…And On The Bright Side…


uh…wait a minute, there is no bright side. Or is there?

Drugs are killing so many people in Ohio that cold-storage trailers are being used as morgues

Rick Walters, an investigator for the Stark County coroner’s office, had just left for two death scenes: a suicide and an overdose.

From the road, he called the director of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to ask for help. He needed more space, he explained — specifically, a cold-storage trailer to act as an overflow morgue.

As with much of the United States, Ohio is in the throes of a heroin and opioid epidemic that shows no signs of abating.

The Friday afternoon request for a cold-storage trailer highlights the epidemic ravaging the state.

So, what is causing the outrageous statistics of death by overdose? What is so wrong with Americans that they are overdosing by the thousands? It has been stated that the overwhelmingly huge numbers of ‘white’ patients who have been prescribed opioids for their physical pain has caused them to develop a habit for which they cannot obtain enough ‘legal’ prescriptions to satisfy and so therefore, they are now running to the corner drug dealer even in rural America. How many Black drug dealers are on Becky and Sarah Lane in Klan Bluff, Kentucky or in Hoity Toity City, Maine? Yeah! Slow your roll! So, blame this epidemic on the pale-skinned variety because you own it. And if you want to try the ‘white’ drug dealer for murder because Becky and Sarah overdosed to death, then start with America’s military whores and the warmongers who they work for because they sent them into Afghanistan to protect that poppy plant that when harvested is given a free plane ride right to the states and straight into the hands of Sarah, Becky, Scott and William and now, their corpses are all lying in trailers awaiting autopsies that will tell us what we already know; they died from an overdose of heroin and other drugs like benzodiazepines and don’t forget, alcohol.

Bakersfield lies in the heart of Kern County, a vast sprawl of lush cropland in California’s Central Valley. Here, accidental overdoses among white women have tripled since 1999, according to federal health data, and suicides have doubled.

The death toll has alarmed health-care workers like Eggert and given rise to a loose network of therapists, nurses, pastors and drug counselors struggling to understand a generation of women overwhelmed by modern life and undone by modern medicine.

Wow! ‘White’ women are dying because they are overwhelmed by ‘modern life and undone by modern medicine’. But what does that mean? Does it mean that ‘white’ women are dying because they have the ability to live in a ‘vast sprawl of lush cropland in California’ and so cannot deal with that ‘hood’ type of environment since it is just too horrific for words? Are ‘white’ women ACCIDENTALLY overdosing to death because ‘white’ doctors are seeing to it that their ‘white’ female patients are given enough prescription opioids to kill them? Your own ‘kind’ is wiping you out while you are somewhere wailing and moaning and gnashing your teeth and all set to blame the ‘Black’ corner drug dealer when it is not the ‘Black’ corner drug dealer that’s getting your ass hooked on opioids in the first place. But you won’t lay the blame where it belongs. It cannot be another ‘white’ person that has given you the means to your end; it has always got to be a ‘Black’ person who is to blame for your ACCIDENTAL overdose. No, it’s not because how do you think that opium that you are ACCIDENTALLY overdosing on gets into this country? And how many ‘Black’ corner drug dealers do you know who own boats and planes to ship that shit into this country? No indeed, your ‘white’ counterparts don’t get off that easily. They are why you’re able to get your hands on enough drugs to get a tag placed on your toe inside a trailer morgue, your drug epidemic is so bad.

So, you’ve got sciatic nerve pain and you cannot take the pain? You went to your ‘white’ doctor and got a prescription for that pain and now that the focus is on those bad, bad opioids, your doctor has been instructed to reduce the number of pills you get and to reduce the strength of those pills and so now, you’ve got to look around to find something else to supplement what you’ve now lost? Heroin time! And now, it’s a needle in the arm for you and OOPS! ACCIDENTAL overdose! Now, let’s blame the ‘Black boogeyman drug dealer’ AGAIN! Nope! Not this time, ya don’t. You get to blame one of your own. Again, you own this!

And next, we have this!

Drugs are killing so many people in West Virginia that the state can’t keep up with the funerals

Deaths in West Virginia have overwhelmed a state program providing burial assistance for needy families for at least the fifth year in a row, causing the program to be nearly out of money four months before the end of the fiscal year, according to the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). Funeral directors in West Virginia say the state’s drug overdose epidemic, the worst in the nation, is partly to blame.

So, is it ‘Black’ drug dealers providing ‘white’ West Virginians with the cause of their demise[heroin]? Let me see. There are 1,739,988 ‘whites’ in West Virginia making up 93% of West Virginia’s total population and there are 63,124 Black folks living in West Virginia and so are we then to believe that a mere 3% of the population of West Virginia is responsible for the epidemic of drug overdoses of mostly ‘white’ West Virginians? Methinks not! So don’t even go there. And now, who would be responsible for this besides those who take the drugs and overdose on them? Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist who is just filling the prescriptions of the doctors of these patients who overdosed? Or could it initially start with the means to which the doctors could actually write out a prescription for opioids thanks to the fact of those military whores stationed over in Afghanistan protecting those poppy fields and giving poppy plants when harvested, a free plane ride here with the blessings of your government, Americans? Uh..that would be the answer. There is much blame to go around, but the blame certainly cannot be laid squarely at the feet of the ever so put upon ‘Black bogeyman corner drug dealer’.

‘White’ folks, you’d better wake up and smell the reasons for your addictions. While your counterparts have been studying and experimenting on Black people for hundreds of years, they have neglected your ass and now the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth is all the rage because they just did not see this most horrible of all epidemics coming; that of suburban, rural and city ‘white’ America succumbing to the lure and temptation of opioid addiction. No one saw your isolation amongst ‘lush cropland in California’ and near coalmines in West Virginia and in the back hills of Kentucky. It was just taken for granted that you were just loving life seeing as how you had every reason, what with your ‘white privilege’ and all to shield you from everything but drug addiction.

Every day, there is yet another news article on the ordeal that ‘whites’ are going through thanks to opioids. What the hell??!!! Has not the ‘War on Drugs’ been waged since the 70s and so why are we now looking at, not an end to this ‘drug war’, but instead, we are looking at a ramped up and seemingly endless epidemic of drug-related suicides and ACCIDENTAL overdose deaths of ‘whites’? Why? Because the ‘War on Drugs’ was a war on Black people and now karma is a bitch, ain’t she? Thank you KARMA!

And the ‘good’ news just keeps on coming ‘on the bright side’.

The prospect of a Payless bankruptcy is just the last bad news to buffet the retail world. Stores like The Sports Authority, American Apparel, Aéropostale, Wet Seal and PacSun are among the retailers to have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last two years, with some liquidating altogether. On Tuesday, Sears Holdings (shld, +3.79%) admitted there is ‘substantial doubt’ it can stay in business.

Those great paying jobs at Payless, Sears, Kmart, Wet Seal, Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney, Crocs, Guess, bebe and the list is endless are going, going almost gone and of course this means more despondency and an even greater need to dull the pain and so grab some more opioids; that’ll make you feel better as it dulls the senses and lulls one into a false sense of ‘all is well’, that is, until it wears off and back to the doctor ‘white’ drug dealer, you go.

Let us not forget the ‘good’ news of Donald Trump’s promise of ‘more great paying jobs for Americans’. Well, Trump, where are they? Because it does not look as though those ‘great’ paying jobs will be in retail. And it certainly does not appear as if many of Trump’s supporters will even be around in four years to vote him back in seeing as how it doesn’t even feel good to PAYLESS. The only person who is getting paid is the pharmacist and ‘white’ drug dealer on Becky and Sarah Lane in Coal Mine, West Virginia. The only persons who are getting paid are the military whores who are stationed in Afghanistan guarding those poppy fields to make sure that opium gets safely to America. Fight the Taliban? What Taliban? There’s opium in dem dar fields, doncha know!

Everybody had enough ‘good’ news for one day ‘on the bright side’? Yeah! That’s what I thought!

And before I forget, let me just finish with this little gem!

For whites across America, deaths of despair are rising

For many white Americans without a college degree, life in America has devolved in a few short decades from one that offered ample economic opportunity into a socioeconomic dead end

That’s according to new research from Princeton economists Anne Case and Nobel Prize-winner Angus Deaton, who grabbed headlines in 2015 with their finding that the death rate for middle-aged white Americans had sharply risen. The new research adds color to their earlier findings, helping to explain what’s driving mortality rates for less educated whites beyond that of blacks and their counterparts in other developed countries. 

Spin it any way you like, but the fact of the matter is, even college-educated ‘whites’ are in despair since many of them are still waiting tables years after having earned a college degree. Many are janitors and are selling shoes in Payless Stores, while they’re still open, that is. So yes indeed, the chickens are coming home to roost and about time, I say! And if I don’t seem one bit upset about all of this, it is because I am not one bit upset about all of this! You thought your ‘white privilege’ would shield you from drug overdose suicides and from the pink slips dished up by a fucked up economy? Not anymore. Your own kind has now made it a fact that you are privileged to die with a needle in your arm thanks to their giving you the means to your own end while they blame everyone else for fucking you up. But you thought that Donald Trump was going to ride in on his white steed and save the day for you? Is it happening yet? Let me know when it does and I will be more than happy to add it to more ‘good’ news ‘on the bright side’!

17 thoughts on “…And On The Bright Side…

  1. I know about Opioid addiction, personally. Not me, but someone close to me. But that is over now, and they are drug-free. Yes, I hold the pharmaceutical cartel and their drug-dealing doctor bastards fully accountable. They are scum worse than the street dealers in that they operate legally and with immunity. And, I suspect they receive a handsome commission prescribing drugs.

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    1. Indeed they do Peter. And yet, many are calling for the ‘corner drug dealers’ heads on a platter as though they are responsible for why hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are addicted to opioids.

      How doctors can take the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ to in essence ‘do no harm’ is beyond me when that is exactly what they are doing’ much harm and much wrong. The ‘wrong’ people are getting arrested and/or blamed for the opioid epidemic, as usual while the doctors who prescribe opioids get off scot-free. And let us not forget how those drugs get here in the first place. Drugs are big business and certain people get to profit without risk of prison time while others are made to pay for what they put into play. I just do my best to point out the obvious hypocrisy over this whole mess.

      Drug addiction is tearing this country apart and there is no end in sight. This partly speaks to why retail stores are shuttering their doors in unprecedented numbers because who can shop when whatever money is coming in is being used to pay for drugs to continue to obtain that ever longed for high?

      When I was in a horrible car accident three years ago, not one doctor prescribed opioids for me and it has been stated that doctors do not prescribe opioids for their Black patients for fear we will either become addicted to them or sell them but it would seem they have no problem handing them over to their ‘white’ patients. To this day, I am wracked with pain, but I deal with it. I would not take opioids even if they were prescribed for me. But I never got to make the choice; to take or not to take because they were never offered.

      I know what crack addiction did to my sister and that is one thing I’d never want to know, firsthand. No one should and now that addiction is an epidemic, all we hear is talk about it and the blame game begins but those who are to blame are never held accountable and so it will continue. It is too late to drag this horse back to the stable, that’s for sure and with things being the way they are, people are going to continue to look for ways to dull the senses.

      I am so glad to know that the person who was ‘close to you’ is no longer using. I can only imagine what it took for that person to make it through what has been considered, a hell.

      Peter, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Shelby, that is such a keen point, people not having money to shop having to pay for not only drugs but also burdened by the incomprehensible cost of insurance, high deductibles, and medical care.

        I think it honorable that you choose to deal with pain instead of seeking addicting pain killers. I suspect it difficult, though.

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      2. It isn’t easy Peter. Some days, I have to rely on a walker to get around and I am in the foulest of moods. And since I have given up drinking champagne, I am meaner than a rattlesnake being taunted with a stick.

        Since moving to Baltimore, I have a doctor who wants to send me to pain management, but I have told him that whatever he prescribes, I doubt whether I will take because chances are, it’ll be addictive. I’ll see. And the really so-called ‘good’ pain medicine doctors are booked up months in advance. So, I’ve been waiting three months to get in and I still don’t see him until April. Go figure!

        And you are also right about the ‘cost of insurance, high deductibles’, etc., while those yahoos in Washington play pretend games over health care overhaul in this shithole.

        We need a ‘national health care system’, but that will never happen because of profits over people. And they have the nerve to wonder why they can’t get a handle on the opioid addiction epidemic. But then again, they’re more than likely not wondering because many palms are being greased thanks to this epidemic. Drugs being such big business and all.

        Peter, thanks for another spot on comment.

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    1. No, it cannot even though it is being discussed to hell and back. I am just past fed up with ‘whites’ blaming their addiction on Black inner city drug dealers as though they are the ones who are prescribing opioids for them in the first place; as if they are the ones who are shipping that shit into this country, ton upon ton. So many lies are told as to why those military whores are still stationed in Afghanistan when the only reason those military whores are there is to guard those poppy fields until that plant can be harvested and sent over here and worldwide. And we are to ‘thank them for their service’? Are they for real? The sheer blatant and outrageous hypocrisy of this shithole is just astounding.

      And not one word of horror was uttered about the devastation that crack wrought in Black neighborhoods when the CIA introduced that shit into them, but now that ‘whites’ are addicted to opioids and are dying by the thousands, it is now time to begin a dialogue, place the blame on the blameless and let those who are to blame, continue to reap the profits. I will continue to call this blatant hypocritical shit out because it is the least that I can do.

      C.C., I thank you for your comment.

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      1. EXACTLY!!!!! Blaming blacks for something they started. Black sufferers are held in low regard whereas white addicts are coddled and given “rehab” while blacks die or serve time all the while festering the wounds of self-destruction.

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      2. Yes indeed, Black crack addicts were sent to jail. They were not sent to rehab. There was no hand-wringing by the CDC and the politicians and the psych therapists over the fact of crack addicted Black folks. They were just perceived as junkies who needed to be carted away and left to rot behind bars, but now that whites are addicted to meth, heroin, hand sanitizer, flakka and everything else they can get their ‘privileged’ hands on, why, it’s now time to ‘jail’ those murderous Black drug dealers who are blatantly responsible for writing out prescriptions for opioids for their ‘white’ patients. It is now time to pretend as though Black drug dealers are responsible for bringing that shit into this country. Hell if that’s so! But you don’t hear of why and how the drugs actually get here. No one is going on and on about how heroin and other forms of opium gets into this shithole and you won’t because then those who are responsible have some explaining to do.

        So, let’s not concentrate on that. Concentrate on locking up the ‘local’ Black drug dealer, who somehow manages to drive from one end of this fucked up shithole to the other delivering opioid prescriptions and heroin to Becky Lane in Maine and to Scott Fitzgerald in Old Money, Connecticut. This shit is ridiculous!

        Black people are NOT responsible for this mess and I’ll not sit by while ‘whites’ continue to lay the blame for their addictions at our door while their doctors get off scot-free and while those who are responsible for bringing it in are never mentioned.

        C.C., again, I thank you for your comment.


  2. Dealing in illicit drugs is a highly exploitive pyramid scheme in which a few top players persuade hundreds and thousands of schleppers to take all the risks while the top players rake in all the profits. In my experience, those top players are nearly always Caucasian – in other words drug dealing is just another way to entrap and exploit desperate low income minorities who can see no other option for their lives.

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    1. And the banks are complicit in that shit. In fact, it has been stated that drugs kept the banks afloat when that big financial crisis went down in 2008. Plus they, so-called, got bailed out with our tax dollars. A win/win for the banks all the way around while Main Street got screwed again. We always do. And people have the nerve to scratch their fucking heads and pretending to wonder over how this opioid epidemic got started and is ramping up. They are blaming retail stores closings on folks buying up shit by the ton on Amazon. Like hell! People ain’t buying shit because between having to pay over 50% of their income on housing and medical expenses and the other half on their dealer who is seeing to it that they don’t want for that heroin, how in the hell is there any money left over to run to Macy’s, JC Penney, Sears, Abercrombie & Fitch and so forth and so on? There ain’t nothing left over to shop until ya drop at any of those stores. The only stores that are doing okay are dollar stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General. In fact, I hear tell that Dollar Tree is now the new ‘go-to’ grocery store. I can’t say as how I’m surprised.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


    1. Yeah, and it’s coming back mighty hard and I am not one bit upset by it. Who the hell was upset when the CIA introduced crack into so-called ‘Black neighborhoods’? Certainly not the ‘whites’ who sat back and watched with glee what went down. Entire communities were decimated and the prostitution rate skyrocketed. Beautiful Black women became addicted to that and sold their precious bodies for mere dollars. I was in Baltimore in the mid 90s and I saw the devastation and my heart just bled for each and every person I came across that was strung out on that shit. My own sister was caught up in that crack epidemic and she died from it and so hell no! I will shed not one goddamn tear over the fact of the ‘whites’ now sticking their fucking spoon in the wall all over some heroin that THEY are bringing into this country. Ain’t no Black person responsible for not one goddamn drug epidemic in this entire shithole and we ALL know this. But those pasty-faced devils will blame everyone else for the foul ass vicious shit they do and lock everyone else up while they continue to make bank off misery. And white folks quite actually thought that shit was not going to backfire and bite them on the ass. Ha! Showed them. What comes around, goes around!

      Thank you for another spot on comment Truthangel07!

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