5 thoughts on “Black Professor Tyrone Hayes says how they’re making people gay (18 min)

    • Can you believe it? But he did state in the video that he has been targeted by different individuals for harassment stating what they were going to do to his family if he continued publishing his findings. I tell ya Kelley, we don’t know the half of all the shit that’s going down and that is a sad ass fact. How these shits can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to people for that all mighty dollar is just unbefuckingbelievable!

      Thank you for your comment Kelley.

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      • Yea I’m thinking so y’all don’t want this valuable research but would rather keep using it and harm animals + people? What’s the point of the research then?

        Everything comes down to the mighty dollar. E v e r y t h i n g.

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    • Indeed it is, Dr. Bramhall and we actually think we stand a snow ball’s chance in hell up against filth that corrupt, twisted, vile and foul! We have been too damn divided and too much damage has been done with regards to trust factors for us ever to be able to come together and stop this sick, twisted shit from continuing to fuck us up.

      I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall.


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