“How Do I Explain Donald Trump To My Children?” Are You Serious?




What is wrong with people?

How do I explain this to my children?’: Van Jones gives voice to the ‘nightmare’ some are feeling

As the election results so clearly highlighted, America is a sharply divided country.

Tuesday’s election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States has been called many things — “unprecedented,” “shocking” and “stunning” among them.

Many, though, described the election with different words as it relates to women and people of color: failure, “disaster,” “living nightmare.”

You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain that they need to be extra careful if pulled over by the police. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain how we descended from slaves. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain Jim Crow. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain the reasons for the Civil Rights Movement and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain how Muhammad Ali was punished for refusing to allow himself to be drafted to fight in Vietnam. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain the school-to-prison pipeline. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain why there are millions of Black people sitting in the new slave pens otherwise known as prisons. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain why the Ku Klux Klan never disbanded and why other white supremacist groups spawned and their membership has been growing steadily in recent years. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain why an avowed white supremacist shot and killed nine Black people while they were attending Bible Study in their church in South Carolina. You explain Donald Trump to your children the same way you explain why it took a law to finally remove a flag from the state capitol building in South Carolina that represents slavery, racism, prejudice, bigotry; the whole nine yards and you can go even further by explaining Donald Trump with the truth about how this country came to be in existence. And how flaming hypocrites who owned slaves told lie after lie about ‘free men’ while enslaving people who look like you. That’s for starters.

As Black people, we have been living with and putting up with Donald Trumps and those like him since we were first dragged to this shithole and so why now are you wondering just how are you going to explain something that has been in existence all this time? Donald Trump and those like him are nothing new and if you are Black, you know this. So don’t now pretend that everything was just hunky dory before Donald Trump arrived on the scene and fucked up the day. Our day was already fucked up and Hillary Clinton and her philandering husband helped to fuck it up. Hillary Clinton was not going to save the day for Black people because if that was her intent, then why did she back her husband’s policies that imprisoned so many Black people on bullshit charges and made sure that they would not see the light of day for decades for being arrested for having a plant in their possession? Don’t sit on your ass and try and pretend that Hillary Clinton was any different from Donald Trump when they are both cut from the same racist cloth. I would rather deal with an honest racist than a pretentious one and that is what Hillary Clinton is; a pretentious racist. Donald Trump is at least honest in that he knows he’s a racist and has no problem stating that fact. Again, Black people have been dealing with this shit for as long as we have been in America and Donald Trump is most definitely nothing new to us. What more could he possibly do to us? Imprison us? Done! Make us homeless? Done! Cause us to lack adequate healthcare? Done! Cause us to become victims of gentrification? Done! Impoverish us? Done! Make sure that the Klan makes up the police force all across this shithole? Done! What the hell else can Donald Trump do to us that’s not already been done?

What the hell are you afraid of? We have been oppressed since day one and that will never change no matter who is at the helm of this lopsided, sinking, stinking shithole barge. Did that shit cease when that half and half, Barack Obama was elected? Hell no! We have been living with racists, bigots and ignorance since the original slaves were dragged here. Why are you acting or pretending as though you don’t understand this? You really don’t have to explain a goddamn thing to your children because no Black child will ever be completely shielded from racism, bigotry, prejudice and hate from whites no matter how much we wish we could protect them from ugly ass reality; a reality for all Black people in America.

If the Mexicans are afraid because Donald Trump has proposed the building of a wall to keep them out, that’s their problem. If the Muslims are afraid because Donald Trump considers them to be terrorists, that’s their problem. If gays are afraid of Donald Trump because he is not waving the rainbow flag back and forth and intending to light the White House up in rainbow colors, that’s their problem. If women are afraid of Donald Trump for his statements, that’s their problem. They need to grow a pair and realize that it’s their men who overwhelmingly voted Donald Trump into office. None of you do I care about. I am not afraid of Donald Trump just as I am not afraid of his racist supporters because I have been living amongst them my entire life. So, why be afraid now? The fear mongers are out in full force already. They are always at it.

Did you ever stop to think that it may be that millions of people voted for Donald Trump simply because they were fed up with the status quo and saw him as an alternative; a first step to change? We ALL know that nothing would have changed had Hillary Clinton descended to the presidency. Not a damn thing would have changed and I do believe that her presidency would have put us more at risk for nuclear war than Donald Trump will. Black people voted for Donald Trump just as White people voted for Barack Obama. Why must we make everything about race? David Duke and his filth are claiming that they are the reasons Donald Trump was elected. I somehow doubt that, but if he wants to claim it, so be it. But I know one thing, I am glad, GLAD that when I woke up this morning, Hillary Clinton was preparing her concession speech. I went to bed last night more fearful of a Hillary Clinton presidency than I ever was of a Donald Trump presidency and I was so fearful that I went to bed early, put the bottle of champagne away because I was just too despondent for words or to waste on a good bottle of champagne. Today? That’s a different story. When I turned the computer on and saw that Donald Trump had been elected, for the first time in my life, my mouth was open, my eyes were wide and I just sat just like that for over half an hour in absolute disbelief. Then I laughed until the tears freely flowed because all I could think of is that yesterday, I had planned to write Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and post it, but I thought that I would be jinxing things. That is just how much I hated the thought of Hilda beast getting elected.

Where do you go from here? I don’t know. But I do know where I go. I go the same place I’ve been going. I go to help people. I go to be a part of the solution. I go into tomorrow because until there is no tomorrow, the same people who need me to help them yesterday, need my help today and tomorrow and I will not wallow in misery over this election. I will do what I set out to do. Roll up my sleeves and help those who have long since been forgotten by all presidents; past and present, including that lying, hypocritical, warmongering, piece of horse dung that’s about to show us the back of his heels as he exits 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and who should have been evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, four years ago. Good riddance! You will not be missed! Your ‘legacy’, if we can call it that, will show that you share a spot with the other presidents in history who are considered to be the worst of the lot. Obama waited until the last possible second to commute sentences of people who should not be in prison. He waited until the last possible minute to do anything when he had eight years to get the ball rolling on making sweeping changes that would have made a difference. He was voted in for that express purpose and what did he do? Pissed it away. He was given a chance by an overwhelming majority and he pissed on us all and the democrats still thought that they were going to continue to piss on people and tell them that it was raining? Black people as well as white people and all other people should have did exactly what was done, got rid of the old guard and tried to herald in a new. This is a beginning. America has spoken. America elected Donald Trump; White, Black, Atheist, Christian, Latino, Muslim, Indian, men and women all voted for Donald Trump, not just white bigots in hoods and sheets, burning crosses.

And for the record, tears are still streaming down my face, not because of fear but because Hilda beast and her pantsuits can now get the hell out of my face! If she ever runs for president again, I hope that she does not stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning! To those who supported her, cry me a river!

“Hilda beast, here’s to your loss! Thank God!”

9 thoughts on ““How Do I Explain Donald Trump To My Children?” Are You Serious?

    1. I am with you Dr. Bramhall! I was tore up only because I thought that the ‘elites’ would so fuck up this election that the votes for Trump would not get counted or that some calamity would occur that would make it so that that lying, piece of nasty filth Obama would have to continue on. All I keep hearing is how the pundits are stunned and some mo shit. I hope that’s true! I hope that the lamestream media has suffered a setback like nothing before. I hope that everyone knows that America has spoken and that with this election, it means, “IT’s ON!”

      And you are so right, with Hillary Clinton, those who still fear bigots would have no need to fear them because a much bigger threat would present itself, war with Russia AND China. Hopefully, that has been headed off. We shall see how it goes. But at least, Hilda beast was stopped in its tracks! I am SO thankful for that, you have no idea!

      I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall!

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  1. You said it ALL, Shelby. I cannot believe all of these Hitlery supporters online saying “stay prayed up” and “what do we do now?” I say start by getting off your phone/computer and take a good look in the mirror. Decide what you as an individual can do to live the best life before your time runs out. Because that is exactly what time does.

    If a half Black president with a Black wife and Black children didn’t make a positive difference for Blacks in this country, what really makes them think that a racist white woman would change things??

    Thank you for this. You put into words what I have been thinking all damn day.

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    1. And you’ve said a mouthful as well, Kelley! They can just stop with the pissing and moaning, already and fucking figure out just why they’re so bombed because a pantsuit sporting warmonger was defeated by a corrupt businessman that’s filed for bankruptcy more times than I can shake a stick at.

      I cannot believe how many ‘white’ folks are going the fuck off and are complaining about Trump. Some are even professing that they are going to pray for minorities and gays because Trump is gonna fuck us up. Once again, we get thrown in with that lot. I get so goddamn tired of it, you have no idea.

      Can you believe that there were even corners in hotels and other businesses set aside for those who were too prostrate with grief over the outcome of the election that they just had, to sit and ‘comfort’ each other in their hour of bereavement because apparently, they are likening Hitlery’s defeat to the death of a loved one? This shit is unreal! Meanwhile Black people, for the most part, are going about the business of living because just like I stated in this post, we are used to dealing with the likes of Donald Trump. Ain’t a goddamn thing he can do that would surprise the hell out of us. I am most certainly NOT moaning, groaning, wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth over this. Hell! I would be doing that if Hitlery had been ‘anointed’ the ‘chosen’ one.

      And that lousy ass piece of dirty, filthy ass shitty half and half that’s about to show us a clean pair of heels can just go straight to fucking hell and he can take that skank ass wife of his with him. They actually campaigned for that pantsuit wearing, lying, corrupt and twisted piece of warmongering filth, Hitlery. Even those coon head sell-outs Jay F and Beyond-NO got to rapping and a’ howling a concert for that jockstrap wearing has been. We are surrounded by sell-outs and people have the nerve to think that we as Black people are sweating a Trump presidency? They have got to have been dropped on their motherfucking head, TWICE! And if these motherfuckers think that they’re going to run to Canada, they got another think coming because Canada’s got some strict rules for immigration, but then I’m pretty sure that the whites that’s hell bent on escaping can find another country to run to. I hear Venezuela is great this time of year. Let ’em all head south. North or South, they’ll not be missed. Meanwhile, the rest of us will hopefully, do as you suggest and get up off our ass, put down the cellphone, do some looking in the mirror and some soul searching and get on with the business of living before it’s too goddamn late.

      Excellent point, you’ve made Kelley. And I sincerely thank you for your comment.

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      1. yes to ALL of this! Neither candidate is gonna do shit for us so what is the big deal?

        I’m over it already and he’s not even in the house yet


  2. Shelby; I would like to add to it. It is not just the men who voted Trump. It is everyone who voted for a departure from the establishment, that for which Hillary stood for. It is a lack of option which paved the way for Donald Trump’s win. People are tired of the same old stuff, of politicians stealing, of corruption (called lobbying), of eloquent but empty promises, and of our voices not being heard. Every person who took the time to think probably knew over months ago that HRC was not a good candidate, not because she was a woman, but because she stood for so much of the old stuff. White men alone could not have voted for Trump; everyone who wanted a difference, who was afraid of dealing with impeachment of HRC once in office, everyone who believed that they could change something fed to them by the system or the media voted for Trump. There won’t be much of a difference, but at least it is not a politician, but someone who knows how to deal with a company, a business. This is not a vote for Trump, but a vote against Hillary, against the establishment.

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    1. You are exactly right, Dr. Y. The lamestream media, of course, hyped up the confederate flag waving that was in attendance at Donald Trump rallies and also the fact that many hate groups stepped forward and overwhelmingly backed Trump. What was ignored was that many other people; just regular, everyday, ordinary people were sick and tired and fed up with the status quo, as well. People like me who refused to vote despite what my ancestors were put through to ensure that I had the right to vote.

      As you can see, I make no bones about the fact that I detest and despise that war whore and would have had a serious problem if IT had been elected. I’d much rather put up with Trump’s issues than that other devil’s. And that warmonger was a chip off the old ‘The Establishment’ bloc, she was THE problem and most definitely NOT the solution. Why would we continue to vote for the problem? It may have taken US a long time to get fed up, but we finally said, “Enough is enough!” The whole world held its collective breath, waiting to see what we would do. The world ought to be glad that we did what we did because the world knew what to expect if we had elected that warmongering Hilda beast! So, yes indeed, a vote for Trump was a vote against ‘The Establishment’! But those like me who did not vote, I’ve heard the same thing as what I’ve been saying, “I could not vote for Hitlery and I could not bring myself to vote for a bigot either and live with that.” And so I chose not to participate and I have been surprised at the number of people who declined to participate in this election. But then, I guess I shouldn’t be because word is that many, many millions did not even bother to show up at the polls. Go figure!

      Dr. Y, I thank you for that spot on comment. Good to see you!


  3. In all honesty Sister Shelby, I think, the headlines should have read “Donald Trump Grabs America By The Pussy” because that is exactly what he did. I for one am glad that Killer E didn’t win, that Satanic Witch can eat a goat’s dick. I’m not exactly thrilled about Trump either. They are both two wings of the same devilish vulture. Here in the Caribbean the election results have had a rather profound effect on many people. Some are very emotional and frightened where as others are indifferent… There are some speculations by certain groups that while Donald may be the president elect, he will not get the chance to swear in come January, because the elites will contrive and concoct some false flag event that will throw America into a state of emergency wherein President Obama will nullify the elections and remain in office and become a dictator over America.. I cannot say for certain, Only heaven knows but what I do know is, our people have to be more vigilant now, racists and white supremacists all across America have become more embolden and are going out of their way to target unsuspecting black people, just yesterday this sister on Facebook related an incident that happened when she was at a service station putting gas in her tank and three racist white men just pulled up out of nowhere and started harassing her and threatening to kill her. Now I am not trying to start any fear mongering campaign here but considering you up there in America are in the very mouth of the dragon, I can only say that I’m praying for you and I wish you much peace and safety… We’re watching closely


    1. “Donald Trump Grabs America By The Pussy”

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Good one Nido! I wish I had thought to use that as my headline. Priceless! Trump is outrageous and still won! Trump said everything wrong, did everything wrong, according to the ‘etiquette police’ and still, he won! LMAO!!!! And now, the Dems are eating ‘crow’. Obama’s lame ass just finished campaigning for Hilda beast and now is sitting up in the White House, entertaining Trump. THAT is rich! Talk about a worthless ass motherfucker with egg on his face; that half and half lying, deceitful bastard has egg plastered all over his old ass tired looking mug. He must of thought he would have a triumphant departure from the White House when it is going to be anything but. He’s got to pack his bags and make way for the guy that ‘trumped’ who he campaigned for. I love it.

      Well, I don’t know about that Facebook woman that had some racists pull up on her, but I’m not worried about that here. I sold my vehicle before I left Menacesnowta and now I take public transit or walk and even though, I’m in a ‘mixed neighborhood’ with mostly Pakistanis, whites, Asians and a few assorted others, I am not scared of this shit. The best thing I could have done was to leave Menacesnowta and come here because this is still pretty much a ‘Black’ city. I am just astounded all the time when I call some place and Black people answer as opposed to how it was when I was in Menacesnowta. There was always a ‘white’ voice on the other end of the phone. Thankfully, this is still a ‘Black’ city and I aim to keep it that way!

      So, I do appreciate your concern, however, I wouldn’t worry about us unduly because, remember, we have been living amongst that shit long before Trump announced his bid for the presidency and even though, it may appear as though the racists are crawling out of the woodwork like a horde of termites, I don’t know of a time when they haven’t been vocal and I have not forgotten that Dylann Roof shot up those nine Black people in a church in South Carolina, but don’t worry, I don’t go to church and if I did, I certainly would not have turned my back on the likes of Dylann Roof. But I shall watch my back, believe me!

      I thank you for your comment Nido!


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