Carlos Santana To Beyoncé: “You Can’t Sing!”



And I’d like to add my voice to Santana’s, “Beyoncé, you can’t sing!”

 “With all respect to our sister Beyonce, Beyonce is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modeling kind of music — music to model a dress — she’s not a singer-singer, with all respect to her,” he[Carlos Santana] said.

According to this article, Santana was congratulating Adele on receiving her Grammy award at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and stating that she really can sing as opposed to Beyoncé kinda sorta mod-singing as opposed to singing.

As far as I am concerned, Carlos Santana has no reason in the world to backtrack or to apologize for his statement because it is true. I admit that I have not listened to much of what Beyoncé has ‘sung’ but it is only because I cannot get through the end of her ‘songs’, she sounds so bad. And what is with all the near naked gyrating? Real singers have no need to continuously bare all or almost bare all if they do indeed, have a natural talent for singing.

Take Whitney Houston, for example. She had no need to bare her body to help her with her singing. Whitney could sing a A capella and I could listen to her all day and night. Who could forget her rendition of “I Will Always Love You?” That song will always move me to tears. Nothing that I have ever heard from Beyoncé moved me to do anything other than to turn that mess off! There is natural talent and then there is the studio produced sound and Beyoncé is nothing more than naked thighs and a studio voice and if she is performing, she is lip syncing would be my guess.

Why is it that everyone is expected to apologize for stating the truth how they see it? The “You need to apologize!” police are all over anyone who says anything they find disagreeable over their established ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’. To hell with that! I will not be politically corrected to pieces for merely stating my mind and my opinion.

I say, “Beyoncé cannot sing!” Now make me apologize for that! The naked harridan cannot sing and why everyone is worshipping and idolizing something that married a piece of dirt that’s rapped for decades about bitches, niggaz and hos, ain’t all that! But then, Jay Z could have been rapping about her AND his daughter AND the two that’s inside Beyoncé’s belly that she just can’t keep covered.

One thing I can say for Adele, at least she has the good grace to conduct herself like a lady and even though I detest the sound of her voice and if I hear ‘Hello!” one goddamn more time, I shall surely scream, she at least garners my respect for being ladylike. Beyoncé, on the other hand, hell no!

7 thoughts on “Carlos Santana To Beyoncé: “You Can’t Sing!”

  1. “The naked harridan cannot sing and why everyone is worshipping and idolizing something that married a piece of dirt that’s rapped for decades about bitches, niggaz and hos, ain’t all that! ” – No, no, say what really think. Hahahahaha! Your honesty is refreshing, and I agree that having an opinion on how well or not someone can sing shouldn’t equate to an apology just because others don’t like it. It’s ridiculous. And another agreement – Whitney Houston had one hell of a voice, just like her aunt Dionne Warwick.

    – esme giving Shelby a happy high five upon the Cloud.

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    1. Thank you Esme! I just tell it like I see it and damn the consequences. I will not say what I don’t mean, but I do mean what I say! Many don’t like it, but there it is!

      And yes, Whitney Houston had one helluva voice and to this day, I mourn her loss.

      If Beyoncé dropped dead this minute, I would not even acknowledge the fact that her or that misogynistic asshole she married, croaked. And the daughter, who looks like she is going to be so rotten as to stink with it, was sporting a fake ass plait that will all of a sudden turn from a nappy ass plait into long golden tresses upon her thirteenth birthday. Watch for it! She will then take off all her clothes and gyrate while producing grunts and moans while accompanying her has been slutty mother. See if I don’t call it!

      Esme upon the Cloud, I thank you for that most wonderful comment!

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  2. You know you had me in tears again! Your storytelling style is just so…

    In Beyoncé’s defense, she can actually sing. I don’t know what happened to her but she sucks. I don’t know what she’s doing; it seems regressive, like the music she should have been releasing when she started. It’s all a show now. She’s an entertainer. Not a singer. Not a god to be worshipped.

    I do appreciate her older music and the music she made with Destiny’s Child. Here’s one of my favorite tracks of hers:

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    1. “In Beyoncé’s defense, she can actually sing”

      I’m sorry Kelley, but for the first time, we are just going to have to agree to disagree. I played the song and all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood gathered in front of my place and started yowling and howling. I had to quickly put the ear buds in my ear and then I got to yowling and howling. She is NO Whitney Houston, but then again, I may be biased because no one, but no one can outdo Whitney and since she is dead, she will always come first in my book, always. And she did not need to get naked to cover the fact that she cannot belt the tunes out without some help. I do know that in her later years when she had mucked her voice up with all the smoking, she was not so great, but if she had not gotten into that mess, Whitney would leave Beyoncé choking on her dust.

      I actually like one of the other singers that was in Destiny’s Child over Beyoncé. And why she did not take off, I don’t know, but for some strange reason, the whites picked up Beyoncé and prodded her forward and now things seem to have changed like they always do. Whites tell Black people all the time that they can make them and then break them. Look at what’s happening to Bill Cosby. He was the whites favorite clown and they turned on him. And he is not the only one. Black people need to recognize, but they just won’t. They keep going to the whites who then use them and when they rebel like Prince did, look at what happens to them. Prince wanted the rights to his own songs and he had to throw fits and call himself a goddamn symbol and now, he’s dead. They never learn. Look at Michael Jackson; same thing. And on and on it goes. It has been stated that after Beyoncé performed ‘Formation’ that things started going south for her. The whites decided that she was just too ‘Black’ for them and now, the Grammy went to Adele. Go figure!

      Kelley, I thank you most enthusiastically for that comment. At least I know I still got a sense of humor. Oh damn! I accidently turned Beyoncé back on and the cats are yowling and the dogs are howling again! Goddamn it!

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      1. LMAO ok ok I get it! I maintain that Beyoncé is talented, but her talent has been diluted with all the extras. She doesn’t sing anymore. And she doesn’t put a move on my heart like Whitney or Lauryn, but not everyone can be gifted with such unique, ethereal voices. Bey isn’t amazing but she’s got a good voice. To me. But I am tired and have been tired of her for quite some time.. I’m actually tired of talking about her right now..

        And I hear you. I think those reasons are why artists like Lauryn Hill only do one album and, from what I’ve heard, have anxiety attacks prior to almost every concert. Even with all that talent, she just wasn’t built for Hollywood. You have to be willing to conform and fit in a box and sell a little something more than music to get and maintain the level of stardom not so amazing artists like Beyoncé have received.

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      2. Yes, Lauryn Hill is another favorite of mine. And yes, Beyoncé can sing. I did like her song, Halo but I just hope she wasn’t sing about a Halo for Jay Z because a halo would rather open the gates of hell and throw itself inside than sit atop Jay Z’s head.

        Thanks Kelley!

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