What the Eyelash Ambush Says To the Black Collective

Support ‘Black-owned’ businesses and if you can’t find one, start your own even if it means washing hair in your own sink. That is what my hair stylist in Minnesota did when they closed the salon she was working at. She came to my home and styled my hair and she was Black like me!

Please, do NOT patronize migrant businesses especially when they hold us in utter and complete contempt and yet send their sons and daughters to college off our hard-earned dollars.

Whispers of a Womanist

If you have ever lived in or visited a black community, you’ve seen them. They occupy numerous corners. They accumulate countless black dollars. Dry cleaners. Chinese food restaurants. Nail Salons. Beauty Supply stores. These businesses remain staples of the black community, yet these merchants fail to mirror the hue of their customers. These merchants also regard their customers with an overt superiority.  This superiority  becomes obvious in the condescending demeanor to which these merchants speak to their customers and the violence that erupts in instances of misunderstanding.

This week a viral video of an Asian man kicking and choking a black shopper reminded the black community of the low regard in which many migrant merchants hold blacks.  This video depicts a confrontation between a young black woman and Asian store owners, over an alleged pair of eyelashes. In an effort to prove her innocence, the young lady can be heard…

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2 thoughts on “What the Eyelash Ambush Says To the Black Collective

  1. 30 years ago a Seattle Baptist minister started a Black Dollar Days in Seattle in an effort to strengthen the economy of the African American community. He got his church burned down for his efforts.


    • And if that happens, we need to band together and rebuild. Nothing should stop us from becoming entrepreneurs. We are still allowing others to get rich off us while we’ve got nothing to show for it. Why don’t Koreans open up liquor stores in ‘white’ areas? It’s not allowed, that’s why. ‘Whites’ don’t have a problem when these migrants open liquor stores and Takeouts in our neighborhoods because the liquor is killing us just as it did the Indians and so is all that unhealthy Chinese food. Those migrants are welcomed over here and are given grants to open these businesses in our neighborhoods.

      One thing I can say for the new mayor in Baltimore is that she has made it clear that Black people are to be included in new projects for this city. About time, I say. This is still a majority Black city and yet, Black people aren’t hardly represented in the business community. This was not always the case. But at least, we are now trying.

      Thank you for your comment.


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