The Grand Nidotopian Afro Power Awards

Nido, thank you! Worstpress is fucking up again! I posted a comment here and it is not showing up because I think it went to your spam folder or your trash folder. I posted an acceptance speech on my blog with a link to yours.

Thank you SO very much! This means the world to me.

This is the comment that should have been posted on your blog. See below:

“Nido, you are an amazing man! Thank you SO much for this! You have no idea how much it is appreciated! I’ve also posted my ‘acceptance speech’! Ha Ha! Ever the drama queen, am I! But seriously, thank you ever so much! You are DA man!!”

I hope I can at least re-blog this!

nidotopianwarrior's Blog

Shalom, Good evening and a pleasant welcome to each and everyone of you to the Grand Nidotopian Afro Power Awards Fall Edition. As Im sure many of you have read in the announcement that these awards are not a competition but a moment to congregate and to recognize and to appreciate the work that many of our dilligent brothers and sisters put in to raising the consciousness of our people world wide. Also another point of these awards is that it would be in your hands to decide who deserves and award and the nominations have been received and vetted.
Unlike the inaugural season, we will not rush. In addition to honouring and recognizing the recipients of tonight’s prestigious awards, this will also be an evening full of uplifting entertainment and edification.

We are going to kick things off with one of my favourite scriptures Psalms 72:7 In his days…

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7 thoughts on “The Grand Nidotopian Afro Power Awards

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog Shelby, you have definitely earned this award.. unfortunately, I did not see the notification in my comments section, I think WordPress is definitely messing around with us… But nonetheless you continue to earn your stripes and strut your stuff sista

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    • Thank you Dr. Bramhall! But apparently, some don’t want me to even blog at all. I have posted comments on your blog as well, that never did show up and I am just not trying to deal with Worstpress’s shit again in trying to get it figured out. So, if I have not commented on blogs, it is not because I have not tried.

      Again, I thank you for the well wishes. They are much appreciated!


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