Break Free!

break the chains

For something in me was just never satisfied.
I would sit on the porch and stare at the mountains,
convinced that there was something, something calling to me,
beseeching me to “Come, come and drink from overflowing fountains!”

There is another world out there beyond the tall green mountain trees.
No telling what destiny will find for you to do if only you will wander,
wander away from the safety of boredom and the mundane,
and fling yourself into timelessness that only youth can squander.

And so I fled, I fled from the stagnation and strangulation of my nine to five;
and I lived, I lived as only the truly free can live, free from the bonds of society,
free to make my own rules and for this I was punished, held accountable.
 For those who wield the whip will never let the slave break free from his chains of slavery!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

Each day, we are reminded in many different ways that life is just too short. We hear of a loved one who is seriously ill. We hear of horrors occurring daily to others in our neighborhoods and around the world and yet, each day, we go to the daily grind so that we can afford to go ‘home’ and what….’live’? Ask yourself this question, “What does it mean to ‘live’? I don’t mean to suck in air and release it. Are you doing what you truly love or are you doing what you NEED to do just to survive? Are you just going to work so that you can keep up the payments on that house and car and maybe, at the end of the week, you can sit down and have a beer and consider yourself lucky? Is this all you want out  of, dare I say, ‘life’? Is this all there is to ‘life’? Working to make someone more money while you give that same person the money that you ‘earn’ so that you can keep a roof over your head and sit in hours of traffic and think and dream about what it would be like if you could do just what the hell you want? We are all stifled and oppressed by what we have allowed. We have allowed others to tell us how to ‘live’ and if our doctor ever gives us the ‘bad’ news that it’s almost over for us, the only reason we kick up a fuss is because it is expected of us and because we fear the unknown.

Life is to be lived, not merely gotten through. Think about it. Are you living life or are you just waiting until your number is up? And when it is, will you smile and say, “At least I lived,” or will you say, “Damn, in a few more years, I promised myself that I was going to live!” Think about it. Live your life, don’t just go through the motions!

21 thoughts on “Break Free!

      1. It is funny and you should laugh because we just go with the flow. We refuse to live and then if we’re told that we’ve got 6 months, well now, break out the ‘bucket list’ real quick. It’s too fucking late. And we should have long since figured out that the reason we can retire when we’re too old to enjoy it or already dead waaay before retirement gets here is so that those we toil for can take the best years we got and go do what they want with what we have earned for them. Why we can’t figure this out, I don’t know; brainwashing and being programmed, I guess.

        How can people not see that their best years are their teens and twenties; after that, it’s practically game over. But we are expected to live out our so-called ‘golden years’ in some retirement community in Florida and that’s if we’re lucky and Black folks ain’t lucky in this ‘white’ man’s shithole. How many Black folks even get to see retirement? My own father did not and neither did anyone in his immediate family. They all stuck their spoon in the wall long before they reached ‘retirement’ age but I can tell you that none of them missed a goddamn day of enjoyment. They did what the hell they wanted to do and told the white man to “Suck it!” That’s what we ALL need to do!

        I sincerely thank you for your comment 25, Black, and Alive!

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      2. I ask myself those very same questions. I honestly think people choose not to see what’s going on. It’s either that or the fact that all the poison that they have been feeding us through the water, air, food supply and media has really made us docile. Because if the majority of people opened their eyes to what’s really going on, there would be utter outrage and chaos. Good chaos in this case. I agree with everything that you said as usual except the thing about the thirties. I think well know that life doen’t go down hill. Only reason why it does for most people is due to the things I listed earlier. They not only make us docile they destroy are health and drain the living energy out of us. So that by time we enter out thirties and up our bodies are deteriorating.

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      3. Look at how many people are totally unhappy with their life or unhappy with the way they are living their life. We hear of an ‘epidemic’ of suicides and these are of ‘white’ folks. Look at how many people are overdosing on prescription opioids and heroin. Yes, people are in pain, but pain is nothing new and so why this blow-up about opioid abuse and overdose suicides? People act like this is somewhere out in left field and no one knows why this is happening. If people are wringing their hands and moaning over the fact that life for many ‘white’ people is so unbearable they’d rather take their own life, then how do they think Black people are faring? They pretend as though we are doing just fine because we are supposed to be used to doing poorly, I suppose. Well, we are doing poorly, but even more so as each day passes.

        And I hear tell that so many people are taking psych meds that the water we drink is full of anti-depressants and antipsychotic medication. They can’t get that mess out of the water. Maybe that’s why peoples’ senses are dulled, add to that the fact that the powers that be are intentionally killing us with toxins in the air, the water and our food and we don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. No wonder we aid in our own demise and are sitting somewhere overdosing with a needle in our arm.

        I don’t even think there is an answer anymore. I really don’t.

        Thank you for your comment!

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      4. You are the answer! I live accordingly to what I know. I am an living, breathing example of how to move in this life time. People that are seeking light will find it. Believe me, people notice the difference in you from others. Those people will either follow suit or join in with the rest of the zombies.

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    1. C.C., thank you, and I must say that this poem was born in part due to your last post. It just hit me SO hard! When people are empathetic and caring, it really hits them hard to know that someone was suffering so very much. Again, I am so very sorry about what happened. Stay strong and yes, “Love and live life!!!”

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  1. I’ve been grinding like crazy to break away from this slave ship. I put Eyes a Free Man Massa ( out after I broke away from my school loans. Then I put out Take this Free Game Right Here ( so that other people never to fall for the same trap I and millions of others have fallen for. This whole post is the reason why my site’s title is 25, Black and ALIVE! Most people aren’t living not one bit.

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    1. You got the right idea! Just keep doing what you’re doing. The bills will be there. Go out and get some enjoyment out of life. I was sitting at a bus stop up in Minnesota one day and this woman was telling me that she decided to take her rent money and her electric bill money and fly to Vegas with it. She said she enjoyed herself tremendously and that she would just play catch up on the bills. I told her, “Way ta go! Do it again!” We all need to just get up and go whenever we fucking feel like it, that’s what I do.

      Great comment!

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