Runaway Slaves and Racial Regression

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Whispers of a Womanist

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late and great Michael Jackson, recently made headlines for publicly declaring her blackness. Jackson’s declaration undoubtedly caused many to reread her statement in disbelief and brought others to a jilted laughter. However, Jackson’s admission presents an interesting duality with regards to blackness and identity. For one, Jackson’s declaration functions to discount whispers of Michael Jackson’s presumed self-hatred, as raising his children in his non-altered image most likely proves surprising to most, if not all who knew the superstar only through the veil of white media. Conversely, actor Taye Diggs, who has a son with his white ex-wife, references his child as “mixed” not black. This labeling indisputable consummates Diggs’ personal desire to escape his chocolate state and ultimately not pass this “curse” onto his child. This dynamic does not limit itself to Diggs but presents itself in every black person that breaks their identity…

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5 thoughts on “Runaway Slaves and Racial Regression

    1. Well, I am glad that she is comfortable with who she is. The problem with being Black is that we have been forced to have been identified by others and now, we don’t know who we are. My birth certificate originally stated that I am ‘colored’, but I lost that one and had to order another one. When that one arrived, there is no longer an ethnicity box. There is no clue as to what ‘label’ I was ever given. The original birth certificate that I had even had my mother’s profession and my father’s profession on it and where they were born. The new one is so generic as to be almost useless in identifying me. According to my ‘new’ birth certificate, I can just pick an ethnicity, nationality and run with it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It just has my name at time of birth, place of birth and mother’s maiden name and father’s name and that’s it. The original birth certificate had enough information about me to fill an entire page including the name of the doctor who attended my birth.

      My cousin ordered him a new birth certificate and his is even worse than mine. He would be hard pressed to tell you who his mother is as there are three different women listed as mother, informant, and some other unidentifiable female name listed. How in the world can birth certificates be what defines us as citizens when the information on them changes every time we order a new one? It makes no sense. The only thing I can say for sure about myself is that I am an American and I can only state that with a certainty because I’m pretty sure I was born here. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess. Lord have mercy!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


    1. Well of course, here in the United States, Islam is perceived as a very, very bad religion and those who follow it are very, very bad people when in fact, Christianity has bred nothing but wars, wars and wars and certainly has nothing to say for itself. I don’t practice any religion. I am just an empathetic human being who tries not to be the problem, but rather, the solution.

      Ytaca, I thank you kindly for your comment.


      1. Don’t forget malcom x,I thing religions jewdism and Christian and islam all of them invite worship one God,important point what is benefits of religions with out manners I think nothing.


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