back from almost complete insolvency by Hillary “I am going to raise taxes on the rich {to make Social Security solvent again}” Clinton? Right! And the Klan is going to disband!

Let us all concentrate on this. It should get us through the next 4-8 years!

11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, A ‘Nasty Woman’!

      1. The system is hopeless, but never forgive , never forget, never quit fighting against hopelessness. They want you to fail, to give up, Stay angry at the rotten world and inspiring to those without skills.

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      2. Again, thank you Jtremaine for that inspiring comment. Even though I sometimes get discouraged, I still continue to plow on, it is just my way of relieving frustration.

        I shall not give up! Thanks SO very much for all you do! It is not in vain.

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      3. Thanks very much, Shelby. I used to write my own blog posts. The world is changing so fast I look to those with greater knowledge and experience and I reblog what I think is importanthe mostly. I have a plenty of concepts and theories that I do not have time to compose and have considered posting a list of articles that I wish I had time to write . This may be my next project. Carry the weight.

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  1. Thank you, Shelby, for bringing light to Bill’s “Balanced Budget” legacy that Hillary supporters love to make mention. How soon we all forget the things we never knew.

    As you might know, I’m not an advocate of government, and that includes everyone in, out, and running for office. The government is a part, a rather large part of The Problem, not the solution. As is God. I would like, however, Trump as president to further implode the GOP. Not that I’m voting, mind. I do have my scruples. But I think it would be humorous seeing the Bush dynasty squirm, maybe to the rhythm of Nasty Boys.

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    1. Peter, I am going to most likely take a hit for saying this, but if I were to vote in this election, I would vote FOR Donald Trump. However, that being said, my vote is still sitting somewhere on the voting rolls in Virginia and never have I a thought to change that and NEVER am I setting foot back in Virginia to vote or do anything else.

      The last time I exercised that farce called ‘voting’ was over three years ago and I promised myself that I would not go through the motions again because that’s all we are doing and I wish to piss somebody would tell me that “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!” Fuck that! I’m fucking left with much to complain about when I DO vote, so what the fuck difference does it make for me to go stand in a long ass line and actually vote FOR what I am going to complain about anyway? It makes no fucking sense!

      And I hear you loud and clear, government IS the problem and we should be hell bent on overthrowing it! Now, come on up in here NSA, FBI and CIA and haul my ass away! I fucking dare you! Yeah! Rectally hydrate my Black ass, why doncha Dick ‘Fuck You’ Cheney? Sorry about that Peter, but I sometimes get carried away BEFORE I get carried away.

      We never even listen to what is being said because if we did, we would be in an uproar about Hillary Clinton’s statement on Social Security, but yet, the uproar is over a ‘Nasty Woman’ comment? Wow! Just fucking wow!

      I am going to get out my black witch’s cauldron and attempt to stir up some goddamn potions to end all potions to hopefully assist Donald Trump to win this election. But the fact is, he doesn’t want to win and anybody with more than two brain cells connected and working should be able to see this.

      And lastly, you know what I think of ‘GAWD’! I am such a devout non-believer! Gag me with a ‘BUYBULL’!

      Thanks Peter! Your comment was spot on!

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      1. Oh, I love their argument, “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” To which I reference their treasured Constitutional farce, The Bill of Rights, Amendment One. The right of free speech is not predicated on voter registration or participation.

        No apologies to me are necessary, Shelby. No need to fret, either. As long as our voices are so effectively ineffective and they retain a firm grasp on the minds of the masses, they have no reason to rock the overcrowded Ship of Consensus by rousing the rabble. But that can change, as it may well be doing.

        It took me a couple of reads to get, BUYBULL. That’s fucking hilarious.

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      2. Exactly! All of a sudden, ‘free speech’ flies right out the goddamn window when it don’t suit the purpose of the motherfucker that’s screaming that we didn’t vote. We are SO goddamn selective about everything, it’s damn ridiculous. Ain’t a goddamn politician, alive or dead, did a goddamn thing to change my life for the better. So, I got nothing to lose either way.

        And believe me I know that I am as ineffective as can be, but I just love throwing it out there that I could care less about those fucked up spies with their spying bullshit that can’t ever seem to stop any sort of so-called ‘terrorist attack’.

        LOL! Oh, you didn’t get Buybull at first, eh? That’s alright! You got it! I use it often to annoy the ‘christians’. I’m SO annoying!

        Thanks Peter!


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I had read about Hillary Clinton’s plans for Social Security, but I figured what the hell, no one is paying attention anyways. But I was just flabbergasted when this ridiculousness surfaced and it was all I could do to not erupt and burst into flames. I had to let it out. GEEZUS! AmeriKKKans are some dumb, stupid motherfuckers!

      And Obama tried that shit as well. I don’t think that the Baby Boomers are going to sit still for that mess especially seeing as how so many pension funds have dried up like a vulture picked carcass in Death Valley thanks to mismanagement and bad investments. And now, many of those people only have Social Security to depend on and some lying warmonger is going to attempt to send that the route of their pensions? People would get up off their ass then. If not, well, I don’t know what to say because there ain’t enough bridges and Las Vegas tunnels to take on the Baby Boomer homeless population.

      Thanks for posting the link. I hope many will see their way to clicking it and finding out just what that vicious, lying, perpetual pantsuit wearing warmonger has in store for ’em.


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