America’s unspeakable problem: Whites Speaking on ‘African-American’s Crime Rates


stolen from Africa

I was reading a post of a fellow blogger that I follow and this caption caught my eye:

America’s unspeakable problem: African-American’s crime rates

Breitbart is not the kind of news service I rely on, but occasionally even a blind squirrel finds a nut, as in this Nov 2015 story by Jerome Hudson: “5 Devastating Facts About Black-on-Black Crime“.

“In 2012, white males were 38% of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6% of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders. In other words: black people -– at just a fifth of the size — committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white counterparts.

“The figures above highlight a horrific truth that black racialists and white liberals routinely ignore: Lawbreaking black Americans, young black males particularly, put themselves in close proximity to (mostly white male) police officers at rates sometimes five to 10 times higher than whites.

So yeah, I am going to go to Breitbart when I want fair and balanced reporting especially when that reporting is on descendants of slaves in America.

First of all, right out of the gate, you are wrong because an African-American is an African who immigrated to America, took a Naturalization test and gained his citizenship. Voila! African-American. That is not us. We are not African-Americans. I was not born in Africa and immigrated to America, took a Naturalization test and gained my American citizenship and so then why are we the only generally hyphenated group in America? I guess that is on us as well.

The writer went on to state, in essence, that Black males are literally throwing themselves at the police and so that is why we have so many police involved killings of Black men. No! This is why we have so many police involved killings of Black men.

Texas Officers Fired for Membership in KKK

Two law enforcement officers in Williamson County, Texas, have been fired after it was discovered they were members of the Ku Klux Klan.

County Sheriff John Maspero said there was no evidence the two men, Deputy David Gay, 45, and Sgt. Greg Palm, 29, had committed any acts of discrimination or failed to perform their duties, but said membership in the notorious hate group was sufficient reason to dismiss them.

Officials said they found out the two men belonged to the Klan after they approached another officer and asked him to join.

 He stopped just short of saying that ALL Black men have some sort of ‘crime’ gene in them that renders them incapable of civilized behavior and that the gene they carry needs to be isolated and destroyed so as they can go peacefully about their business and stop murdering one another or throwing themselves at the police who are members of the KKK.  And I am quite sure that the two law enforcement officers in the above block quote are the only ones. Yeah! I’m that delusional. But apparently whites don’t have this gene as they are not murdering other whites at the same rate that Black men are murdering other Black men, they just sign up as KKK members and then join the police force. The editor of this ‘America’s Unspeakable Problem’ post did not say a goddamn thing about the whites who have gone all across this country lynching, shooting and dragging Black men to their deaths because that just ain’t crime right there. That’s justifiable, don’t you know. I fucking swear, my head is going to explode over the sheer outrageous bullshit that appears on my reader.

I went on to post another comment and it reads as follows:

Crime is the result of an ignored problem and the problem in this case is unmitigated poverty, gentrification, homelessness and drug addiction. I live in one of the cities that has been designated a high crime city with a yearly murder rate of over 300.

You go to Breitbart, one of the most right-leaning websites to post your statistics and then try and pretend that you’ve reported on this issue, unbiased when you have not. I can cite statistics from a website that will counter yours and then you can likewise find another website similar to Breitbart to attempt to refute my statistics, meanwhile what does this do for the problem of crime, period? And it is the whites who are always clamoring for lax gun laws and who are shooting each other even at the gun range and who are also the number one killers of each other while cleaning guns or keeping their guns in reach of young children.

Let’s take a look at something.

5 Facts That Shatter the Myth of ‘Black-on-Black’ Crime

Here are 5 facts that prove white-on-white crime is actually the real problem, and that anyone trying to make “black-on-black crime” a major issue is just a racist looking for positive reinforcement of their prejudiced worldview.

1. 84 percent of white murder victims were white

2. Whites kill more whites than black people kill each other

In 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, 2,630 white people killed 3,172 white people, according to FBI homicide statistics. When comparing that to the black population, in which 2,447 African-Americans murdered 2,695 of their own, white-on-white murder is clearly the bigger issue.

. White people commit more crimes than any other race

4. White people kill more members of vulnerable populations than any other race

5. Gang murders are most common among white gangs
While a lot of attention has been given to the gang-related homicides in Chicago’s predominantly-black South side, very little press has been devoted to covering the epidemic of white-on-white gangland murders. As the above chart demonstrates, the majority of gang-related homicides are committed by white people (53.3 percent white, 42.2 percent black), and the majority of white gang murder victims are also white (56.5 percent white, 40 percent black). Have this fact handy the next time someone bemoans “black-on-black” gang violence.


Yeah, so have these figures handy the next time you want to mouth off about ‘America’s unspeakable problem….’

You conveniently neglect to mention how violent whites are but their crime statistics are not reported because of who controls the reporting and because the agenda is to make Black people out to be the worst folks breathing while whites always get a free pass. Not on my watch, you don’t! Whites are killing whites, and how, but you didn’t bother to go on and on about that because that’s not something that anyone wants bandied about because let us just focus on the REAL BAD BLACK FOLKS killing each other. I will certainly be blogging about this post, count on it!

And even after I posted this, the situation only deteriorated, just as I thought.

Editor of the Fabius Maximus website Post author

15 February 2017 at 9:22 am


(1) “the problem in this case is unmitigated poverty, gentrification, homelessness and drug addiction.”

All of those factors are real. But African-Americans have far higher crime rates than other races even controlling for that.

(2) “pretend that you’ve reported on this issue, unbiased ”

No, I said exctly the opposite.

(3) ” I can cite statistics from a website that will counter yours and then you”

I look forward to you doing so. I doubt that you can. The numbers you cite ignore the point shown here. We’re talking about rates of violence. Numbers of crimes per thousand, or relative rates of crime between races. You are looking at absolute numbers, which tell us only that African-Americans are only a tenth of the population. Violent crime rates are what matter inside a community, not the aggregate number of crimes in the nation.

(4) “Gang murders are most common among white gangs”

We’re looking at overall violent crime rates. Parsing those into the many specific kinds of violent crimes is irrelevant to the large point made here, although it is important when taking specific public policy actions to address crime.

See what I mean? “No Shelby, we are looking at ‘overall violent crime rates’.” No, he is not. He is talking about crime rates as it pertains to inner cities that are supposedly committed by ‘African-Americans and since African-Americans are those Africans who willingly rowed up to the shores of America and got processed, then he cannot be speaking of descendants of African slaves, but if he was to be speaking of descendants of African slaves, has he forgotten THE reason we are over here? I even addressed that and it was tossed out like yesterday’s garbage as inconsequential to the situation at hand of out-of-control rampaging male descendants of slaves revolting and attempting to overthrow their white oppressors. Ain’t that just the end of enough? How dare all those ‘Nat Turners’ be out and about just attempting to gain their freedom from their oppressors who just sit somewhere pontificating over why there is so much crime among descendants of slaves.

Goddamn it! We would not be here if your ancestors had not been some of the most lazy ass, good for nothings who had no work ethic whatsoever and so went in search of free labor to build up a stolen land. Must I continuously give a history lesson?Print that! Pontificate over that! Be judgmental about that! Go find that on Breitbart, I fucking dare you! But you won’t do that because that is just not your agenda. Your agenda is to attempt to show everyone that there is just something inherently criminal in Black males and so why the police are killing them is no mystery to you. The police are just doing what medical science refuses to do, eradicate the bad gene that must be what is causing the male descendants of slaves to go rogue! Fuck that and you! I am sick to shit of this type of tripe that does nothing but place the blame for what ails Black communities on Black communities and not on where it belongs, whitey white ass!

And once again, for the motherfuckers out there who are dumb as all hell, we would not be here for you to wonder at your leisure over our so-called crime rates if your ancestors had not dragged ours over here. But that is something that you just want overlooked because though you may think yourselves blameless, you are SO not! We don’t want to have to deal with you any more than you want to deal with us! But yet, you want to pretend as if your shit don’t stink. Well goddamn it, it reeks to the stars and back! Your shit is a funky ass, filthy vile and malodorous stench and so accept it because it’s yours! Goddamn it! Your shit ain’t on us, it’s on you! You own this! Yeah! Fucking begin with why the fuck we are here! And then come talk to me!

Lastly, what the fuck are you worried about? We’re fucking not shooting you. Your own goddamn kind is killing you, so worry about your white buddy that lives down the street from you, going the fuck off because he lost his job or he just got back from Afghanistan and can’t distinguish the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’. He’s more likely to bust a cap all up in your ass. That’s what you pontificate and worry about, you racist son of a bitch!

27 thoughts on “America’s unspeakable problem: Whites Speaking on ‘African-American’s Crime Rates

  1. Shelby –

    I might recommend that you not waste your time with Fabious. I have yet to see where he was ever interested in well-reasoned discussion as opposed to pursuing an ideological agenda.

    Have you seen 13th?


    1. I most certainly will follow your recommendation. The only reason I ‘followed’ that site in the first place is because the site posted a comment here eons ago and this post that I took exception to happen to appear on my reader. I don’t generally get into heated arguments with others on their blogs but this just took the cake.

      I sincerely appreciate your comment but I am not understanding about the ’13th’.


      1. Hi Shelby –

        “13th” is a documentary movie that’s been making the rounds recently. It does a fairly nice job of showing why simplistic analyses often seen regarding the interrelationship between race and crime are effectively confirmation bias for prejudiced perspectives.

        It’s on Netflix.

        It isn’t perfect, but it gives a nice overview of some of the relevant issues, and in particular I like that it touches on the work of Michelle Alexander:


      2. Thank you Joshua. You have certainly provided me with much food for thought. I am an avid reader and so I shall hop to it. I have some books already on my shelf awaiting my pleasure. But I shall surely take the time to follow through on all the material that you have posted. Again, thank you!


    1. Thank you SO very much for the re-blog Prole Center! As you can see, I am having none of it! Black people get blamed for breathing in America and we get some whites sitting somewhere pontificating over our supposed crime rate while calling us ‘African-Americans’ which we are NOT as I have so clearly proven in this post.

      These racists would not be sitting somewhere on their pink asses debating a goddamn thing about us if we had been left the hell alone in Africa. Regardless of what anyone says about how descendants of slaves came to be in America, the Africans in Africa did not in any way, shape or form, row our ancestors up to the shores of this stolen country and drop us the fuck off, saying “Thank you for taking these slaves off our hands! Now back to Africa, we go!” That is not on the Africans no matter how many times the story’s told to put the blame squarely on the Africans while leaving whitey pink ass out of the fucked up mix! The shit stops here!

      We would not be in inner cities all fucked up and having the audacity to not like it if, AGAIN, we had been left the fuck alone. But if pink asses cannot continue to abuse us through slavery, then we must be pushed out of our homes through gentrification and kept poverty stricken so that they can sit on their pink asses and point fingers at us. If they have nothing better to do with their time than to figure out why we engage in criminal behavior, then they can figure out why whitey pink asses are causing chaos, bedlam and pandemonium, world wide. Who the hell is shit stirring in every country on this planet? News flash, it ain’t us. Who developed atomic bombs and then proceeded to use them on the Japanese and on other innocent islanders? It wasn’t us. Who the hell is destroying the rainforests looking for oil? It ain’t us. Who the hell has been screaming and hollering about a ‘master race’ and has been hell bent on annihilating other groups to the point that wars were started? It wasn’t us. But those aren’t crimes. Like hell, they’re not. But if Black folks are having problems in inner cities, why that right there is THE most criminal shit and should be dissected and some mo shit! Meanwhile, disregard the reasons why these people are even here in the first place and why they are doing so poorly.

      Yes, indeed! I am sick to pieces of this damn shit! And I will continue to call it out when I see it! They know why what’s going down is going down. It was all planned and don’t we ALL fucking know it!

      Again, I thank you for the re-blog of this one. It is much appreciated!


      1. Thank YOU Prole Center! And as you can see, I always attempt to give better than I get! When I get pissed off, there ain’t no stopping me. I don’t even know why people bother to even try!


  2. You would stand a better chance of winning a tug of war match against a herd of elephants. No matter how much you debate back and forth with whites, your words will get no further than the ceiling


      1. And here too, I think that the characteristics that you describe are not directly attributable to level of pigmentation. There is certainly some level of correlation there (privilege tends to breed arrogance and whites can afford to be ignorant of others whereas non-whites can’t do so as easily), but if I read you right, you’re suggesting a causality that I think isn’t accurate.


    1. OK,

      I will respond to that by saying that, IMO, it is certainly painting with a broad brush.

      I would certainly agree that with whites like the author of the article Shelby responded to, debate is pointless, (not just on issues related to race, btw), except as an exercise to learn more about their flawed thinking processes.


    2. I don’t give a good goddamn about winning a tug of war! They are not going to continue to get their despicable lies out and I not at least put their vile ass shit out, front and center. If I blow a goddamn gasket while doing so, I fucking blow, but goddamn it if I am going to let these racist heathens put their shit out there especially when it’s scrolling up and down on my motherfucking reader.

      Why don’t they fucking look for statistics that point to the criminals THEY are? The very definition of criminal is WHITEY WHITE ASS! There can’t be no more of a criminal than those who have done their damn best to destroy this planet for everyone. We know they don’t care about their own ass because why would you fuck up the planet you live on? But these debased creatures are destroying this world for all the rest of us, but who is going on and on about that? Certainly not the motherfucker that’s causing every goddamn body’s demise, including their own. How sick is that shit? And they want to talk about the criminal behavior of African-Americans? For real? They better get the fuck outta my face with that bullshit!

      No other group on this planet is more criminal than those pink-assed Europeans. No other group! And the pink-assed shits that are crawling and slithering around over here are spawns of that shit over in Europe. They are one and the same. The only reason they fled Europe was because the greedy bastards wanted to keep more money and so was sick of paying taxes. Look at how many ways they’ve figured out how to avoid paying taxes; tax havens every goddamn where. But let my Black ass owe $2.00 and I’m sitting in jail for tax evasion while they get off scot-free. Look at what happened in 2008 when those worthless criminals caused a financial crash. They fucking got bailed out with our money and never did see a day behind bars. Who the fuck is behind the drug running. It fucking ain’t us! We don’t own a goddamn plane or a ship to bring that shit in from Afghanistan and Columbia and elsewhere. But what they do ain’t criminal because who makes the goddamn laws? Those goddamn nasty, vile and worthless worms. But yet, some pink shit wants to point the finger at ‘African-American’ crime when he fucking can’t even get it straight that we ain’t ‘African-Americans’. He better tell it to the Africans who rowed their goddamn selves over here just a begging to become citizens. That ain’t us, goddamn it!

      And if anybody’s got a problem with my language, get the fuck over I! Or move the hell along.

      But Nido, you should know that there ain’t no way I am going to let this shit slide! They write the script as it is, but I’ll be damned if it’s going to be the only script out there!

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      1. I understand perfectly where you’re coming from. The point I was trying to bring across was that the truth to these reprobate bastards as like sunlight of vampires, they always try to shift the blame and deflect and paint everyone else with a dirty brush like they’re so holy and righteous.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I see your point Nido and of course, I’ll not change his fucked up mind but still, I cannot let that slide. I am going to post their vile shit because why do you think whitey pink ass always re-writes history? It is because they cannot stand the vile ‘in your face’ shit they do. They like to hide behind some shit like, “Happy Slave Bakes Birthday Cake For President!” Who the fuck thinks a goddamn slave was happily baking a fucking cake for his ‘owner’?

        I wish to piss I had been baking that goddamn cake, George Washington would have been a piss drinking, shit eating, snot eating motherfucker! That cake would have had all kinds of shit in it; from the field hands shit to baby shit! But even then, I wouldn’t have been happy to fucking bake it.

        And look at how McGraw-Hill textbook publisher was printing in textbooks that Black people came here as immigrants alongside the Irish and others and not as slaves. We did NOT fucking immigrate here. Our ancestors were dragged here, just a kicking and screaming while being raped, lashed, whipped and in chains. That ain’t fucking immigrating! And the only reason that shit was canceled out is because someone saw it, took exception to it and only then was it a case of “Stop the goddamn presses!” You have no idea what difference you are making when you post the truth out there. Other people read this blog from all countries, not just the brain dead racists here! And I want the world to know what is really going on here when this shithole attempts to smother the shit it does to us. And I will continue to counter the lies they tell with the truth, so fucking help me!


      3. Yes I saw that McGraw Hill text book. I have some somewhere in my room from primary school that’s gathering dust. I goats get rid of them

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  3. What your Breitbart friend is overlooking is all the people white corporatists murder by denying them access to adequate food, housing and medical care and by poisoning their food, water and air with toxic chemicals. To say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of people who die yearly from the effects of climate change – thanks to the concerted efforts of the fossil fuel industry over the last 20 years to obstruct a binding international treaty to reduce carbon emissions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, Dr. Bramhall! But you see, that ain’t criminal, that’s just business as usual. It’s a difference you see. They post those big goddamn words to try and sound so damn educated all the while being full of pure, unadulterated shit! I don’t give a damn for their big, fancy words. What I give a damn about is the fact that what’s conveniently overlooked is all the REAL crimes that are being committed by those who look just like the piece of shit that had the goddamn nerve to post that tripe and then disregard what anyone had to say that countered it.

      Not having access to adequate food is okay with them. Not having access to housing is okay with them. Not having access to medical care is fine with them as well as poisoning peoples food and water. Those are NOT crimes Dr. Bramhall. Never you say that. Why, whitey pink ass don’t commit crimes, only ‘African-Americans’ do, doncha know!

      Oklahoma is plagued with earthquakes thanks to fracking. Who is that on? But see, that’s fine. Those people are having horrible water problems thanks to all the fracking that’s been going on in that state, but that’s not a crime; to poison peoples water. It is not a crime to force people from their homes by raising rents too high knowing they have no where else to go.

      And that Black assed Eric Holder, formerly of the Justice Department, had the nerve to say that WHITE bankers were just TOO important to jail. He didn’t say they had committed no crimes and so there was no reason to jail them. He said that they were TOO important to jail. What he meant is that he took his orders from them and that he was more likely to find his Black ass in jail than they were.

      America is still in Afghanistan doing what? Protecting the poppy plant, standing guard over some poppy plants that are going to be shipped over here to feed the addictions of Americans and people, worldwide. Who the fuck is doing that? Newsflash! It ain’t descendants of slaves, that’s for damn sure. But we ARE the problem, hell if that’s so! And yet, everyone is wailing and moaning and gnashing their teeth over the opium/heroin epidemic of overdoses. Now, it’s a problem because it is killing whites. But crack in inner cities in the 80s wasn’t a problem. This is whites killing whites now. That ain’t a problem? Because who is seeing to it that those poppy plants make it into America? Whitey white ass, that’s who! That ain’t criminal? But it sure as hell ain’t ‘African-Americans’ that’s killing lily white asses by the thousands by feeding their opium addiction. Or is this what is called, ‘a victim-less crime’? Yeah, right!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.

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  4. Shelby,

    I wonder if you’ve read the book, Dark Alliance by Gary Webb. Mr. Webb was an investigative reporter who broke the story on the CIA dumping crack cocaine in the inner city of LA and elsewhere. It’s not a conspiracy, it is totally documented. I recommend you and your readers check it out if you haven’t already. Here is the link:

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    1. Thank you Prole Center! I will definitely make it my business to read that book. My own sister is dead thanks to the crack epidemic that devastated Black communities. She was the smartest person I ever knew, but she was no match for crack. She died on May 6, 2013 and to this day, I am consumed with rage because I know that crack was introduced to Black folks to destroy them and it did destroy many. But now that heroin and pain meds is killing white folks, it is now time to get the CDC to do studies and some mo shit to come up with a solution to that problem They just cannot have that. Or at least they pretend they can’t have it because who the fuck thinks that those who profit off the drug trade are going to give up that bounty coming in from getting those people high and strung-out?

      I’ve been knowing that the CIA was behind that crack shit; the CIA is responsible for much shit that’s been going down. Our own fucking government has been hell bent on killing us from day one and not a goddamn thing has changed. And just as Joshua pointed out in one of his comments, about the ’13th’, they are using that to enslave us.

      The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

      Yeah! It’s just happenstance and chance and a coincidence that over 2 million mostly Black men and women are incarcerated and are toiling away producing shit for corporations and they’re receiving nothing for what they produce. No one has to pay them for sick days, holidays, personal days or any of that shit and what is a benefit; the benefit of getting tortured, fed shit and raped and given diseases. Oh yeah, they’ll always find a way to enslave us and then blame us for our ills.

      Damn it if I am not going to tell it like it is. They are still getting away with slave labor and calling it “The War on Drugs” when who is bringing the drugs into this country? And how does everyone who wants a gun, obtain one? Yeah! Our fucking name ain’t Smith & Wesson and nor are we producing bombs and missiles to blow up innocent people in other countries for their oil and other natural resources. But that ain’t a goddamn problem cause whitey white ass says it ain’t. It’s just a problem when Black people get tired of their plight and go the fuck off! Fuck their shit! And that’s what we should be doing, fucking their shit up! It ain’t ours. We got no stake in this hellhole so why the fuck should we give a damn about it? I fucking don’t.

      Prole Center, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I am very sorry to hear about your sister. That’s just awful. Everything you say is absolutely true about this country and white folks. I’m white and I take no offense at what you say. The truth is the damn truth.

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      2. Thank you Prole Center, I appreciate your kind words.

        At least you are one of the few whites who refuse to deny the complicity of whites in what is going down in Black communities all across this shithole.

        They initiate the mess and then sit back and blame the victims of their criminal behavior.

        The biggest crime of all is why descendants of slaves are even in AmeriKKKa, but that gets conveniently ignored while some racist drones on and on about ‘African-Americans’ crime rates’ as if descendants of slaves are the only ones who are committing crimes when the biggest criminals, who are white, get a free pass.

        He said not one goddamn word about hate groups that were formed for the sole purpose of fucking us up and have been doing so since slavery, but see, that’s apparently, not a crime. That’s just business as usual. Nothing to see here.

        But let some descendants of slaves act like they don’t appreciate their plight and it’s time to get the statistics out and point out just how goddamn bad ass they are as compared to whites. Seriously??!! To hell with that!

        Earlier when I started blogging, I posted a list that in no way gives even a hint of how much criminal behavior whites have engaged in, the world over and yet, they have the unmitigated gall to point the finger at others when there is no other group of people on this planet as inherently inclined to criminal acts than the whites and I sincerely mean that and history backs me up, no matter how much they try and ‘white wash’ it.

        Again, I sincerely thank you for your comment and for the re-blog of this post.

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