Trump’s Immigration Ban And Why I’m Loving It!

These Muslims became terrorists to thank us for our tax dollars! Oh yes, they did! Three Minnesota Men Found Guilty Of Plotting To Join ISIS! Yeah, that's thanking U.S.
These Muslims became terrorists to thank us for our tax dollars! Oh yes, they did!
Three Minnesota Men Found Guilty Of Plotting To Join ISIS!
Yeah, that’s thanking U.S.



According to the website listed below, there is help for American Muslims who are afraid of Trump’s immigration policies.

Are you an American Muslim?

If you are bullied, discriminated against or attacked for being a Muslim, there are people in Washington State to help you: Please contact CAIR-WA for help or with questions at or 206.367.4081.

In Washington State

Fact Check about Islam in America:

Now then, I’ve done my part to help send American Muslims to freedom via the Underground Muslim Railroad. This is rich!

Before Trump was inaugurated, where were the ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for descendants of slaves? Where were the shout-outs to us asking if we were being “bullied, discriminated against or attacked for being Black?” Where were the people in ANY state seeking to help us with telephone numbers and websites? But now that Trump is doing what he said he would do, it is now time to protect Muslim immigrants and yet again, overlook the people who have had their asses handed to them every single day in this shithole since slavery. The hypocrisy of the ‘whites’ will never cease to amaze me and for the life of me I don’t know why I continue to be amazed over their blatant and outrageous selective empathy and amnesia.

The ‘whites’ get all empathetic over every other group so long as it is not those of us who have a permanent, dark skin tone and who descended from slaves. They also get amnesia because they just cannot remember what they do to us every single day but will instead, look far and wide to find some cause to support; some stand to take but only if it will not make our lives any easier. “Get those Muslims some help! They are being persecuted and that shit is just not right! We have got to do something about their horrible plight! I call on you one and all to help me get it done!”

But there is only a deafening silence when they view descendants of slaves getting the life choked out of them. There is a deafening silence when they view descendants of slaves getting shot down in every city in this hellhole. There are no shout-outs to these people to make them aware that there is a number to call where they can get assistance in escaping police brutality, racism, bigotry, mass incarceration, a school-to-prison pipeline, gentrification and the list is endless. Oh no! There will be no urgent cries for the Black man, woman and child to head to the nearest Underground Railroad for descendants of slaves because you see, there is no necessity for that to be re-started. There is however, an urgent necessity to start up the Muslim Underground Railroad because they are being attacked from all sides. I hope Trump sends every single Muslim immigrant back to wherever the hell they came from. I hope that he calls for a ban on all immigration to this country because I am sick to pieces of my tax dollars supporting non-English speaking immigrants from every country. I am tired of hearing goddamn accents that I cannot make heads or tails of wherever I go and every single damn time I place a telephone call.

This is the only country that will give a new immigrant, a free interpreter. This is the only country I know that prints applications for everything from welfare sign-up to driver’s licenses in at least twenty different languages and still provides an interpreter. I cannot take my ass to Germany and receive this. I cannot take my ass to Syria and receive this. I cannot take my ass to Iran and receive this.

When I lived in Minnesota, I was so damn tired of seeing my tax dollars going to support Muslim refugees from Somalia, I verbally made that fact extremely well known. I did not turn those people into refugees. I never bombed a damn thing in their country; likewise in Syria, Yemen, Iraq or anywhere else. And yet, the Somalis come here, supposedly with nothing and yet somehow they open Somali businesses by the hundreds. Like I don’t fucking know how! My tax dollars are paying for those businesses. While descendants of slaves who were born here and who paid taxes here are now homeless thanks to getting pink slips due to a dwindling manufacturing base, my tax dollars are not going to fund needed retraining programs for them, my tax dollars are going to house, feed and provide free medical care for Somalis, who by the way, opened up their own health care facilities. My tax dollars are going for other refugees who have come here. My tax dollars were paying for Somalis to open up and operate two Somali malls in Minneapolis, MN which are nothing more than ISIS recruitment centers while the descendants of slaves and the Indians are seeking shelter in homeless warehouses. Meanwhile, again, the Somalis in Minnesota were busily attempting to join ISIS. How the hell is this fair? Those ungrateful ingrates come over here and are given free housing and free every damn thing else and then turn right around and become terrorists just attempting to send a bomb up our ass in gratitude. That’ll show us!

How in the world do we overlook the needs of those who have paid into the system and instead will put our tax dollars to work to build up and support those who have not paid one thin dime in taxes, and yet were given grants to open up businesses that cater to Somalis and only to Somalis…AND…who are also hell bent on joining terrorist groups? And don’t even bother trying to contradict me because I have seen this with my very own eyes since I just recently moved from Minnesota.

And while Trump is at it, I hope he does build that wall between the states and Mexico and send those Mexicans packing because when I moved to where I live now, I was told by a Comcast representative that if I was Hispanic, I would have received a discount on my services because businesses are now catering to the Hispanics. Black folks are not getting a discount. ‘White’ folks, you don’t need a discount but if you did, you’re not getting one because it’s only for Hispanics. Sweet, ain’t it?

Anything that can crawl, slither and wash up on the shores of America is met with open arms while those who have struggled all their lives to live decently and to take care of their families are being shut out because America welcomes and opens her arms for those who have not paid their dues but are rewarded with our tax dollars while we languish in homeless shelters, underneath bridges, in tunnels and in boxes. Those of us who have paid our dues are paying higher prices for internet, cable and telephone services so that those who come here and who cannot even speak the language can receive a discount and who also get free interpreter services.

So, do not expect me to gather with those who are the target of Trump’s immigration policies and initiate a group hug because it is never going to happen. I am to this day, fighting for funding to assist disabled people out of shelters and into homes. I am fighting to re-open stores that once catered to low-income people but were shuttered thanks to gentrification and I don’t have a phone number or a web address to contact to get assistance with doing this because those who I am attempting to help are not Muslim refugees! As far as I am concerned, they can just cry me a river and head back from whence they came and don’t even bother suggesting that I do likewise because goddamn it, I was born here and I speak English, albeit colorfully, but extremely well! And what Trump is doing, I am loving it!

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Immigration Ban And Why I’m Loving It!

  1. These “young men” are simply unfortunate to be sentenced and convicted under a new administration, they will surely be made an example of. Under Obomber, they would have gotten off easy, “boys will be boys” admonishment, possibly community service with time served.
    Life imprisonment SMH… that’s harsh, but like Trump said, “America for Americans first”!


    1. 1EarthUnited, these ‘young men’ should never have been allowed over here in the first place and they would not be sitting somewhere in a prison cell held on charges for being terrorists. If America is bombing their country, that’s not my problem because I am not bombing a goddamn thing and I should not have to worry about a suicide bomber blowing my ass up because they’re pissed at America’s warmongers.

      As I said, these ungrateful ingrates come over here and lap up everything that our government hands to them and then turn right around and attempt to bomb us, but that’s the thanks we get for bringing their asses over here. It ain’t Obombo and Bush that’s got to worry about being seated next to one of these psychos who are all up on our tax dollars and still ain’t satisfied, it’s us that’s got to deal with them and in Minnesota, they are treated like royalty and this is the thanks we get while the Indians, indigenous to America and descendants of slaves are homeless, these ‘refugees’ are given carte blanche and it is not right. People who have paid taxes in this shithole are thrown under the bus while these shits are given everything.

      One of those bastards was actually bragging to another one about how he had wrecked five cars and he was about to be given another car, GIVEN another car, not work and save up for another car. They are given everything while having contributed nothing. I am damn tired of it and it’s not just Somalis that are benefitting, every last one that immigrates over here steps right over us and thrives while we are struggling and in survival mode.

      When I went back to my hometown in 2011, I rode past the company I used to work for in the 90s only to see no Black employees standing out front and only a few whites because the majority of employees were from India. Those people from India have taken over my little small hometown and back in the day, you never saw not one of those goddamn Hindus and now they have taken over the town right along with the Mexicans. The only Mexicans I saw when I was growing up were the ones who were bussed in to help in the fields and they were bussed right back out again. Now, the town is crawling with ’em. This shit pisses me off to no end and I will not jump on the “All immigrants are welcome” bandwagon. Not going to happen.

      I thank you for your comment.


  2. Shelby I can always count on you to keep it real and in proper perspective.. I for one have never sympathized with Muslims because historically, they have no love for black people..

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    1. Thank you Nido! And you are right! They have NO love for us! The Somalis act like they are better than we are and yet, they’re sitting somewhere speaking French and every damn thing else while looking askance at us. Their blood is just as polluted as ours is but they act like their shit don’t stink. Somalis hate descendants of slaves. One tried to step in front of me at a store one day and I turned around and cussed that big head motherfucker up one side and down the other. They all got those big goddamn puss heads but think they’re better than us. I am so glad that shit ain’t here where I live now and if they came running down here, the Black folks wouldn’t put up with that hoity toity la de da bullshit and that’s for damn sure.

      But it’s bad enough we’ve got so many Mexicans walking around acting like they can’t speak English and one had the nerve to try and saddle up to me the other day, he understood cussing and that’s for damn sure! He’ll never pull a machete out on my ass because those nasty bastards will chop you up in no time flat. They’ve fucking taken over and I know most of ’em are illegal because they’re all cleaning up and doing odd jobs; work that don’t entail the need for a tax form to be filled out. They can all just get ta steppin’! Muslims, Mexicans and anybody else that wasn’t born here in the last ten years.

      Nido, I sincerely thank you for the compliment on this one. It is much appreciated!


  3. My main frustration over the immigration issue is the total lack of transparency about the real players who are driving it – unscrupulous employers who pay them subminimum wage and force them to work in hazardous working conditions.

    These assholes need to be prosecuted – that would end the immigration crisis real quick. Instead they simply sit back (including Trump who has a history of exploiting Polish immigrants) and allow all the handwringing liberals to provide cover for them.


    1. That is true Dr. Bramhall. Because a woman I knew in Minnesota bought a car from some roadside car dealership and the car had been in multiple wrecks prior to her purchasing it and when she took the car back for yet another repair, the owner of this dilapidated ‘dealership’ told her that INS had just come in and hauled his mechanic away stating that they were deporting him back to Honduras. It is a sure ass bet that he has left Honduras and is even now, fixing fucked up cars on that lot in Minnesota and the owner does not have to pay taxes on his ’employment’.

      But this goes back to prove that the ‘whites’ who scream up and down about illegal immigrants are themselves responsible for them being here because if they did not hire them ‘under the table’, they would not remain here because they would be jobless and thus, homeless.

      Several years ago, Chipotle was in the news for having illegals make up over half Chipotle’s workforce. Seven hundred workers out of twelve hundred were undocumented workers and Chipotle didn’t know this? At least that was what was claimed. The same held true for a Smithfield Meat Packing Plant. The truth of the matter is that jobs are being given to these illegals because it is much better for the company bottom line to not pay them a living wage or benefits.

      The problem is being perpetuated by these companies and yes they should be held accountable and the owners should be jailed for their role in all of this. On that, I do agree with you.

      Thank you for your comment.


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