Black Oscar Nominations: Talking Points and Tokenism

“White acceptance should not be the goal for blacks”

If you, as a Black person, is seeking acceptance from the ‘whites’, then there is indeed, something extremely wrong with you for why would you seek acceptance and ‘validation’ from that which is hell bent on denigrating and annihilating you?

Whispers of a Womanist

Following my post on black beauty, I received a comment that referenced the number of black nominees for the upcoming Oscars. It then became obvious to me that these black nominees surfaced for this very reason—to occupy a point of reference in contemporary conversations about race. Despite racism bearing a persistent presence in western culture, whites and unconscious persons of color intertwine black nominees as a shallow straw man and irrelevant deflection to eschew racial realities. Thus, in examining the contemporary influx of black bodies garnering acknowledgment in the form of white accolades, it becomes obvious that this acknowledgment occurs out of strategy, not generosity. This strategy is not to celebrate blackness, but to celebrate whiteness through black bodies.

Contemporary society gloats of its abundant and diverse portrayals yet all contemporary portrayals function to validate myths surrounding blackness. Moonlight, for example follows a young black male’s journey from outcast to…

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4 thoughts on “Black Oscar Nominations: Talking Points and Tokenism

  1. In my practice in Seattle, I worked with a number of African American clients struggling with a profound need for white acceptance. Most of them were able to give this up – but it was very hard and painful work. Mainly because their families had brought them up to strive for white acceptance.


    1. I can believe that! Even in my family, this is a problem. My mother is so two-faced, it’s unreal. She has one voice for when she’s talking to Black folks and she has another voice for when she’s talking to whites and I told her that I was tempted to pick up the phone one day and dial one of those white people she talks to so eloquently just so they could hear the real her when she’s talking to us. Her goddamn eyeball rolled so damn much, it practically leaped from its socket. She thinks that if she wears certain clothes, speaks a certain way, she’ll be accepted by them. Ain’t happening and she’s just found that out. Finally! Good for her.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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