And ‘They’ Say, “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep!”

For The Beautiful Dark Ones!

Do not hate your beautiful dark skin tone,
for it is all the rage at the white man’s beach.
You see, he has to risk skin cancer and wrinkles
to get what some of you want to bleach.

You can go outside, be it winter or summer
and never think in a million years of getting burned.
But you see, the white man must hide from the sun
and this lesson is one he has never, ever learned.

In the waiting rooms of Dermatology, there they sit,
with moles that have turned on skin that’s fried.
And never will they let go of tanning beds and beaches,
not until skin cancer is the cause of why they died.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

The woman in the above picture would like some of you to know that “The sun is not your friend!” And I think we all know to whom she is speaking when referring to the sun not being your friend. She most definitely was not talking to me since the sun has always been my friend. It’s where I get my Vitamin D; the healthy way. Now, let’s find out why she wants some of you to know that the sun is not your friend.

‘The sun is not your friend’: Woman’s painful tan warning goes viral

A 45-year-old mom hopes sharing photos of her painful treatment for precancerous lesions will serve as a warning to others.

Margaret Murphy frets that the world is seeing her at her worst, but that’s exactly the point of her warning about the dangers of tanning.

Murphy spent more than a decade living on Crete and tanning herself to “look good,” she writes on her Facebook page. She also spent summers “doing sunbeds” to get a tan in the less-sunny Irish climate. Sunscreen was not a priority.

Oh damn! I’ve never been in a ‘tanning bed’. My beautiful tan is natural. It never fades and I don’t turn pale in the winter and in the summer, my permanent tan automatically deepens while I am out for my daily constitutional and not only that, but I can go anywhere and I am tanned. And it’s free! Can ya believe it? I pay nothing for a gorgeous, year-long tan that stays with me, year after year after year.

But I must say that when I pass by a Dermatology clinic, I have yet to see a Black person sitting all up in there wondering about that suspicious mole on their face. I just cannot comprehend how people who hate us for the color of our skin, will go to such lengths to get our skin tone even when it means, death. Oh well, let the woman in the above picture be a lesson for you to learn; those of you who need to learn it, that is.

The most natural way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays). This can happen very quickly, particularly in the summer. You don’t need to tan or burn your skin to get vitamin D. You only need to expose your skin for around half the time it takes for your skin to turn pink and begin to burn.

No worries here, I don’t belong in the ‘pink’ skin club. And for some of you, consider this post, a Public Service Announcement. Aren’t I ever the helpful one?

10 thoughts on “And ‘They’ Say, “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep!”

    • And we never will be Leslie. Black folks can be found searching for skin bleaching creams and lotions while white folks are busy running to tanning salons. I hear that ‘spray on’ tan is what some are using. We will never, ever be satisfied and the media is not helping matters any, what with touting the need to appear younger, more thin in order to be considered beautiful. Oh well, let them have at it. I just try and stay healthy and when I look at it, beauty is a by-product of healthy.

      Leslie, I thank you for your comment.

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  1. I like to swim in the summer, and I tan quite nicely. Yes, I like the darker skin tone, it’s true. It’s healthier looking. Who can deny? And, it makes me look handsome. Right? Or, it helps anyway, I like to think. Well, except for my white ass which, you’ll be glad to know, I don’t expose in public. However, I’m not so egotistical to start visiting the tanning beds to remedy that.

    Sorry, Shelby, I’m not sure why I confined that here in a public forum. 🙂

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    • Now Peter, you can post anything you like here. Since I am a southerner, we shout our business out to all and sundry. My mother, if she was so inclined to speak to me, would have long since stopped thanks to my posting much of the family business right on this here blog. Southerners are notorious for spreading their business and I am no exception. And really, why would the NSA worry about what I have to say when I don’t hold back? I mean, they are recording everything anyway and thanks to our credit/debit cards, they also know what kind of toilet paper we buy. They know I’m partial to Charmin.

      As a vegan, we ALL know you’re healthy as can be and when you’re tanned, oh dear! Your poor, dear wife must be fighting those hussies off you! And don’t forget, if you want to go completely nude, I know of some real good nude beaches that would love for you to come and show yourself in the buff.

      And just look at this post as a Public Service Announcement and just remember to keep things in moderation. Not too much sun, we certainly don’t want you looking like the woman in the above picture. Perish the thought! There will be no tanning for me today as we are digging out from snow. Hope things are not so in your neck of the woods!

      Peter, I thank you, as always, for your comment!

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    • Well, I must say, I am surprised at that because it is my understanding that Black people have no need for sunscreen or hats, not unless it is so hot that by being out in the heat, sunstroke could occur. I would think that we would only need hydration. Plus, I wonder if the slaves experienced skin changes since they most certainly could not make use of sunscreen or hats and they were worked from sunup to sundown.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


  2. People are beyond foolish not to embrace the skin colour they were born with; I for one am so very pale as to be almost translucent in winter, and never get anywhere near a tan in summer either, beyond a few freckles that is. Much as I loathed this condition as a youngster, I now embrace it and make the best of being the ghostly creature I am hahahaha. As ghostly as Peter’s arse at least! *falls about*. I think the variety of skin colour is quite stunning and definitely have kept some small envy for those such as yourself who don’t need any protection from the sun. The lengths some will go to attain anything but that which they were birthed with astounds me. Great post Shelby.

    – esm waving from upon the Cloud

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    • Esme, I agree with you 110%. People should be satisfied, but they never are. I think everything went to shit when TV was invented and now with the internet, it has been made much worse. We’ve got Hollywood sluts strutting around suntanned to pieces and people are trying to emulate that foul mess. We’ve got folks going under the knife to try and look like Kim Kartrashcan and crew. What we take up and run with is just beyond ridiculous but we do it anyway much to the detriment of our health.

      And yes, according to Dr. Bramhall, I should consider myself lucky to have skin that does not burn. I have yet to boil and blister and since I haven’t at this late date, I don’t believe I shall. I have yet to think of my skin tone as a curse, though many have been brainwashed into thinking this. More’s the pity!

      Esme upon the Cloud, I sincerely thank you for your comment!

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