Hate Is Inside You!


While you were protesting out on the street,
you could have given a hungry child something to eat.
While you were screaming, “Love trumps hate!”
you could have spooned food on a homeless vet’s plate.

While you were getting arrested for aggravated assault,
a person waiting for an ambulance died, but of course, it’s not your fault.
While you were busy being angry because the election didn’t go your way,
you could have seen to it that a homeless mother and her child had a place to stay.

While you were enjoying your misery which you bring upon yourself,
you could have been stacking canned goods at your local food shelf.
You are part of the problem and still, this you cannot see,
for if we really want change, it must start with you and me.

No president can make us care and join hands, love and sing.
Nor can he keep us from love by taking away a ring.
You give him too much credit for the things, we alone can do,
so, when you protest again tonight, know that hate is inside you!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I have been reading about the protests that are going on all across America. Why are you protesting? What is your point? If you think that parading up and down the street holding a sign stating that “Love trumps hate!” makes us gasp and exclaim over your brilliance, think again. And if you actually think you’re doing something constructive, tell me, who dropped you on your head? If you are so concerned about those who you think will be impacted by a Trump presidency, then for the love of whatever deity you believe in, roll up your sleeves and do something, constructive, as in denouncing the hatefulness of your own relatives, do something to help inner city children learn as in get up off your ass and go into a school and volunteer to become a mentor or a tutor. Volunteer at a housing counseling center and help someone locate affordable housing. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and help a family move off the streets and into a new home. Go to a nursing home and visit with the elderly who are more than likely lonely and have no will left to live. Put down your ‘Love trumps Hate!” sign and actually follow through on the words. Getting your picture taken by CNN or ABC does nothing. Ask Black folks just how many times protesting did anything for them or solved any of their problems. I will tell you. Not one single goddamn time!

If you believe that we have bitten off more than we can chew, then by all means, stand up and head to the nearest homeless shelter and help. Head to the nearest soup kitchen and dish out some soup. Donate to clothe the homeless. Volunteer at the Veterans Administration and help someone who has practically lost their mind from endless military deployments overseas get the help they need. Patch an elderly person’s roof. Put that energy you are wasting into doing something useful. Your hot air is not accomplishing a thing. Your safety pins are so damn foolish, it’s laughable. Your memes and Facebook likes and tweets are nothing. Your hashtags do what? What do they accomplish? Not a damn thing! Here is the perfect opportunity for you; those of you who scream the loudest about how they fear for and care for those whom Donald Trump has disparaged and then turn right around and do nothing but bust out with a safety pin??????…. and then go and march down the street, screaming and yelling and who is that helping? Oh, I get it. It’s helping you. It’s making you think that if someone sees you with a sign and your safety pin, then you’ve done your part. After today, you can go home and completely ignore those people who you want everyone to know, you care about. You are some piece of work. You’re part of the problem, but you are most definitely NOT the solution. Go home and take your dumb as hell safety pin with you! We get it! You are angry with yourself because you are selfish, self-serving,  self-centered and you’re going to continue to do what you’ve always done about it, piss in the wind! That is all any of you who are protesting in the streets are doing, pissing in the wind! I wish they’d lock all you assholes up and throw away the key because you’re useless. We don’t need you! We need people who want to do something constructive about all the shit that’s going down. Those people that Donald Trump has disparaged, need help now, not after he is sworn in. They need your help now and where are you? Holding a goddamn sign and a safety pin and screaming, “Love trumps Hate!” You pack of dumb ass degenerates. Get real and then, go get a life!

24 thoughts on “Hate Is Inside You!

  1. I’m lost on the safety pin thing??

    I also agree that in the age of social media, almost every waking moment turns into a photo opp to appear caring! Or interesting. Or on trend. Nothing, and I mean N O T H I N G, is sacred anymore. People are sharing videos of marriage proposals, sonograms, visiting their granny the nursing home. The list never ends. It’s kinda…gross.

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    1. Kelley, I could not agree more with your comment if I tried. A cousin of mine shares every goddamn thing on Facebook. I am not on Facebook but I was told that when she makes lemonade, she has to post the pitcher of lemonade and the glasses along with the busted up lemons. Seriously???!!! Every single time she knits an item for her daughter, it gets posted on Facebook. I wouldn’t join Facebook or Twitter if my life depended on it and I don’t get this ‘safety pin’ thing either. I’ve heard that it is supposed to let us ‘minorities’ know that the person wearing the safety pin is ‘safe for us’, or in other words, is not one of Donald Trump’s more rabid, racist followers. Yeah! Because we’ve not been dealing with them until now? Heavy on the goddamn sarcasm. This shit is nothing new to us and I wish to piss some goddamn rabid, foaming at the mouth redneck would come at me with some bullshit, I got something for their ass! Hell if they’re going to have me running scared!

      So, apparently, we is now supposed to peer at shirt lapels for a safety pin, get scared and run if we don’t see one and if we do, grin and thank them???!!! Get the fuck outta here with that fucking bullSHIT!! I swear Kelley, each day brings some more dumb ass stupid as all hell shit just when I think I’ve seen it all!

      I thank you most sincerely for your comment.

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      1. lol, did not know about the safety pin symbolism either. This is the most retarded thing i’ve heard, what if the KKK nazi-skinheads started wearing them? I suppose to the LibTards, this is the solution to racism and world peace. Hmmm, safety pin = safety, now why didn’t we think of that?! LMAO.

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      2. Great point 1EarthUnited, it would appear that the ‘safety pin’ brigade think that the skinheads are too goddamn stupid to read and so, won’t get the memo about what the safety pins stand for. And then folks have the nerve to wonder why Donald Trump is the president-elect? I know goodness fucking well they ain’t THAT goddamn clueless! Yep! World peace is going to be heralded in by the ‘safety pin’ brigade! Let’s all give a rousing cheer! For the love of !!!!!!!

        Thank you for that most excellent observation on this!

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      3. Wow really. That’s.. dumb. Thanks for breaking it down for me! But who thought of this? Where I’m from we use safety pins to close that hole where a button’s missing.
        People will hop on any bandwagon to feel included in some movement. Take a photo and post to feel important. It really is silly and disheartening to know that adults go out of their way to be a part of this Nonsense.

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      4. No problem Kelley! And I am from that same place because that is exactly what we do with safety pins. Button falls off, on goes the safety pin until we’ve found the button and/or found time to sew button back on. But apparently, safety pins are now to be used for the express purpose of SAVING MINORITIES thereby achieving world peace. And who would have thought that Donald Trump’s bigoted ass would ‘trumpet’ in the means to, finally, achieve world peace and that the solution was just as simple as sporting a ‘safety pin’ on your lapel? I mean, why didn’t ‘humans’ think of this earlier? Like when humans supposedly crawled out of caves with animal pelts falling off of them?

        Well, suffice it to say, I will not be jumping on this bandwagon just as I did not jump on the ‘ice bucket’ challenge, the Pokémon Go bullshit, the ‘post a flag over my Facebook photo to show solidarity with victims of certain massacres and the goddamn list is endless. But of course, I just refuse to conform, unlike millions of other brain dead zombies that dutifully follow whatever stupid shit comes down the pike. And folks have the nerve to say that people are getting “weaker but wiser!” That’s a goddamn lie if I’ve ever heard one. How the hell can this stupid shit claim to be ‘wiser’? Not in my book, never that! AGAIN, I just cannot make this shit up!

        Kelley, thank you for your comment. I’ll never get this shit and I’m glad I won’t because that would mean that I’m just like this shit and that will never happen if I’ve got something to say about it.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Hi Shelby, great to see you back in top poetic form. I’ve missed your penetrating honesty and no nonsense vision of reality. Love your solutions to rebuilding America – we do it ourselves, not leaving it up to brain dead politicians!

    You gotta watch this SNL skit, mirrors what you said beautifully:

    Much love Shelby, got alot of catching up with ur posts. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 1EarthUnited for that most enthusiastic compliment on this one. I watched the skit and it was right on point, especially Dave Chapelle. I don’t know why people don’t realize that this may just be the opportunity we need to actually effect change, starting with ourselves and then branching out to help others. No president can do that for us. We each need to take a look inside ourselves and come to the realization of just what part have we played in why we find ourselves at this point. There is a lot of finger pointing and blaming and fearmongering and it needs to stop. We’ve got our work cut out for us and we need to get hopping. The time for marching and signs has past. We need to shut up and put up!

      I thank you for your comment and for the link. It really was right on point.

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      1. DAYUM!!! I heard that BANG! What the fuck were they doing on the goddamn freeway? Once again, I ask, “Are we really that goddamn surprised that Donald Trump is the president-elect with that kind of witless, stupid, moronic shit being displayed in this little, short video alone?” What the hell is wrong with people that they will play in traffic and expect to not get hit? Didn’t their parents teach them at an early age to not play in traffic? Hell! I can remember my mother, very vividly stating, “Look both ways before crossing the street!” So, it goes without saying that if I’ve got to be careful of even crossing the street, that I damn sure as hell should not be playing in the middle of it, especially NOT on the goddamn freeway! AGAIN, for the love of !!!!!! 1EarthUnited, I don’t know how you do it. I really don’t because I just could not force myself to go to Youtube to even pull shit off of it that backs up my point, I’d be brain dead afterwards from looking at so much stupid as all hell shit! But I thanks ya for posting it, all the same, I think. LOL!

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    2. Believe you me, I didn’t have to look too hard, there’s plenty o’ stupid shit recorded for posterity for all to see. All “movements” might as well be of the bowel type, b/c like you said they ain’t worth a damn. Ppl want to change their reality… but no one want to do the important work and look within.
      Change yourself first, open your eyes young ppl, and think critically. Stop listening to sound bites and propaganda news. And like you so elegantly stated, be the change you want to see, start with helping your local community, volunteer, help feed the poor, the elderly, be a big brother or sister. Do something that has a real effect in the real world. University kids nowadays are the most disillusioned, uneducated, brainwashed, non-critical thinking little robots who are easily manipulated by the media and powers that be. This goes for both Trump and HilLIARy supporters.
      I am a conscientious objector to this fraudulent election charade- so I don’t vote! We all know that leaders are INSTALLED and have special interests that benefit themselves and their cronies…. never the ppl directly b/c why should they?!!
      We as a ppl don’t even help ourselves, why the hell would a corrupt evil politician or some narcissistic billionaire care enough to help us!!
      Either we pull together and start doing some real work, or continue betting all our hopes and dreams on some imaginary savior who will never come.
      We are our own savior and that’s it, grow up America and stop doing stupid shit. We are the laughing stock of the world, rightfully so b/c most citizens are lazy, ignorant, brainwashed sheeple. Time to wake up ppl and stop drinking the goddamn cool-aid!


  3. Lol, I am tickled by this safety pin stuff? At any rate thanks for this post, it not only made me self reflect but I laughed a couple of times as well. When I first set out to be an “activist/revolutionary” I genuinely thought that protesting, marching, etc were the way to do things… Over the course of time, and a couple thousand dollars in bail money I am still learning that the revolution and activism starts within myself. Thanks for the reminder! Peace.

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    1. Welcome! And thank you for the follow and for your comment!

      If I seriously thought that protesting would do any good, I’d be the first one in CNN’s photo, but I’ve long since figured out that the only way anything is going to change is if I get up off my tired ass and change it. No amount of hand wringing, gnashing of teeth, wailing and moaning or marching and needing new shoes, bail money and stitches is going to get it done. If I’m going to jail, I’m going to have really done something wickedly wicked to get me in there and merely walking down the street and refusing to disperse ain’t wickedly wicked enough for me to spend my hard-earned dollars on bailing my ass out.

      If only there were more like you who self-reflect and come to the realization that what’s not working should be replaced with what will work. And if we can only help one person at a time, then that’s more than merely marching with a sign has done. That’s too easy to do and that is why, it is meaningless. A show of hundreds or even thousands marching through the streets on CNN’s cameras does what? Nothing. Then, it’s time to head home and the same reasons people were marching continues. We don’t ever want to DO anything that would take time and effort, we want our problems solved as easily as possible and unfortunately, the current climate we find ourselves in, actually helps this way of thinking along. If we could, we would hashtag Donald Trump on up out of here, but since that didn’t do it, why, we will take to the streets. That’ll do it. Hell no! It won’t. And so what’s next? Try helping those who we think are going to be impacted by a Trump presidency and a safety pin won’t get the job done. It is no wonder everything is so ass backwards. We will try the easy way first and only.

      Again, I thank you for stepping all up in this hot ass kitchen. I’m too much to take for many. You’re a brave one, you are!


      1. Self reflection is tough, however, it is growth there! There are still parts of me that have some admiration for those who protest-perhaps my admiration is influenced by some bias? “Hashtag Donald Trump out of there” LMAO I appreciate you for being honest and outspoken, we need that in these spaces!


    1. Thank you Peter! I was absolutely impressed and I most sincerely thank you for posting the link. It is much appreciated. I have been a bit busy and so I have some catching up to do. I know that I have missed some of your most excellent work and I shall be right on over.

      Again, many thanks!


  4. Here’s a comment I wrote to a post about Trump hate, I think sums it up.

    The President-elect’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” infers that America was once great.
    The implication is subjective.
    Nonetheless, it is a historical reference.
    Taken in context means:
    A time when women shared even fewer rights as they do now.
    A time when blacks sat at the back of the bus.
    A time when white men kept slaves.
    A time for massacring the native inhabitants.
    A time to blast into kingdom-come the indigenous creatures.
    But to dispense with ambiguity, the slogan should have read, “Make America Grate Again.”

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  5. That poem is still relevant. It’s one thing if you’re complaining about something, but it gets undercut by not doing anything relevant to what’s being complained about or not. I know I don’t have the time to help every person on the planet every day, but I do my best to do what I can. One thing I did a couple of weeks ago is to get a haircut where 13+ inches of my hair was chopped up, and I donated it so it can become a wig for a kid who went through chemotherapy.

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