The Hard Hitting Truth!




As many of you may know, I recently moved from the Midwest back to the East Coast and apparently, I was living in a bubble seeing as how the Midwest does not have that many Black people. Since moving back to the East Coast, what I thought I knew, I did not know because I’ve taken up for Black people, time and time again. But no more! What I have witnessed with my very own eyes is just beyond the pale.

I always wondered why Black people call each other “Niggers!” Now, I don’t. I know why. It’s because you are niggers, almost every single one of you and that is a sad ass fact! I have witnessed more ‘niggerfied’ behavior in the four months that I have been living in Baltimore than in my entire existence on this planet and believe me, I no longer consider myself, young. Au contraire! What you niggers are is a different species altogether and you’re not worth a damn!

I am no longer against gentrification because I don’t want you heathens living next door to me. I don’t want to even see you because then I’d have to smell you and I hate the odor of skunk weed. Now, I am not suggesting that other groups don’t smoke weed, but if I’m going to be honest about it, by far, I’ve smelled more weed around Blacks than I’ve ever smelled around anybody else and yet, you want taxpayers like myself to pay your rent(Section 8) while you sit somewhere high as the proverbial kite? You have got to be kidding. I now know why Blacks receive no outpouring of support from other countries when the police shoot your ass eight ways to Sunday on any given street in America on any given day, it is because the people of other countries already knew what it took me to live in Baltimore to find out and that is that you Black folks are just some nasty ass, no account, weed smoking niggers!

I have watched and listened to Black men cuss Black women out without even blinking. I was attempting to get on an elevator with another Black woman and a Black man was getting off the elevator. The Black woman was in a wheelchair and I was pushing my walker and when the doors opened, the Black man just stood there as though we were blocking the exit. The Black woman in the wheelchair asked him if he could please get off the elevator before the doors closed so that we would not get caught between the doors, he called her everything but a child of God. He cussed that woman out so bad, I blushed! When the lady and I had gotten on the elevator, she turned to me and said, “Miss, what did I say that was so wrong?” I replied, “Miss, you said nothing wrong and that is why I say nothing to these people because I would have to shove this walker up somebody’s ass every single damn day! What in the world is wrong with the Black men of today? You have no respect for Black women at all.

The other day, I was in Rite Aid and a Black piece of filth was standing in line in front of me and he was on the phone talking just as ‘niggerfied’ as he could. “Yeah my nigga, I’m at Rite Aid and this bitch ignoring me like she don’t know me. Hey bitch, tell my nigga why you acting like you don’t know me!” For the love of!!! The cashier looked at me and I looked at her and we both rolled our eyes at that piece of Black filth, otherwise known as a ‘nigger’! When he had got out of her face, she asked me who in the world would answer to “Bitch” and I said, “A bitch!” She told me that they obviously need prayer and I said, “They are past prayer. No amount of praying could help that mess!”

Outside Rite Aid, while waiting for the light rail, another older lady was also waiting and I was telling my cousin about how Black people have come a long way and in the process, have come the wrong way because we did not talk to one another back in the day like we do today, we did not treat one another with such contempt and disrespect. We were not shooting other Black people down like dogs; like niggers. The other lady spoke up and said that she also can recall a time when we had not become what we had been called for hundreds of years, “Niggers!” But we are there now and we have no one to blame but ourselves. My cousin got to cussing and carrying on about how bad the weed smelled when someone passed by us and after he went across the street to check on the price of a coat he saw in a store window, the lady that was waiting at the light rail stop asked me what was his relationship to me and I explained that he was my cousin. She asked because he was out in public acting a fool and she probably thought that I had picked him as a boyfriend; not hardly! Unfortunately, you cannot pick your family because he would not have been picked either. Truth be told, not one nigger in my family would have been picked by me and believe me, they’re all niggers because that is what they call each other.

Never in my life, have I seen a group of people have such a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of one another. Families don’t act like families. Children are out-of-control. And this is the norm and then we wonder why Black children are getting body slammed in videos by the police. I’d body slam your ass too because you need to be slammed; you beg for it. What’s deplorable is the behavior displayed every single day by little Black niggers! The U.S. mint could print enough money for one year, hand it over to me, and I’d not take it if I had to take it for working as a teacher. No wonder whites are pulling their children out of schools that’s got niggers sitting up in them, acting out, fighting and otherwise acting just like niggers. You’re not civilized! You’re heathens! And I wouldn’t even want to be around you! And if I were to be honest about it, I had some idea of how bad you niggers are even when I was in the Midwest because I did indeed board a bus in downtown Minneapolis and regretted every single second I was on it because, true to form as you niggers are, you proceeded to act just like niggers; cussing and yelling and screeching all over the damn bus as though you had no home training whatsoever and of course, you didn’t. But you’ve got to be a flagrant nigger; you have just got to make sure that everyone knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed, the baddest nigger to ever live! You’re not! You’re just one of millions. Take a number!

Now, I know that I am going to get a lot of flak for this post and I don’t really give a good goddamn because this is the truth as I see it and I don’t pull no punches, I tell it like I see it and damn the consequences and you can have a hissy fit over this until the cows come home, go back out and come back home again, but it won’t change a damn thing. Look around you. Who is shooting each other in every major city in America by the thousands and then get bent-out-of-shape because the kops are helping you in your quest to kill each other off? Who was fighting in malls all across this country after the holiday shopping season was over? When you pass by a group of niggers, you know it because they’re all calling one another, “niggers!” So, how can I be wrong when Blacks are calling other Blacks, “Niggers!” every day? And Black people have the nerve to pretend to worry about Donald Trump and some of his supporters. What the hell for? Because you are far worse for each other than any racist or bigot could ever be because if you were united instead of divided, clueless and niggerfied, you would have gotten it together by now and figured out that if you come up off that gangsta shit that you live by and personify, you wouldn’t need to worry about how Donald Trump’s policies would impact or affect you. You would not need a Section 8 Voucher. You would not need food stamps. You would not need welfare. You can get your nails done, sport some Air Nikes, possess a smartphone and a Gucci handbag, but can’t pay your subsidized rent??? Stores like Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s Rentals were opened up just to deprive niggers of their money and yes, I know, a nigger has been defined as an ignorant person. Well, that’s true because only an ignorant person would pay someone 800% interest and eventually pay $2,849.00 for a TV that if purchased from Wal-Mart would have cost $209.00. Only a nigger would hand over the title to their paid for vehicle to a Title Loan Store. Only a nigger would need cash so fast that they wouldn’t wait for their tax refund to be mailed to them from the IRS but would instead, opt for a quick loan after hundreds of dollars has been shaved off of their tax refund. Only a nigger would place more value on material things than on an education and then wonder why you can’t get up out of the projects. It’s because you’ve just got to be a pretentious nigger; pretending that you’ve got something when you strut around with your ignorant ass sporting your Gucci bag, smartphone, Air Nikes, fake nails and fake ass European hair. Every week, you’re handing money over to the Koreans, the Chinese, the whites but never investing it in each other or yourself and then wonder why you’re fucked up. This is why, nigger! It is because you’re a nigger and proud of it!

In one of the first articles that I posted upon coming to Baltimore, in it, you can see that Black folks are buying ‘soul food’ from the Koreans in Lexington Market. By now, you could have opened your own stalls and been selling food that got its origins from us. But instead, you stand there nodding over some food sold to you by the Koreans who hold you in complete and utter contempt. I just recently read where a Lexington Market Korean stall keeper when responding to why she does not sell healthy bagels at her Lexington Market stall had this to say, “Look at my customers! They have no teeth! They can’t even eat a bagel!” She was talking about you toothless nodding methadone addicted niggers whose teeth have all fallen out to the point where a Korean will not even sell bagels because she knows you can’t eat them. Was she talking about white folks? Hell no! Was she talking about other Koreans? Hell no! Was she talking about Pakistanis? Hell no. She was talking about you, nigger!

Another sad fact is that the niggers who need to be reading this, won’t be. They’re busy standing around somewhere pretending to be something they’re not while continuously being something they are, niggers. This is also why I hardly blog anymore because my readers are not niggers. They know what’s what and they know why the Black race in America is doing so poorly and it’s not so much do to racism but has everything to do with a group of people who have taken up the most derogatory word in history, applied it to themselves and who is hell bent and damned determined to live down to that word, each and every single day! So niggers, have at it!

16 thoughts on “The Hard Hitting Truth!

    1. Kelley, thank YOU! I knew you would understand where I’m coming from and why. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but when they constantly show their ass, I’m calling them out on it and just like we both know, those that need to be reading this, will not. They’re too busy ‘being’ this post of mine. Would that it were not so! And I don’t say anything to them because I’d be in jail by now, it is so prevalent here.

      When I first moved here, I tried to find some decency in these people, but there is none, for the most part and I am done making excuses for Black folks. I am done. I have railed against racism, police brutality, the school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, drug addiction, homelessness and more and yet, I have given a free pass to Black people and bemoaned our fate as though we are not complicit in the shit that’s affecting millions of us, when we are. I’ll not continue to bemoan our plight when we are complicit in so many ways in what befalls us.

      Again, I sincerely thank you for your comment Kelley! It is much appreciated, as I am sure, you know.

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      1. Exactly! At some point we have to stop pointing the finger for every.single.plight! Yes we face many MANY problems, but what is the bafoonery doing to help our progress?

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      2. It’s doing nothing to help our progress; quite the opposite. We are moving backward in time. We are certainly NOT moving forward at all.

        I wish I could point to some great strides that we are making as a people because we truly care for one another, but I cannot because we do not care for one another; not at all and I don’t see this changing ever, sadly.

        Kelley, thank you for your comment!

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is indeed, sad. But do not feel too deeply for us because we are hell bent on contributing to our own demise. We could do better. We just don’t want to. We are in self-destruct mode and that is the mode that we want to remain in. We want someone to pity us, help us, wipe our nose for us while we just continue to sit somewhere and bemoan our fate. That will not help us. Getting up off our ass and doing for ourselves will help us but we are too busy doing everything but that. And being dependent on the government for every damn thing never solved shit! It just makes a body lazy and shiftless and does nothing to promote self sufficiency.

      Many of our children don’t want to learn since why did metal detectors have to be placed inside schools? Why did armed police have to be stationed inside schools? These were not everyday practices when I attended school and so I do not believe that this has anything to do with racism, but has everything to do with the character of what’s sitting up in school these days. I’d want that shit frisked and hosed down before being allowed inside my classroom if I was foolish enough to become a teacher. They could offer me a billion dollars and I wouldn’t take it to try and teach that shit that’s sitting up inside a classroom these days. And then to think that I would set foot inside a McDonald’s and eat something that that shit’s cooked? Hell if that’s so!

      The shit that I have seen in the four months that I have been here, would curl your toes!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment. It is most appreciated.


  1. This post was sharper than a double-edged sword and you swung it with no restraint. This is bound to cut alot of people. The sad fact of the matter is, alot of our people have been invaded and taken over by demons…

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    1. Nido, I wish that this post would cut their ass into pieces because they are worthless and they are perpetuating that worthlessness. It is spreading, far and wide and it needs to be cut down. It needs to be stopped and believe me, if I could, I’d attempt to get it done all by myself, but I’d be fighting an uphill battle and we both know it and AGAIN, this is why I don’t blog much anymore, because it’s pointless since those heathens don’t even bother to read a book and many of them couldn’t read pass “See Dick Run!” So I know they ain’t up to reading this! Nor would they even see themselves in it because they are all on some “That ain’t me!” time. You know that when a teacher sends home a letter with a student exclaiming over their horrible behavior in class, the first thing that’s said by the parent is, “Why she picking on you Shaneeka? I’m gone cuss that bitch out just as soon as I finish getting my hair and nails done! I’m gone call yo teacher on my new smartphone and give her what for. Now you take your ass back to class and do what the fuck you want. That bitch ain’t gone send you home with another note!”

      That’s how it is Nido and you and I both know it. Shaneeka ain’t learning shit, but that’s fine by the parent because nine times out of ten, the parent don’t know shit either and carried on in school just like Shaneeka.

      I want to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful compliment on this one. As true as it is, I figured that some people would have a problem with this one, but I got to tell it like I see it and this is exactly what I’ve been seeing. Thanks again, Nido!


    1. Thank you C.C. I’ve been on your wonderful blog and I love what I see. I read up on Dr. Wright a little before posting this comment and I must say, I agree with Dr. Wright. However, I do believe that this little paragraph that I took from the article will never come to pass.

      “All roads lead to our unity. We must work together in organizing and mobilizing African people in America. All of our organizing strategies must lead to Getting Our Minds Straight and Stopping Mentacide. Without this occurring, we will continue in our present state of mental stagnation and servitude to other people.” –

      Unfortunately, we will not work together, we will not organize and mobilize African people in America. That ship has sailed. Oh, we can wish for it. We can talk about it, but we cannot make it happen. All across America, the Black race is in deep, deep trouble and is not even waking up to that fact. I have never seen anything like it. The Africans cannot get themselves together from whence we came and so it is no wonder that we cannot get ourselves together here in America. We seem to be the only group of people who have no idea that if we stick together, we all benefit. Every other group will help each other, help uplift one another, but not us. The Chinese open restaurants and hire, for the most part, only other Chinese, same with the Koreans, the Japanese and the Latinos. We are the saddest group of people on this entire planet. And at the rate we are going, our situation is only going to deteriorate, not improve. As far as I am concerned, our situation is hopeless despite learned individuals such as the late Dr. Wright attempting to enlighten us. There are just too many who don’t want to receive the message.

      C.C., I thank you for stopping in and I have signed up so as to not miss another post from you!

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  2. After hundreds of years of slavery,rape,lynchings and murder…our minds have been destroyed. We were told our skin and hair was ugly. We were treated like animals and called inferior. Over time we started to believe it. They stole everything from us and never paid us back. Amerikkka is a nigger-manufacturing machine. They don’t want proud,respectful and dignified black people. The white people in power want us to act like ignorant fools and commit crimes(mostly on each other) and go to jail to keep the prison money-making machine going. Most black people are not gangsters,whores,sluts,pimps and hustlers. That’s not how my family and friends carry themselves. But there are enough of us acting like “niggas” that people think this is what a REAL black person is supposed to be. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is these “niggers” have lost their black minds. They are now black zombies. They have given up all hope. Now they act like what they think racist whites see them as anyway. I love my people. That’s why I do what I do. But I’m not stupid. I realize many of them wont be saved…and don’t want to be. People give up when they don’t see a future for themselves or family. That’s how you create a “nigger”. And Amerikkka seems to have perfected it.


    1. Prince, what you say is true. Many Black people have just said, “Fuck it! I am what they’ve been calling me for hundreds of years!”

      It hurt me to my heart to write this, but I wrote this from what I am seeing and what I am seeing ain’t good. Not at all! There are so many here in Baltimore who are the epitome of this post. Would that it were not so, but it is so. I have personally seen too much! I am so disheartened, you have no idea. I do not recall a time in my existence when I have been this disheartened and that is saying something. I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if there is an answer because from where I sit, too many are just too far gone, Prince.

      But what I do know is that we were not always this bad. We were not always in this bad of a place because I can remember when I was in school, there were no armed police strolling through the halls. There were no metal detectors at the entrances. We were not this bad. I did not hear the N-word each and every single day of my life; both inside the home and out of it. Does my family call each other the N-word? Yes they do. And when whites started marrying into the family, they told them that they’d better never say it even if they heard us saying it. So, it was a case of do as I say, not as I do. Nowadays, I am shocked when I don’t hear the N-word. That is most definitely NOT an improvement.

      Prince, I thank you for your comment and again, it was extremely hard to write this post, believe me!

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  3. May‘, here is your comment in its entirety.

    I feel like you just went to one area on the east coast and just assumed we are all like this, here is my assumption of you. You lived in the Midwest most likely not around a lot of black people your post was also just pure unadulterated ignorance you sound like some who just went to one place and just judged every single black person there like the average white supremacist, I’m also guessing you have not done anything for the black community besides write articles, that any person could write regardless of race, you probably haven’t donated money or volunteered at any black associations or organizations, I have done more for the black community than you, and I’m a teenager that lives on the east coast, because I have actually done things for the black community unlike you who writes articles on the internet. Here are some of the things I have done, which is tutoring and teaching mentally and physically disabled black children, because people like you don’t have the patience, or want to look for organizations or start one in their neighborhood to help those black children, since children are the future for any race, I also recently started small neighborhood meetings for the black children and teens that live there in my neighborhood to learn about saving money and growing their own foods, miss old rotten hag what have you actually done for the black community besides articles, and whine about a few people you encountered on the east coast. I’m assuming nothing at all.”

    May, first of all, thank you for your comment. I do appreciate the fact that you did indeed, stop short of accusing me of being ‘white’ and hiding behind a supposed ‘black’ face in order to post about black folks. Thank you for that. Now then, let me clear some things up. I really don’t feel the need to toot my own horn, however, since you have accused me of not involving myself in any Black community, I shall list just a few things that I have done to, so to speak, put my money where my mouth is.

    I lived in Baltimore in the mid 90s and upon coming to Baltimore, I had never seen a homeless person in my life before, I had never seen felons; up close and personal. I had never seen a beggar before. But I rolled up my sleeves and I volunteered at several different organizations. We even started an all volunteer ‘help the homeless’ organization within another organization since we had attended a homeless convention at the convention center. Word was spread that the only health care facility that helped the homeless was to be closed to make way for a park. I personally galvanized an entire community of organizations, alerted the news media and the homeless were extremely willing to come to a meeting at the facility that was to be shuttered and appear on the local news in an attempt to gather steam for a meeting that was to be held at city hall the next week. The city hall meeting was a resounding success. The health care facility was allowed to continue its operations with the blessings of the city council. I was sent a personal letter from the CEO and president of the health care facility thanking me for the role that I played in keeping the doors to the facility, open Not only that, but we held a workshop in Annapolis MD and I was a key speaker on homelessness issues. I even spoke with the governor about the necessity for more funding to be allocated for homeless services. That funding was granted.

    I also volunteered at an organization that helped ex-offenders reintegrate back into society by finding them jobs and housing and access to health care. I was even attacked at this facility by one of the mentally ill clients that came there for help and had to go to court because I was beaten down. I still went back and volunteered. I also volunteered at another organization that was trying to see to it that households that had children in them would not get their lights turned off since there had been multiple instances of child deaths due to house fires caused by candles burning when the power was turned out by the electric company. My hands were in many fires here in Baltimore.

    When I left Baltimore and moved to the Midwest, I continued my volunteerism there by helping out in homeless shelters and by doing homeless outreach whereby groups of us spent nights out in search of homeless people in order to bring them to shelter and we trudged through snow and ice every December to make sure that those who did die from homelessness were not forgotten. Can I do more? Yes, I can and I continue to do more.

    Since coming back to Baltimore, myself and others will be announcing this summer, a new project aimed at reopening stores near the downtown area that used to cater to low income people, but were shuttered thanks to gentrification. We have been in the process of procuring funding to enable us to open more businesses and in addition to that, I have just joined yet another organization that is dedicated to turning some of the many abandoned buildings in Baltimore in to rehabbed homes for the homeless. I could go on in this vein, but I think you get the message. So, yes, this ‘old rotten hag’ has indeed, not been idle, not at all.

    And again, thank you for your comment. Please, come again!


  4. From ‘May’, In reply to ShelbyCourtland.

    Okay good, but before you again judge every black person on the east coast don’t go off a few random incidents, from the tone and writing of this post many since i posted your article on different site a black owned forum for black intellectuals and black people in general, felt like you undermined some of the work they and people on the east cost are currently doing like in Georgia for example, many black people there own small businesses, Land, and organizations, to help with the community there. And just recently Georgia had an event on black people arming and defending themselves, there are similar events going to happen across the east coast as well, black people on the east coast have been doing more things for black people than those on the Midwest and in the west in general. And for you to judge all of us based on a few examples is pure ignorance, and until you have been to every state, county, and city you can not say all of us are like that, when many black people on the east coast are working on unification of black people for economic growth, and defense, and you should know many of our black revolutionaries came from the east coast so most black people on the east
    coast that are doing things for the black community already view this article as ignorant white supremacist trash, all of us are working on many things for the black community like the bank black movement which did extremely well on the east coast not on the west coast, or the midwest, the east coast you know the place where you get to Africa and the Caribbean by boat, a lot of black people live on the east coast almost the majority of black americans live on the east coast, so I’m not surprised you have seen some people like that, and you also justified offers brutalizing, black children which is unacceptable from a black adult, and also you know in south Africa black children are fighting for their right to wear their hair naturally, because many black adults are doing certain things until they see their children protesting and fighting for their rights, like during the Civil rights Era when children protested against unequal rights, many black children on the east coast want to help out their parents I was able to organize a neighborhood meeting where I managed to gather 50 black children and teens, to discuss on ways to encourage or manipulate our parents into saving money and growing food, and learning how to trade, I even showed those children and teens to save money from their allowances, to buy seeds and how to plant seeds, and harvest seeds from plants to create seed banks and seed stocks so they can trade for other resources, and again so you don’t forget many black people on the east coast are doing things for our community, some doing great things individually for their families, or working with other people to help out their communities. Also here is the black owned forum I mentioned earlier, check it out and join if you want there are off topic sections and sections for serious debates and issues.


    May, again, this is your comment in its entirety. If the least that this post has accomplished was to get people to talk about what is going on in Black communities all across this country and what should be going on in Black communities all across this country, then that is something as we need dialog. I still however, stand by what I wrote in this article as that is my experience and I am not just speaking of what I have witnessed since moving back to Baltimore. I do believe that the Black clergy should play a more active role in reducing the societal ills that are plaguing Black communities, but what they do with their tithes is to continue to build on churches and not invest in Black communities. Oh, they will host a few ‘out against crime nights’, but will not do much more than that. I have not heard where the Black religious community has done much of anything of any significance to help the Black communities where they are located. Also, the NAACP is headquartered on Mt. Hope Drive right here in Baltimore and yet, they have done nothing to make a noticeable difference in what ails a majority Black city. Here in Baltimore, heroin addicts overwhelm this city and those not on heroin and nodding because the government has enrolled them in the methadone program which is just a synthetic form of heroin and those people are kept as high as a kite. In Minnesota, you would not see such as what is going on here. Not one person did I see, nodding on any street corner in Minnesota. It is only here and in mostly Black cities that officials can get away with making sure that a segment of the population is on a continuous high. These are things that need to be addressed and they’re not being addressed.

    We have many issues that are being neglected and we all could come together and do a little more without pointing the finger at each other and make accusations of who is doing too little and who is doing nothing at all as individuals, but collectively, we are still falling short as I have noted above.

    I appreciate that you took the time to post the link to a forum, however, I doubt whether I shall participate. But I thank you for posting it just the same.


  5. May’s reply to Shelby Courtland:

    Those are some good points also since you live in baltimore, shouldn’t you have used baltimore instead of east coast, you do realize east coast means more than one state 15 to be exact and that you judged several million black people you haven’t met, and not just the black population of baltimore which is one city on the east coast, I and some others feel you should change east coast to baltimore and in my opinion I feel black people should not follow religions like christianity because it was forced upon us during slavery to make us docile and silent, and the Christian church is filled with pedophiles so the church is not good for the black community or black children.
    Also the site I sent has 360 black people on it, a lot from America, and all over the world, I feel that site can give you the perspective and opinions from a variety of other black people, oh and here is our sites book club if you are interested in getting some new books by black author’s you don’t need an account to view that but other things you will need an account for.


    May, the reason I included the East Coast is because Baltimore is on the East Coast, however, I did name the city or you would not have been aware of the particular city in which I cited accounts of what I had actually witnessed.

    Since you are new to this blog, you are unaware that I have readers who live all across this country and in other nations around the world and many of my readers are also Black and they have stated that what I have described has also been noted where they live and some of these people live on the East Coast as well, down South and on the West coast. So, it is not just occurring on the East Coast or in Baltimore and I did indeed, describe some behavior that I witnessed while living in Minnesota. I just did not feel the need to list in chronological order all the incidences for this purpose. This behavior that is displayed by many Black people is prevalent all across this country. Just because you think this makes all Black people look bad is still no reason to continue to berate me for not being more specific in only applying this behavior to Baltimore. This behavior is not just occurring in Baltimore and I think you know this May. Metal detectors are not just in schools in Baltimore. They are also in schools in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles and so forth and so on. Why is this? Is it because the children are such well behaved, exemplary students? Quite obviously not. They are little hellions! Why is it that metal detectors and security guards were not needed in schools that I attended? They were not necessary in schools that my children attended, but they are necessary today because so many children are bringing weapons to school; guns, knives. These are different times we live in and what we are witnessing is the result of a failed home life; a lack of stability in the home, no parental guidance to speak of, a lack of respect for oneself as well as those who are trying to educate and instill life skills into young minds.

    There is an element of criminality in schools these days and even though there are many students who are in school to learn, there are also those who wish to disrupt and cause chaos and their numbers are not so few as we would like to believe. I am not suggesting that every Black child is a little thug in training, I am just suggesting that some decided that acting out is the cool thing to do; fighting every day will help them more when they grow up than getting an education.

    I am not attempting to be ‘Miss old hag know-it-all’, but unless you have been living your life underneath a rock for the last few decades, you can see the decline in morals, respectful attitudes and the like that is endemic in the youth of today and it shows. That is all I am saying. It need not be this way, but it is.

    And again, I thank you for your comment May.


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