Our Annihilation Begun!


She had rough, woolen tresses; a big afro
that she tamed with braids in a neat cornrow.
Her deep, dark tone had a sunlit glow
and beautiful brown eyes in the shape of a doe.

In the fields at dusk, she straightens her back
and heads towards her one room shack,
where there’s a white man waiting to get her in the sack
to produce another baby that’s only half black.

Nine months later, her child is born,
with features distorted, she looks on with scorn.
This creature from her body should have been stillborn
or better yet, from her womb; ripped and torn.

She muffles his cries with a hand to his face,
staring down in dismay over the erasure of her race.
How could a just god allow this to take place?
When did all Blacks sin and be cast in disgrace?

For no deep, dark tone had the skin of her son,
as man did conspire to void what nature had done.
And the lies were told; such tall tales were spun.
The black race wiped out, our annihilation begun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

The annihilation of our race started hundreds of years ago and it continues to this very day. As we still reel from the horrors of slavery, an entire race of people are confused and self-hating and are contributing to their own downfall and annihilation through killing one another, drug abuse, gang activity, prostitution and the prevalence of STDs and the mixing of the races, thus erasing us out of history. Our strong bloodline is weakened every single time we mix it with that of those who are not one of us. Why do we do this? For what does it gain us? It gains us nothing and takes everything. Our seed is polluted when mixed with others. At first, we were forced into having sex with our enemies, but now, we willingly engage in intercourse with them. This is sickening.

My own son impregnated and married a white girl. They were divorced two years later, but from that union, they produced a girl. This child refuses to even acknowledge her Black relatives. She has stated, and in no uncertain terms, that if anything happens to her father, she wants a ‘white’ friend at school to ask her parents to adopt her as she wants nothing to do with people who do not look like her. Now, my mother almost had a stroke upon hearing this. I, however, was not shocked because the little hussy has always been this way. And as I am sure many of you will most likely wonder at my so obvious lack of feelings for this pretentious piece of baggage, it should be known that despite all attempts to engage this child in grandmother to grandchild activities, it has proved, fruitless. The last time I saw her, she refused to even turn her head and speak to me. My mother has not seen her in years despite them living in the same town.

The child’s mother’s relatives are all toothless hillbillies; the epitome of trailer park trash. In fact, that is where she was conceived, in a trailer in a park and yet this little hussy thinks that she is better than the ‘Black’ side of the family. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is what we perpetuate when we mix our blood with that of our enemies. So, a word of caution. Before you decide to get down with the swirl, I’d think on what I was about to do if I were you as I think that what I have described here is more prevalent than you think.

14 thoughts on “Our Annihilation Begun!

  1. Shelby, you know I love you for this. Great post! So true. Same with the word “nigger”; we HAD to answer to it in the past and now we call each other nigger/nigga willingly, often as a term of endearment?! Crazy!

    I would say I’m sorry to hear that about your son’s daughter, but then again, what’s there to be sorry for? Did your son ever realize the fault in his choices?

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    1. Kelley, I cannot thank you enough for that most wonderful compliment on this one! I bounced it around in my head, multiple times before posting this poem because I was wondering if I should. But I thought, what the hell, I’ll use my situation as an example and be damned!

      “A term of endearment,” indeed! Do we really think that when the first piece of dirty ass foul and vile filth used that word to describe us, he was using it as a ‘term of endearment’? Hell to DA no! He was in the process of lashing Black backs, whipping Black backs, and raping Black women, men and children and so we are to then turn around and call that word, a term of endearment??? So damn many of us was dropped on our head, the numbers are astounding! My own mother is guilty of calling us that even as we were children. She would open the back door and say, “alright y’all niggers, it’s time to come in!” I can hear her just as plain as if she is standing behind me saying it. To this day, she still refers to us as ‘niggers’ and claims that it’s a ‘term of endearment’. I told her that I would never use that word, ever when speaking to another Black person and I have not. The only time I use that word is when I am making a point on this blog or when speaking to someone about how we should not have taken the most derogatory word in history, applied it to ourselves and called it, a ‘term of endearment’ as there is not a goddamn thing endearing about the origins of that word; slavery! And yes, Black people who use that word, in my opinion, are crazy and worse!

      Unfortunately for my son, he grew up in the south and since both of us had to work, his father and me, we had to put him in daycare and one day, he was sitting on the bed and I heard him repeating something over and over under his breath and when I leaned close to him, he was saying, “You’re just a nigger!” I asked him where did he hear that word and he said, “At daycare!” Hell hath no fury! I did not know if it was at daycare or at school where he heard this but I blasted both places. Again, unfortunately, it was too late, my son’s self-esteem had taken a nosedive and apparently, never recovered because all throughout school, all of his ‘friends’ were white and then he started getting secretive and that is when he had started dating ‘white’ girls. We were all stunned when he announced that he had married a ‘white’ woman and that she was expecting. Why I did not spontaneously combust at that time, I will never know because I have never known myself to be that pissed off and raging mad! Never had his father or myself brought whites to our home and my middle sister hates whites more than I do and that’s saying something. Unfortunately, my baby sister, who is dead, did indeed, date a white man for years. But that’s another story. God help me!

      We had set aside a college fund for his little ass(my son) but he refused to go to college, he wanted to spend the money to get that little tramp out of the trailer park. Suffice it to say, I was done with him anyway. The marriage, like I said, lasted two years, but they were not even together that long because she threw him over for his cousin. She had a baby by my son’s first cousin and my son and his cousin got to fighting over her and if you could have seen her, you would have been appalled that anyone would fight over something that looked like a drowned rat. She actually died several years ago and she had so much wrong with her, the doctors could not decide what had actually killed her, but her lifestyle was to blame because she was man crazy and couldn’t keep her legs closed. She had 5 children and all of them were taken away from her and are being raised by siblings, aunts and such like because her mother lives from pillar to post and is always getting put out of every trailer park she moves into, that’s how bad she is.

      I do not even consider that I went wrong somehow. He, my son that is, made his choices just like he made his bed hard and now, he has to lie in it. I have long since stopped coming to his rescue and we hardly even talk and believe me, it is no loss to me. I am relieved.

      Kelley, I hope this answers your question and again, I sincerely thank you for the compliment on this one. It is much appreciated!

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      1. Wow! Sounds like a movie! I wouldn’t take blame of the situation because it sounds like you and his father did the best you could. You couldn’t control what was going on at his school or daycare-or anywhere, really. Regardless of if you were in his presence or not, who s to say it wouldn’t have happened later on? What does sadden me is that your story is not unique! Black men and women “stray” for a number of reasons, always looking outside of themselves and their community for a cure. Almost always to no avail, clearly.

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      2. You are so right Kelley, they are looking for a cure and it is to no avail because we need to realize that what we are chasing is something that should be left the hell alone!

        I thank you for your comment and, again, it is so true, this sounds just like a movie. Who needs Hollywood when truth is stranger and more entertaining than movies and fiction?

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  2. Mmmmm Shelby your situation with your grand daughter sounds like something straight out of imitation of life. I do feel for you my dear.. But as you said you’re over it.


    1. Thank you Nido! And I too, saw that movie and it was just sad, just sad. I felt so sorry for the mother of the daughter who ‘passed for white’ and who denied knowledge of her own mother. The situation in our family is such, the only difference being that I am relieved that I don’t have to show some sort of ‘feelings’ that I don’t harbor for the little baggage. She is doing me a favor and I don’t know if my mother has recovered, because we’re not speaking either. We are such an everlastingly endearing and enduring family, are we not? Rhetorical question, of course.

      Nido, I thank you for your comment.


      1. Thank you for your kind words. My son’s ex-wife died a few years ago and he is now shacking up with another ‘white’ woman as he is so nasty, no self-respecting Black woman would put up with him; only pasty-faced cows will because they are just as nasty as he is. And believe me, I am not saying anything here that I have not told him to his face; hence the reason we are not speaking to this day.

        It is most unfortunate for those who would have picked a different family if we knew how ours would turn out but believe me, my ‘son’ is not a disappointment to me, he is a disappointment to himself as I am done with him. That ‘white’ trash that he has taken up with has caused him to be incarcerated multiple times for trespassing whenever they get pissed at him. I have bailed him out of jail and his father has as well. We are both done with him. This is what fooling with ‘white’ trash gets these Black men and still, they go back for more.

        I thank you for your comment.


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