The Myth of Chicago

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Whispers of a Womanist

We have heard horror stories about Chicago. From news stories of children dying in the street, to Spike Lee’s Chiraq which depicts the chaotic ignorance that clouds its city streets. The media depicts Chicago as they once depicted Harlem, Brooklyn, and Washington DC—crime infested and in desperate need of government intervention.

I visited Chicago two and a half years ago on a day trip. While there, I had possibly the greatest meal of my life and met warm-hearted individuals who looked a lot like my loved ones. I not only made it home alive, but left with a much lighter heart. According to the reports, I should have been killed or at least mortally wounded- I was not. What I will say I noticed about pre-gentrified Washington, DC, Brooklyn, Harlem is abandoned property, most once promised businesses that have since closed down. Interestingly, much of this abandoned property because costly…

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7 thoughts on “The Myth of Chicago

  1. My mom and I took a trip to Chicago too and never felt unsafe. I mean we rode the train almost every day + night and walked back to our hotel from the station one night as well. My friend who lives in a suburb took us down to the southside and even then, I wasn’t fearful. You can get shot, robbed or into trouble anywhere! Even by the good ole boys in blue if you have Black skin. I think white people are just afraid of a lot of Black people in one area. Could it be because they get a tiny taste of what it feels like to be the unwelcome outcast?

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    1. That is true Kelley. The fact of the matter is that the ‘whites’ want Chicago completely gentrified just like Washington, D.C. They want to push us to the outer limits of this goddamn country; preferably underground since they are busy hiring skinheads in every police department. And now Trump wants to bring in the feds to control what is going down in Chicago.

      Half the problem in Chicago is abject poverty and the other half of the problem is the KKK police force which equates to systemic racism. In every city that has any sort of Black population, the ‘whites’ have decided that Black people are nothing more than thugs who should be put down. It really boils down to real estate deals and real estate investors who see a big opportunity in building high price dwellings for wealthy whites and to get the Black people out of the way, they’ve got to press upon everyone that Chicago and other cities are getting a bad rep because of all those ‘real bad Black folks’. They fucking know why what is going down in Chicago is going down because they set that shit in motion. It is all part of the plan to gentrify the hell out of wherever they want to live next and to hell with us because as we all know, they want us ALL dead.

      I have seen numerous blogs that depict pictures of a great time to be had in Chicago and these were blogs from whites who went to Chicago and didn’t get a bullet up their ass. I’ve been through Chicago multiple times since I lived in the Midwest and I am still here to tell about it and no one has of yet, dug a bullet out of my ass. They are trying that same thing with where I live now, saying how off the chain Baltimore is. They go on and on about the murder rate but never talk to people who go about their daily lives never having been shot at or robbed. I know that I’ve only been here for a short time but when I lived here previously, the murder rate was over 300 and I walked the streets at all hours of the night, drunk as a lord, coming from the bar and never was I accosted.

      I get sick and damn tired of the whites continuously focusing on some crime charts and that’s all they focus on and never focus on the many pluses of these cities and there are more pluses than minuses. But that is their agenda so that when they take the city over, they can list that shit as the reason why. We have got to fight back against that shit and here, I am trying to do just that! And I will continue!

      Kelley, I thank you much for that spot on comment. It is as right as rain.

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      1. That makes perfect sense, what you said about collecting the ammo they use as defense to why they gentrify! It’s also a way to discourage people from visiting and people that may see for themselves that it’s not as bad as the news glorifies. Certain neighborhoods here (Atlanta metro) only make the news when someone gets shot, but you drive through yourself and see a brand new build and a white woman walking her dog in a stroller and you know something’s fishy.

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      2. Well, they did not deter me and if I want to visit Chicago, I will. My hair stylist when I was in Minnesota was from Chicago and she talked about what a great time her mother had until she passed away and how she only drove up and down State Street as that is what she was familiar with. And where she lived was perceived as a ‘bad’ section but she managed to drive from her neighborhood to State Street and she did not die from bullet wounds but from old age.

        This summer, we will be opening our first store that was previously shuttered to make way for gentrification and we are also in the process of rehabbing houses for the disabled. As soon as things are well along, I will post pictures of our achievements. We are not going down without a fight! So, do not be disheartened as many of us are attempting to do for ourselves. And who knows, it may just catch on. Stay tuned.

        And thanks Kelley!

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