Out With the Black in with the White

Something else to ponder.

Great write C.C. and so very true!

Whispers of a Womanist

Black history month began with a number of events that hardly complimented the black collective.Notably, black female journalist Tamron Hall departed from MSNBC after the network’s cancellation of her show “Today’s Talk.” Her removal from the 9am slot, occurred to allot for Megyn Kelly’s upcoming show. Hall’s departure seems eerily harmonious with the “cleaning out” process seen in various modes within western culture, where black bodies are cast aside to make way for white replacements.

To be honest, I only recently became privy to Tamron Hall. Tamron Hall— black, beautiful and bold was a breath of fresh air in journalism. In watching her interviews, Hall embodied firmness, assertion and professionalism. I admired how she always maintained control over her interviews, never allowing her purpose to become lost in deflection or propaganda. Hall demonstrated skill, but perhaps most impressively she was always a lady. Her presence on television afforded the black…

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2 thoughts on “Out With the Black in with the White

    1. Oh, don’t worry about her, she’s the bed wench for a ‘white’ man, one twenty years older than her and so long as she performs the way he wants her to, she’ll not starve or be homeless.

      Thanks for your comment Nido.


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