Donald Trump, “Sarah Palin To Be Secretary of State!”




At an impromptu press conference held at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, president-elect Donald Trump dropped a bomb with his announcement that the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is his pick for Secretary of State. When describing her qualifications for this position, Trump had this to say, “As you all know, I am trying to repair America’s relationship with Russia and who better to get the ball rolling in that regard than Sarah Palin who actually golfed with Vladimir Putin from the governor’s mansion in Alaska. Sarah has told me all about the many times she looked across the pond that separates Russia from Alaska and saw Putin playing golf on the front lawn of his estate. She told me that they developed a certain rapport whenever the ball went into the hole, Sarah, here would call, ‘Love 15!’ and Putin, upon hearing this would answer back, ‘Love 30!’. The two would then wave one final time at each other before disappearing inside their respective mansions. Who better to get America’s relationship back on track with Russia than Sarah Palin who is already fondly perceived by the Russian president? And before you get started on the fact that Sarah Palin has no experience for this position, remember that I am not completely stupid. I did give Sarah a test and she passed with flying colors. I asked her to find Alaska on the map and she pointed to it easily enough. She actually pointed to New Zealand but she explained to me that if I fly from New Zealand by way of Amsterdam, I would arrive in Alaska by 6pm eastern standard time if I depart at 4pm New Zealand Kiwi fruit time. I must say, I am quite floored by Sarah’s abilities and I think she has gotten a raw deal in the past by the press. And so without further ado, I shall hand the microphone over to my new Secretary of State, Sarah Palin! A round of applause, please!”

“Thank you! Thank you Donald! I am underwhelmed and I promise to do a wonderful job as Secretary of State, but to be fair, if Hillary Clinton and John Kerry can do it, I see no reason why I cannot. I think that I am more qualified than those two. They are responsible for the current hostile climate between the Soviet Union and Russia. I am so glad that Hillary is not the president, she never liked me anyway, and that John Kerry person is going to have to relinquish the Secretary of State jet to me. He, with his long face did not go well in a such a wonderful mode of transportation, nor has he exhibited one clue as to how to reign in those pesky insurgents that have been relentlessly fighting our own terrorists in the Middle Eastern country of Berlin. When I am Secretary of State, I promise to get everyone in Stockholm at the table and make them understand that they will no longer get away with harboring those Yemini terrorists that they think we don’t know about. I was watching a documentary the other day on the Discovery Channel and you would not believe how many terrorists are hiding out in  the Swiss Alps. Why, there were twenty-two female terrorists participating in some sort of ritual, kneeling by a creek and rinsing their hair and toweling it dry and I said right then and there, ‘look at that, they are attempting to fool everyone into thinking that they are merely washing their hair when we all know that they are the wives of ISIS members’.”

“I have already been in contact with the UN and I let them know that we will get NATO forces together and prepare to bomb Berlin from France and we will be successful in removing the command center for terrorists in that country. I am going to put ISIS on the run, for good. I am going to make you proud of me Donald. You are going to be so proud of me that when you win a second term, you will want me to continue on as your Secretary of State! Take that Hillary ‘has been’ Clinton!”

“Next week, I am scheduled to fly to Iraq and once I land in Iraq’s major city, Aleppo, I will drill our troops there and get to the bottom of why Iraq is still a hotbed of terrorism. We will brainstorm and find a way to get Toyota to stop doing business with IS and then since those terrorists will have nothing to drive once Toyota stops supplying them with pickup trucks, we shall bring peace and prosperity back to that region. I shall also call on Saddam Hussein to step back in as the leader especially seeing as how Pakistan was doing wonderfully when he was the dictator there. Those CheeseKurds, Soonistas and Sheisties will soon know who’s boss. And if Hillary hadn’t killed Ghaddaddy, Libya would not see me, but I must do what I must do and Libya will be my next stop because I must find a way to run the rebels out and return Libya to Ghaddaddy’s son, Alibaba. It is too bad that he has forty thieves in his regime, but there are going to be some bad guys and sometimes, it takes one bad guy to get to the other bad guys and we must depend on a bad guy at times to make sure that the other bad guys don’t get out of control. So, Alibaba and his forty thieves will run Libya. I have almost achieved world peace because Putin has already assured me that he is returning Ukraine back to Crimea and he has also agreed to allow Petroclevoceous, the former ruler of Spain to return and guide the Slovakian people back to Yugoslavia.”

“So, gentlemen of the press, my new outfits are being prepared as I speak to you and just as soon as they are all ready for me, I shall be on my first world peace mission. And Donald, thank you ever so much for giving me this opportunity to prove that I have more than just air between my ears! Suck on a lemon Hillary!”

21 thoughts on “Donald Trump, “Sarah Palin To Be Secretary of State!”

    1. Prince, your comments were placed in my ‘trash’ folder by Worstpress. I checked spam and trash and voila, there they were. So the same thing that happened to me is happening to you. And WordPress is doing it deliberately.

      Yes, this is true, as true as I know it to be. I thought it was satire but I read on several reputable sites that Trump is indeed considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of State and if that happens, the fur will surely fly. We are already in unchartered territory and it is only going to get even more fucked up! Trump doesn’t know what he is doing and those who are advising him are of the old guard and they were kicked out and now, he is installing them again. I even hear talk of Newt Gingrich making a comeback on the Trump team, so is it any wonder that he would be considering Sarah Palin? It’s not a stretch for me to believe. SIGH! Things ain’t looking so good and THAT is an understatement!

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      1. So they put it in the trash??? I knew it! I kept trying to comment and it wouldn’t let me. They see us communicating and sharing useful information…and that scares them. They want us confused at ALL times. Confusion is the enemy to revolution. They are doing this shit on purpose. Slick bastards!! And Palin is a damn bimbo!lol

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      2. This is why I go out daily to metro stations, markets, everywhere and get the message out because I will not be silenced by some two bit platform like Worstpress. Our people need a heaping dose of reality and I aim to get it to them; one way or another.

        The other day, I went head to head with a street preacher and now he is onboard with helping me to form a coalition so that we can start opening our own banking and housing co-ops here. We’re building a momentum. Gotta start somewhere!

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      3. So true! That’s the way to do it. We can’t be afraid to get the message out there. Too many zombies out here. I always tell the TRUTH to people. Even if they get offended in the process. It’s time for people to WAKE up to the present reality.

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  1. Whew, what a relief. I was afraid it was going to be Newt Gingrich. I thought Palin would be viewed as too progressive for Trump and his supporters. Believe it or not, Palin did some good things as Alaska governor before she became a national politician. In 2007, she instituted a tax on oil company profits in Alaska. It started at 25% a barrel, progressively increasing as the price exceeded $30 a barrel. The revenue was used to fund the state government and provide every resident with an annual dividend.


    1. Well, I guess that is compensation for them having THE most dizzy governor in the history of this nation! Money in the pockets of Alaskan citizens would go a long way in helping them overcome the stigma of having had Sarah Palin as governor.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


    1. And you’re going to need plenty of it too! I would buy popcorn in bulk, if I were you because this show is just getting started. What is it? Four days in? LOL! GEEZUS! It’s gonna get much uglier before it gets worse! LMAO!!

      I thank you for your comment themelanatedman!

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    1. Prince, I had been having the same problem. I would post a comment and it would not show up and then when I would try to post it again, I’d get a message from WordPress stating, “You’ve already said that!” I had to contact them AGAIN and it was finally fixed. But it’s the second time it’s happened. I have found some people’s comments in my spam folder, how they got there, I have no clue! I shall continue to check my spam folder for all comments. And if the problem keeps occurring, contact WordPress and inform them. I do believe some peoples blogs are being fucked with, on purpose. If you were waving the gay flag back and forth, you’d have no problem, I am sure!

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      1. Yes I remember you telling Warrior you had trouble making comments on his blog. I also have not been getting email notifications from bloggers I’ve followed for years! I had to try to re-subscribe to their blogs. And other black bloggers have told me they’ve had the same problems. Hmmmmmm…….something fishy is going on. We have to remember that WordPress,Twitter,Falsebook and Jewtube are NOT owned by US. So they will try to screw with those that understand this racist matrix we’re in. They want to slow down the sharing of information. I’m on to them. They’re fooling anyone. I know their damn games!

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      2. Those of us who are not falling for the bullshit and who are not posting about rainbows, sunshine and all things bright and beautiful are having quite the time. If we were posting about loving all up and down on some interracial dating and bootlicking, we’d get ‘Freshly Pressed’, but hell no, since that ain’t what’s going down on your blog or mine, we keep getting shitted on. Just continue to put the truth out there and we will deal with the shit they throw at us. Keep throwing it back! I do!

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