Black America is White America entertainment

I could not agree more!

Yep! That’s us, “chucking and jiving” for the white man! Our slave ancestors would be so proud of us! Yeah! Right!

Da Joanis Project

Black America has become white America source of entertainment. At glancing a list of the richest African Americans, I noticed an alarming trend, here is a link to the list so you can see for yourself, “

Have you figured it out? Basically with the exception of a few nearly everyone on the list are entertainers of some sort. Whether it be sport, music or film.

Now look at a list of the richest Americans in general, “”, not one person is an entertainer, the list is made primarily of tech entrepreneurs, energy tycoons, and media moguls.

Black people have been “chucking and jiving” for white America since the minstrels of the 19th century. The only difference today is the market reach and the profitability. Many African Americans take great pride that black people have an influence on pop culture, but at what cost. Have black…

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2 thoughts on “Black America is White America entertainment

  1. As I have stated in the comments section of the original article, blacks world wide are basically entertainment fodder for whites, whether it’s athletic, artistic, cultural or even sexual. I have said this before and I cannot ever stop saying it. White people are Vampires who feed off the blood, sweat, tears, emotions and soul of others to enrich themselves. They are demonic…

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    1. What you say is so very true Nido. And that is exactly what the author of this post was trying to impart. We are to entertain them and if we by chance should eventually take exception to that and actually want the rights to our ‘product’, well, we are shown the door and in no uncertain terms. The majority of outstanding basketball players are Black. The majority of outstanding football players are Black. Black music leaves that milk toast ‘white’ shit in the dust and yet, Black people have to go to the whites to have their talents’ value assessed. And then the white man makes more off the Black person’s talent than he/she does. And then we whine and complain when it is whites who win all the awards. Who owns the every aspect of our lives? Whites and so what else can they expect? Exactly what they get!

      Nido, I thank you for your comment. It is right on point, as usual!


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