Black Lives Matter Robbed A KKKops House???!!!!



This is just too ridiculous for words!

Cop’s Wife Accused of Staging Robbery She Blamed on Black Lives Matter

The wife of a police officer in Millbury, MA claimed that she was the victim of a robbery earlier this month where someone ransacked her house and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The woman also claimed the perpetrator spray painted “BLM” (for Black Lives Matter) on the exterior of the home. However, cops are now saying the incident never occurred and the officer’s wife staged the break in due to her own financial problems.

How many Black folks are in Massachusetts? Five? And they all belong to the group Black Lives Matter and for some strange reason, they all ransacked and robbed a kkkop’s house and then spray painted on the outside “BLM” because they were such dumb crooks, they wanted the kkkops to come right up to the door of the little shack on side the road that is the headquarters for the five Black folks that make up the Black Lives Matter Massachusetts Chapter.

What is wrong with those white folks in Massachusetts? They are always committing crimes and then blaming it on Black people. You must first have a Black population to be able to blame your crimes on Black people and lily white assed as Massachusetts is, you cannot get away with this. You don’t understand that yet? Of course you don’t because you are still trying to get away with blaming Black people for your criminal behavior, white folks in Massachusetts. For the love of!!!

Do you remember this story?

On This Day: White Boston Man Kills Pregnant Wife, Blames Imaginary Black Man

On Oct. 23, 1989, Charles Stuart shot and killed his pregnant wife, Carol Stuart. His accusation that a black man was responsible inflamed racial tensions in Boston.

Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol left a maternity class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on Oct. 23, 1989. As they drove home, Charles drove to Mission Hills, a predominantly African-American neighborhood, and shot Carol in the head.

Charles then shot himself in the abdomen and called 911, saying that he and his wife had been shot. A film crew for CBS’ “Rescue 911,” which had been shooting at the Boston Emergency Medical Services, captured the entire event on camera.

As Charles was strapped onto a gurney and taken inside an ambulance, he gave police details of the alleged crime. A policeman asks him, “Who did it? Was he a white guy?” Charles responds, “He was a black man.”

Carol Stuart died the following night. Her son, Christopher, was delivered via caesarean section, eight weeks before the due date. After suffering a series of seizures, he died two and a half weeks later. Charles Stuart authorized the discontinuation of life support.

And as horrifying as this was, it continues; whites committing crimes and then blaming Black people for them because they know they will be believed since everyone knows that only Black people commit crimes. Serious goddamn eye roll!Can you people really sink any lower? Yes, you can and you will, but just for the record, you’re pretty low right now!

A white man deliberately drove to a so-called predominately Black neighborhood where five Black folks lived, shot his pregnant wife and then blamed it on an imaginary Black man which set in motion, a chain of events that just reeks of racism, white privilege, discrimination and ‘the Black man did it’ syndrome. Instantly a ‘stop and search’ was initiated by the kkkops and every Black man with a ‘track suit’ on was stopped and questioned and eventually a homeless man was fingered as the likely culprit when no Black man was ever guilty of this crime. This dirty piece of filthy shit finally did himself in by jumping off a bridge into a river. That’s what cowardly whites do when they can’t own up to the evil, twisted shit they do! Any group of people that can so easily kill themselves has got to have something seriously wrong with them from the start. They cannot even claim that they have religious fanaticism in them so damn bad that it makes them practice jihad or some shit, they just lose their job and “time to suck on a gun!” Financial difficulties? If you’re a white female, blame it on Black people. If you’re a white male, suck on a gun! Can’t keep up with the Joneses, suck on a gun! Blame a Black man for killing your wife when you did it and when you’re about to get found out, jump off a bridge! Dick can’t get hard? Where’s the rope? Gotta hang myself!

But here we have a kkkop’s wife who was having financial difficulties and to get out of them, she stages a break-in, blames it on an imaginary Black Lives Matter group and then has to admit that she staged the whole thing and that, hubby, the kkkop knew nothing about it. What I fail to understand is why was a kkkop’s wife having financial difficulties when we all know that kkkops make more money from their side criminal activities in addition to the criminal activity of being a kkkop. There is no excuse for this. Greed rules the day, once again. Because this slut was wanting for nothing, being a kkkop’s wife and we all know that.

So, the next time, white folks, you commit a crime and blame it on Black people, make sure that there are more than five in your state for you to blame because you will get caught out. Now, if this bitch had claimed this while living on the south side of Chicago, she more than likely would have gotten away with it, but then again, this would not have happened because I seriously doubt that white kkkops are living on the south side of Chicago! For the love of !!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Robbed A KKKops House???!!!!

    1. Yes indeed, truth IS stranger than fiction. As if we don’t have it bad enough, we have white folks committing crimes and then blaming it on us. And people have the nerve to wonder why I can’t stop screaming and cussing up a blue shit storm? When I read such as this, it does not fill me with a warm, cozy feeling, it makes my blood boil. I cannot speak or say a word without a shit storm of cuss words coming out. I forget myself all the time and get to cussing like I’ve got no home training. But hey! That’s goddamn life, ain’t it??!!

      Prince, I thank you for your comment. As I always say, “It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is most horribly sad, Dr. Bramhall! It is travesty and much worse! And it has happened more times than I even want to consider.

      And just why the fuck are we here? That all just gets conveniently forgotten; never spoken of. But we are just goddamn bad ass super predators, horrible criminals and goddamn thugs if you listen to what the lamestream media has to say about Black people and damn near every ‘white’ motherfucker. We’re the problem? I fucking know not!

      I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall. It was spot on, as usual.


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