Cold And Homeless!


Alone I sit, so deeply in thought,
but not thinking of the things that I never bought.
I have no money, nor a place to lay my head.
I did have a roof and a nice, warm bed.
But it was all taken away when I lost my job,
And the guy before me, his name was Bob.
He got axed first and I thought that they were done
but they were just getting started, putting us out one by one.

They said if I worked hard, I could have the American dream
and now all I want to do is throw my head back and scream.
I want to scream for all the kids who were told to go to school;
amass a fortune in loans and don’t be a drop-out fool.
 But I did all that; went to school and paid my dues,
only to see it all gone as I sit here drinking booze.

I see you looking down on me as though it’s my own fault,
and into my wounds, you go and pour the salt.
 You don’t understand, they ain’t finished with us yet.
I had a pension and a savings and it’s gone just like that.
I tried working at McDonalds but they’ve automated things.
We’re as helpless as a bird that can’t fly with broken wings.
They don’t need us anymore, we’re a drain on the bottom line,
and that’s why I’m cold and homeless and sipping on cheap wine.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

When I first started blogging, I blogged extensively on homelessness. It is an issue that pulled me in and yet, I’ve not written about the plight of the homeless in quite sometime. It is not because I don’t think of them because I do. We are in the process of seeking funding to rehab more homes for the homeless because we know that homeless shelters are not the answer. The sad fact is that big developers buy up properties for pennies on the dollar since these become nothing more than investments to them where they can make the most profit. They care not for those who are homeless through no fault of their own. It is people like us; everyday people who are out in the trenches doing what we can; working with what we have. I have often said, “Why is it that those who have the money are most often those who lack empathy?” But be that as it may, we are not going to stop trying to house people who need a home. I joined an organization that I thought was all about helping the homeless into housing, but they mostly talk.

Talking never gets anything done and so I am thinking of branching off on my own. I have a few ideas that are bouncing around in my head because I am determined to start my own organization because here, just like everywhere, there is much need. I pass by a homeless tent city many days and it is located right on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd and yet, we take a day to honor a man who stood for the poor and downtrodden and yet we can know that there are people living in tents on a street named after him and think nothing of it. This is just mindboggling, to say the least. But this just makes me more determined than ever to DO something as opposed to just talking about it. I can but try because things are going to get much worse and we cannot afford to wait because people are dying for lack of a home. Think about that. Who will be next? The job outlook for the future is dim. Robots are replacing humans. Kiosks are replacing humans and these things are not just happening in fast food restaurants, but also on assembly lines. Our vehicles will soon be made solely by machines and so will many other things leaving humans where? Out on the streets, that’s where. And if you think your job cannot be done by a robot or by a kiosk, keep thinking that. Meanwhile, I shall be trying to figure out how to house you when you get your pink slip. We shall soon BE the homeless! The writing is on the wall.

12 thoughts on “Cold And Homeless!

  1. Superb post, it’s terrifying the rise in homeless over the past thirty years and all the more for how much it’s speeded up recently. So little thought is given to the lost out there, so little help too. I thought your Valentine’s post of 2014 was so touching and true, this one is just as much.

    – esme shaking Shelby’s hand upon the Cloud

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    • Esme upon the Cloud, thank you for that most wonderful compliment on this one and the Valentine’s post. It is indeed, terrifying; the sheer magnitude of the homelessness epidemic and it is an epidemic. Rents are skyrocketing and many people are paying over fifty percent of their income on housing and are food insecure as a result of this. And with automation coming down the pike, this will add insult to injury. We need to get clued in that things aren’t looking well for us and try and find a way to come together despite our differences and look to taking care of each other. Because when all is said and done, no CEO cares about us and so it is up to us to step up to the plate. I am going to do my best, to be sure!

      And so again, I sincerely thank you for your comment and compliment on this one. I extend my hand to you, Esme! Bless your heart!

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    • Thank you Peter! I am touched and humbled by your comment. I want you to know that this poem was born thanks to a comment of yours on another post. So, take a bow, my good man! I hope I did you proud with this one. You were my inspiration!

      And you are so right, many of us are just a paycheck or even a medical emergency away from homelessness. It has been said that millions of Americans cannot even come up with $500.00 for an emergency. And so many have maxed out credit cards for emergencies. There is a real need for people who have empathy to step up to the plate, I can only hope that I have enough to matter and to make a difference.

      So, Peter, again, I thank you!

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  2. Unbelievably we have homeless women here in New Plymouth (population 55,000) and there isn’t a single shelter for them. Homeless men have a shelter themselves. Women with children turn them over to relatives and simply walk the streets all night. If they keep the keeps with them, they get taken by Child Protective Services.

    I hope to be a Green Party candidate for Parliament this year and this is a number one issue for our party.

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    • Dr. Bramhall, that is most horrifyingly sad! It really is to know that there are no shelters for women and women with children. What is wrong over there? I mean, I do realize that shelters are not the answer, but should be available as a temporary stopgap measure while trying to find permanent affordable housing for those in need.

      And how in the world can they justifiably take their children away from them knowing that there are no shelters for homeless women and children to go in to? It is like a set-up. I certainly do hope that you are elected to Parliament and that you will get right on this as the situation is dire and extremely urgent. For the love of !!!!!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


      • I hate to disappoint you, Shelby, but I’m not going to get elected to Parliament. I simply don’t have the public profile. The good news is I will get invited to lots of candidate forums to speak about what needs to be fixed in the community – and a lot of it will be repeated in the newspaper and on social media.

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      • Well, a body can hope, can’t it? I was so hoping that you were going to win a seat in Parliament but I will certainly take the good news of your voice on every platform available seeing as how you are empathetic to the needs of the most disadvantaged people and you’ve certainly a rather extensive history on adolescent psychology and so forth and so what you do say, should carry weight.

        We’re all pulling for you Dr. Bramhall. Go get ’em!


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