A Day Without Women? Try a Life Without One…

“A Day Without Women? Try A Life Without One…”

Excellently done C.C.!

Whispers of a Womanist

In solidarity with the traditional means in which America conceptualizes women, as a non-male white, the western world implemented “A Day Without Women.” This holiday asks women to take a day off from quotidian activities to illustrate the void that exists in their absence.

This demonstration requires a professional and economic privilege consistent solely with women of the majority and those of the one-percent. Thus, this holiday in its pseudo attempt at inclusivity illustrates the exclusivity of the woman concept. In their absence, women of the majority and the one-percent produce a day without female contribution. This contribution may come in the form of leadership or creative presence, or a loving and supportive female presence. Those compartmentalized by the western world as women make a contribution to the Western world that fuels feminism or the right to enjoy western privilege in the same manner as white men. For the marginalized female…

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2 thoughts on “A Day Without Women? Try a Life Without One…

  1. Wow, she really nails it, doesn’t she when she defines feminism “as the right to enjoy privilege in the same manner as white men.” Sadly it wasn’t always that way – the feminist movement used to involve women of all classes and ethnicities – until Gloria Steinem and her CIA friends came along and split the National Organization for Women by making it clear that poor and minority women ( and lesbians) weren’t welcome.

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    1. She certainly does tell it like it is. C.C. always does! And I just recently heard about what happened to Henrietta Lacks. What they did to her was immoral, to say the least. But then that is what ‘whites’ have been doing to Black bodies for centuries and it is just as wrong today as it was then and still no one is being held accountable for all of the experimentation that is done on us, against our will and Johns Hopkins Hospital is renowned for this. In fact, there are several lawsuits pending against that institution now. And what they did in giving little Black children lead paint to study the effects is downright criminal and yet, no one will ever step one foot behind bars for that criminal mess. And yet, white women want to speak of who is taking away their rights when Black women still don’t have any and never did have any over their own bodies. It is an absolute fucking sin and a shame what has been going down against Black women for centuries and yet, the beat goes on.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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