Is Assata Welcome Too?

“Is Assata Welcome Too?”

We ALL know the answer to that!

Whispers of a Womanist

Contemporary preoccupation with immigration proves an interesting discourse in contemplating racism. Following Trump’s Muslim ban, several of my coworkers posted flyers outside of their offices/cubicles. The flyer states that Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome. Similarly, I’ve seen these posters in countless restaurants and businesses throughout Manhattan.

All this talk about who is and is not welcome in America inspires me to inquire:

Is Assata Welcome Too?

Queens native Assata Shakur remains in exile after suffering abundant injustices from the American legal system. In her own place of birth she endured discrimination and racism that labeled her guilty before she would stand trial. Shakur rightfully labels herself a “twenty-first century runaway slave,” as she had to migrate from a place that deems her a criminal for demanding what should be readily given.

Thus, the controversy surrounding whether Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome in America, overlooks a crucial point. Immigrants journey to…

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2 thoughts on “Is Assata Welcome Too?

    1. Dr. Bramhall, I had read about Assata many years ago and so her treatment at the hands of the filthy shits in this shithole don’t surprise me none; quite the contrary. It would seem that any Black person who had the balls to not appreciate their treatment at the hands of these pieces of garbage and they show it are then made an example of just to show the rest of us not to get any ideas. This woman was extremely courageous and I am most thankful that Cuba granted her asylum from these depraved and vile criminal shits here.

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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