Not for sale (by Y. Shabazz)

This is beautiful and deep!

Thank you!

Words & images need not be packaged neatly

Started off as a king
Found in future times
Being dragged behind
What momma nem hands wrought
By who papa nem soul fought
And now there’s love
conditional love
or so they say
If the black that papa held
a conditional death
you must kill the black
the black must die they say
just like papa died
then and only then
will doors be open
even if slightly
and you will inhale
and feel redeemed
then they
then we
will make mockery of your foolish sacrifice
your gesture
your hope
and your attempt to kill
what mama and papa nem found
in past times
a beauty in the darkness
of flesh
of soul
of spirit
of Black
mama and papa strong though
they held what you sell
all while
being dragged behind
they kept the Black
they kept the soul
and the spirit
pride intact
soul enriched
and defined
beautiful they…

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