Don’t Slam Hillary, Slam Your Mother….




….she is the one who endorsed Hillary Clinton. She is the one who stood up on the stage at the DNC, along with the other coon head sell-outs and endorsed filth, filth that is the reason why Black people are usually the victims of police brutality. So, don’t slam Hillary Clinton for staying true to being a lying warmonger, slam your mother for backing a known racist piece of filth and for selling out your father for ’30 pieces of silver’ and a few minutes on a stage.

Daughter of Eric Garner slams Clinton campaign over emails about father’s death

The Hillary Clinton campaign came under fire from Erica Garner on Thursday, the daughter of Eric Garner who was killed by a police officer in New York City, after the latest batch of emails released by WikiLeaks revealed how the Democratic presidential nominee talked about her father’s death.

“I know we have Erica Garner issues but we don’t want to mention Eric at all? I can see her coming after us for leaving him out of the piece,” Clinton press secretary Nick Merrill wrote in an email.

Another aide Maya Harris chimed in saying, “Eric Garner not included because not killed by gun violence.”

So, this just goes to show that all who were on that stage at the DNC were merely props. This shit was all thought out beforehand and as usual, dumb ass Black people will dutifully get in line and allow racist filth to continue to use them for their fucked up agendas. We never, ever fucking learn. You know what? To hell with all y’all Black motherfuckers! Here I am breaking my goddamn neck and back trying to do something about goddamn gentrification encroaching all over the city I live in when you punk ass bitches are doing nothing but making it more and more difficult for me and others to try and do a goddamn thing about your fucked up ass plight. Fuck all y’all motherfuckers AGAIN! I’m fucking done! Stick a goddamn fork in me. I can fucking use my goddamn money for my own Black ass! To hell with you!

This just takes the goddamn cake! You stupid fuckers can’t see the writing on the wall? You need someone to tell you how to blow your own goddamn nose and I’m going to fucking break my neck trying to help some motherfuckers that can’t even think for themselves? Hell no! The goddamn buck stops here! You’re all fucking sell-outs!

I have been saying over and over that Black people continue to do some crazy ass shit by doing the same things and expecting different results. You’re going to stand behind that piece of racist filth that calls itself Hillary Clinton, whose husband, by the way, is the reason why so many Black men and women are cooling their heels in ‘for profit’ prisons. Those two scum sucking bottom feeders are the reasons why so many Black children are growing up in single-parent households. And you can’t fucking see that? You’ve got to wait until Wikileaks publishes leaked emails to get a clue about what you should already know! We have been slaves in this shithole for hundreds of years and still, you don’t know that nothing’s changed? How the hell are you free? And who the hell freed you? Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton? Her husband’s policies, AGAIN, are the reasons why so many Black people are slaving away in ‘for profit’ prisons on bullshit drug charges thanks to Bill Clinton’s ‘three strikes’ law among other laws that were placed on the books by Bill Clinton’s racist policies that were meant to enslave Black people in the new slave pens. And what do you do when those racists in uniform kill your ‘loved’ one? Why, you stroll down the streets with a lame ass protest sign that you dusted off from the 1960s and beg them to stop choking us to death, shooting us to death and hanging us. Then some of you, like Eric Garner’s family, will take a multi-million dollar payout to shut up about his murder and the status quo continues.

Oh, but then, you are so shocked when emails come to light exposing the fact that Hillary Clinton is as fake with her displays of support for the plight of Black people as her husband is. You overlook a lot for ’30 pieces of silver’. You sell out your own people and stand somewhere, smiling and endorsing racist filth and then get bent out of shape when someone exposes to the world just how contemptible your mother is for being a coon head sell-out. So no, Erica Garner, don’t slam Hillary Clinton for staying true to who she is, slam your own goddamn mother for condoning what that racist piece of filth set into motion, decades ago; her and her philandering husband, Bill. Slam Sandra Bland’s mother Jordan Davis’s mother, Trayvon Martin’s mother, Michael Brown’s mother, Dontre Hamilton’s mother, Hadiya Pendleton’s mother, Blair Holt’s mother and Oscar Grant’s mother for taking to the stage at the Democratic National Convention and endorsing that warmongering racist piece of filth, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president and of that I am certain of without a shadow of a doubt because that is what the ‘elites’ want for why else is that war whore not in prison for all the crimes its committed? Why put something like Donald Trump and Mike Pence up against Hillary Clinton? It is to make people so disgusted over Trump and Pence that they’d vote for Hillary Clinton even though they loathe and despise that hag! And for anyone who thinks that police brutality is going to cease when Hillary Clinton descends to the presidency, you need to wake the fuck up and smell the stench of death because you will continue, just as you are now, to march down the goddamn street holding your lame ass protest signs or waving your hands in the air screaming, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” And I guess you forgot, that to Hillary Clinton, Black people are super predators that need to be brought to heel and that is exactly what is going down. “Heel motherfuckers! Heel!”

Eric Garner’s mother endorses Hillary Clinton

Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday in an email to campaign supporters, labeling Clinton the “only candidate right now who’s talking about how we can be strategic in trying to” address police brutality.

Carr joins a host of mothers whose children were killed in incidents with law enforcement and are part of a broader campaign strategy to solidify African-American voters who are pushing for an end to police brutality.
“So yeah! Heel motherfuckers, heel!”

8 thoughts on “Don’t Slam Hillary, Slam Your Mother….

  1. I suspect this phenomenon relates to class differences in the African American community I will never fully understand. One thing I do know is that Europeans have always been extremely good at splitting oppressed groups by offering a very small group special privileges. I love your new banner by the way.

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    1. Class differences????!!!! We’re ALL in the same goddamn class AKA boat! It don’t fucking matter if we sing our way to millions or if one of our ‘loved’ ones gets himself/herself gunned down and a multi-million dollar payout is laid out, or if we are flipping burgers at McDonald’s, we are all still on the goddamn plantation and these stupid, dumb ass fools cannot see that. There ain’t no class difference. We are in the same class; the slave class and these pansy pants, snot nosed Black motherfuckers cannot see that? I would not take money to be silenced. I would not endorse racist filth knowing all the while that I am spitting and shitting on the memory of my son/daughter and on all the others who look like me who will get exactly what my son/daughter got thanks in part to racist policies placed on the books by the likes of the Clintons.

      I am tired of screaming and yelling and getting up on buses and attending meetings in an attempt to enlighten people who want to remain forever in the dark. Fuck that shit! I am past fed the fuck up! I have no problem calling out shit when I see it and I will not mollycoddle Black people just because they look like me. If their shit stink, I’m going to make sure they fucking know it!

      Dr. Bramhall, you give us too much credit. We ain’t got a gnat’s ass worth of class differences amongst the lot of us and so why we are pretending that we do is beyond me because we are all NIGGERS as far as the likes of Hillary Clinton is concerned and that is ALL we’ll ever be and these fucking fucked up yokels can’t see that???!!! For the love of !!!!!!

      I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall. This shit is fucking hopeless!

      Oh and thank you for noticing the new banner. I’m kinda partial to it myself.

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    1. They ought to be, but the fact is they are just too stupid for words. How in the hell would it look for me to get up on the same stage that Hillary Clinton will be nominated as the Democratic Party’s next candidate for president and endorse her ass knowing all the while that her philandering husband is the reason why millions of Black people are behind bars? Even a blind man that’s been planted should be able to see that that shit right there just ain’t right.

      Those coon head sell-out heffas are what is wrong with Black people. They sell out their own children’s memory when they proudly stand up and endorse racist filth, claiming that it will spearhead a movement to get KKKops to cease and desist with killing us for no reason when that racist filth is the reason why millions of Black people are behind bars getting themselves raped, brutally beaten and made to work for peanuts every goddamn day. Those goddamn heffas ain’t blind to what’s going down. And I will not excuse their behavior by saying they’re fucking ignorant of life as it is for Black people in this shithole.

      Nido, as you can see, we’ve got nothing to work with here in AmeriKKKa!

      I thank you kindly for your comment.


  2. My heart goes out to these sistas. They have went through unspeakable pain. I know their hearts hurt. But they need to rethink endorsing their oppressors. They come off looking like Aunt Jemima’s when they do things like this. They are clearly lost.


    1. Well, Prince, they ain’t too fucked up about what went down because they quickly accepted their multi-million dollar payout, shut the fuck up and got in line behind that scum sucking bottom feeding racist, Hillary Clinton to the point where they endorsed it and now are wondering why that piece of filth was just using them as a tool to get Black people behind it to vote for its ass! And what do Black people do EVERY time, why, get in line and do as told. We are ever the obedient ones, to be sure. That shit we learned in slavery times is just too goddamn hard to give up! I fucking swear, my head’s going to detach itself from my neck and fly into outter goddamn space.

      I thank you for your comment.

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