Why Moonlight Won Best Picture…

“I Am Not Your Negro” and so therefore, no Oscar!

Another direct hit from C.C. Saunders!

Whispers of a Womanist

Even prior to receiving the highest honor of Sunday evening’s ceremony, Moonlight acquired abundant acclaim. The film, while praised for its narrative of a black gay male, encompasses a duality that warrants its acceptance by the The Academy.

On the surface, Moonlight tells the story of “Little” a young black man born into less than favorable circumstances in Miami. He’s small and not as brute as the boys his age. His mother, Paula, is young and addicted to drugs. Her priorities are in disarray and not capable of giving her child the love and nurture he needs to be a confident member of the harsh world that encompasses him. While dodging a beating one afternoon, Little meets Juan, a local drug dealer. Juan, played by the masterful Mahershala Ali, becomes a father figure for Juan. He teaches him pride and encompasses the diasporic African. Thus, Juan not only makes Little’s…

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4 thoughts on “Why Moonlight Won Best Picture…

  1. I’ve watched this movie and to be honest, to me it was B-Grade movie. But what I believe made this such a hit was that short gay scene where Chiron and Kevin kissed for a bit, and then the bullying scenes with Terrell and his goons.

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    1. I must admit, I’ve never seen the movie. I just loved C.C.s take on ‘why moonlight won best picture’. I don’t go to see movies as a rule because I feel that the best way to send those Hollywood shits packing is to not give them my money. And from what I’ve read, this year’s Oscar’s viewing was the worst in over a decade. Those arrogant, conceited and overrated and overpaid pompous frauds should not be glorified for playing pretend characters. If anyone should be making millions for doing a job, it should be firemen.

      Well, if the bullying goons beat up the two gay kissers, that would be okay by me. But hell! You being in the islands and all, you get around more than me Nido! Thanks for giving my readers a bit of info about the movie especially seeing as how I could provide none; not having watched it, of course.

      I thank you for your comment.


  2. I would have been ecstatic to see Birth of a Nation get best picture. For me the Nat Turner rebellion was the critical turning point that forced the ruling elite to invent the concept of “whiteness” and “blackness” to prevent oppressed people from ever again joining forces to confront abusive power.

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    1. Like I stated in the previous comment to Nidotopianwarrior, I must thank you for providing some information on what ‘Birth of a Nation’ was all about because I did not see that movie either and for reasons already stated in the above comment. However, I must say that it would seem to me that this movie should have at least received an honorable mention for going a little ways towards showing why things are as they are. We are facing abusive power and we are all oppressed in our own ways and in many like ways but instead of looking towards our oppressors and fucking them up, we instead, fuck each other up even more while those who are oppressing us all, sit back in satisfied glee that we adhere to their script.

      I thank you so much for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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