Why Meryl Did Not Move Me

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Following Sunday’s Golden Globe Award Ceremony, the internet rejoiced in Oscar Award Winning Actress Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. In her speech, Streep formally distances herself from President Elect Donald Trump and his lack of empathy. She alluded to his very public request for President Obama’s birth certificate and referenced his mocking of a disabled reporter—citing these behaviors as misused privilege. Streep’s tirade seems a proper use of platform, yet suggests that white supremacy is something only Trump suffers from and not an all encompassing problem that plagues every aspect of American life.

Perhaps the most misleading component of Meryl Streep’s speech was the implication that Hollywood is any less racist than Donald Trump. It was individuals much like Donald Trump who started Hollywood and cast the first black roles to white men with painted faces. It was Hollywood who launched and popularized films like the original Birth of A Nation—caricaturing…

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12 thoughts on “Why Meryl Did Not Move Me

  1. Oh but the ypipo are loving it! They think she said something amazing. I almost fell over when I first started listening to it. “This is rubbish, what is everyone going on about?” I am finding this more and more, that people are going out of their way to say “not me, it’s him or her or them,” as though these mean and horrid behaviours are the exception, not the rule. If they are the exception, are ypipo honestly suggesting that, say, all black folks are running into the same three bad eggs throughout all of recent history. Man that naughty racist trio gets around, hey? They’ve got their fingers in everything and they obviously are able to be in many places at once, so bugger me, perhaps they are superior. I thought Hollywood was where the US racism propaganda department was headquartered, for both foreign and domestic consumption. I am sure we had Oscars So White protest last year, ffs. Anyway, great post! Whenever people do this kind of thing lately in Australia, eg. not all Australians are racist, it’s the fault of the bad ones – I generally respond with – not all racists are Australian. It’s a reasonably effective self-congratulatory reverie killer and the face gets a special look like they just ate a poo sandwich 🙂

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    • Thanks Robyn and of course, right on schedule, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter spoke up and had this to say about Meryl Streep’s speech:

      Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter praises Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech
      “Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and CEO of the King Center, has added her voice to those praising Meryl Streep’s impassioned Golden Globes speech, in which the acclaimed actress criticized Donald Trump, spoke about empathy and highlighted the importance of a free press.

      #MerylStreep, thanks for reminding us that we should live on what my father called the ‘higher plane of dignity and discipline,’ King tweeted Sunday, just over a week before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She added the hashtag #MLK.”

      Yep, those like Meryl Streep and the rest of that garbage that makes up Hollywood are most definitely living on the “higher plane of dignity and discipline.” Indeed, they are NOT! Sell-outs to the left of me, sell-outs to the right of me, sell-outs in front and behind; everywhere nothing but sell-outs. I used to say that I just cannot believe what I see and hear from Black folks when they respond to some so-called ‘impassioned’ speech given by whites, but I can believe anything nowadays because it is all just so much ‘white’ noise. We have truly lost our collective minds when we take what ‘whites’ say and run with it. We spit on the memory of those who went before us when we do these things and we pretend as though this is honoring their memory when it is SO not! I throw my hands up in the goddamn air!

      Robyn, every word that you typed about that shit in Hollywood is so true and yet Dr. King’s daughter is praising that filth to no end. It just boggles the mind, it does. I guess she is hoping that Meryl Streep and her like will throw some greenbacks into the coffers of the ‘King Center’ right in time to celebrate the King holiday. Let the celebrations begin!

      Robyn, again, thank you so much for your comment. It is as right as rain!

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      • A friend wrote this: “I was not surprised by Meryl’s speech, nor was I surprised at the gorgeous black ladies who were (eventually) rewarded with well deserved Globes. I was very pleased for those lovely ladies, not because they had won but because I realized just how important it was to them (and black america), to be acknowledged by white america, no matter how bad the daily Status Quo was.” I am so lucky and glad to know some people who aren’t sleeping all day and all night.

        I got a little bit rant-y after I read your note about MLK Jr’s daughter but it fits. Is the aim of civil rights a seat at the table or self-determination or freedom or what exactly? In the past, now? Is equality something where we want to be closer to but still at mercy of white standards or create a new paradigm? If we were to set up a system for say, our own business or our own families, or something and it produced the kinds of results this current dominant white western capitalist democracy debacle has produced through the duration, we would abandon it in less than 5.5 seconds and say “Whoops! Wrong way, go back!” Not, “How can I get deeper in?” All the while people are suffering and all the majority of people do is talk about it and slap each other on the back. Soma. Yep, I’m still cranky 🙂 Soon I will be forced to write poems about peace and joy so I can move on. Again, soma (from Huxley). Thanks so so much for expressing something I was doing a damn fine job of holding in and letting eat away at me. Cheers to you always Shelby-the-powerhouse-of-truth.


  2. Ah, this is GREAT! Thank you for sharing.

    Why are we still watching the Golden Globes? Why are we praising a white woman who isn’t speaking for us? I mean, how can she? What am I missing here?

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    • Kelley, see the above comment. Some of us are praising these white folks because if we do, then maybe, just maybe they will throw some greenbacks into the coffers of our so-called Black organizations like the ‘King Center’ and the NAACP and the Urban League and then of course, they will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for doing so just like Donald Sterling received from the NAACP and you recall how worthy of that award HE was! In case my readers are unaware of what I am referring to, I shall be most happy to refresh their memory here.

      Kelley, Black folks, as I stated in the above comment, for the most part, have lost their collective minds and then some. We are truly a lost people, in more ways than one. If there is a god, Lord help us!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. Great post by Saaraa. This sista keeps it REAL! She is one of the most insightful writers on WordPress. She’s so right about Streep. They are all hypocrites in Hollyweird. Tinseltown is one of the most racist places on earth. These white liberals love to give speeches that make them seem so deep. I’m not falling for it. It wasn’t that deep.

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    • Well, I did not look at this awards show, just as I have not looked at any other awards shows. Why the hell should I? The Blacks who win awards in Hollyweird do so based on the subservient roles they play and if not playing someone’s butler, help or mammy, they’re gangstas, pimps and hustlers. Yeah! So, I’m going to watch a bunch of racists award other racists for ‘acting’ when those whores and bastards are nothing more than decorated mannequins parading around for the benefit of their adoring and stupid fans who don’t have the sense God gave to a goat. I’d rather watch an awards show that’s thanking someone for taking a job to save my goddamn house from burning down and in the process, saving my ass from the smoke and flames. This is just as bad as how much is spent on NFL teams and stadiums and the NBA and all that other foolish ass shit that’s glorified.

      Those shits get millions for playing while people who risk their lives like firemen get peanuts; EMTs make peanuts for staunching the flow of blood from bullet wounds in order to rush someone to the hospital. Ambulance drivers risk life and limb to hurry someone who’s having a heart attack to the hospital, but who is hosting awards ceremonies for them? Not the whores and bastards of Hollyweird. What we prioritize is just unreal; unfuckingbelievable!

      Prince, I thank you for your comment.

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  4. Thanks for reblogging this post, Shelby. It’s the best I’ve seen challenging the hypocrisy of Streep’s outburst. I’ve just finished a book on the birth of “liberalism” and “progressivism” that arose out of the downfall of the Populist Movement in 1896. It asserts that a basic tenant of liberalism is that you can only “humanize” the fundamental hierarchical structure (including institutional racism) of industrial capitalism. Because of the cultural brainwashing and intimidation we all grow up with you’re not even allowed to challenge it in open discussion in polite society. People like Street have a very cozy relationship with liberalism because it never, based on its inherent nature, challenges the position of privilege she enjoys in society. In other words it allows her to live comfortably while maintaining a clear consciousness.

    I really hope she’s reading some of the objective criticism of her position.


    • …and hypocritical it was, Dr. Bramhall. As everything that’s said by those Hollywood shits. They are cushioned from any backlash from their ‘impassioned’ speeches by ‘white privilege’ and so what does it really mean for them to even bother saying anything? It means nothing. And for her to throw in about the ‘founding fathers’ was just ludicrous seeing as how those flaming nasty ass hypocrites were slave owners and Streep had the gall to throw in about what ‘our’ founding fathers were thinking of, constitutionally. We were not even included in the Constitution, but throw that in for good measure. Her words, “That’s why our founders enshrined the press and its freedoms in the Constitution,” rang hollow seeing as how, once again, people were enslaved while those hypocrites were droning on and on about ‘freedoms’ in any form.

      Why anyone looks up to that shit is beyond me. Why they are revered is beyond me, but then, I’ve never been ‘star struck’.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.


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