Bomb This Hellhole To Bits!

Not one American was gassed
And so America bombed Syria because..
 Well, these things just should not be done.
After all, there are international laws.

What applies to America is unique.
There are none so exceptional as we
who were not gassed by no terrorists we trained,
but we still bombed a foreign country.

Some things just make no sense at all.
America refused Syria’s refugees
who were escaping a war torn land
brought on by our own tragedies.

Now let’s turn this all around.
Did America not gas the Iraqis?
And it was okay when we gassed the Vietnamese
and then say, “We are better than the Nazis.”

Tell that to the dead Vietnamese.
 Or have you forgotten all about Napalm?
Our selective amnesia is telling
when we can forget about a Napalm bomb.

White phosphorous, the Iraqis will never forget.
How can they when we are still there?
We bombed them over a big ass lie
since those WMDs are where?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cities
bombed by the US of A.
How many people did we kill?
And we still think that was okay!

We are all American dogs
who drool and piss and shit
on a planet of people at will
and we all deserve a direct hit!

So China, Iran and North Korea,
Russia and even Bangladesh
bomb this hellhole to bits!
Maybe this world can then start, afresh!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

Unfortunately, I shall not get my wish that Russia, Iran, North Korea and China will blow this hellhole to kingdom come, but I can still keep hope alive.

So, Donald Trump has initiated what amounts to déjà vu because didn’t we go over this already about Assad using sarin gas during Obama’s reign? And what happened? It was found that the Assad government did not gas their own people, the rebels that America’s CIA trained did that, but even so, Russia stepped in and helped to broker a deal that relieved the Assad government of any chemical weapons it may have had and yet, here we are again. Donald Trump is just so disturbed at the thought of little children getting gassed that he just could not contain himself and so sent 59 missiles to do what? Kill more innocent little children? Because that is what happened, isn’t it? Civilians were killed by those U.S. missiles and so where is the outrage from Trump about that?

That no good bastard is not even outraged that the U. S. Department of Justice issued a scathing report on Baltimore’s police force due to the fact of rampant and systemic excessive use of force and police brutality against a majority Black city. In fact, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions stated that, “the consent decree would keep the KKKops from doing their job of continuing to brutalize, racial profile and fuck up Black folks on a regular basis just ’cause they should!”

And here we have all these pasty-faced motherfuckers just declaring how horrid it is for Assad to gas his own people when these same pasty-faced assholes would rather see me dead just because my skin tone is dark. Don’t that fucking beat all? Talk about this shithole drowning in hypocrisy, America is the very definition of hypocrisy from one end of this cesspool of corruption to the other. And here we sit, biting our nails and hoping there’s to be no draft. My post titled, “The Draft Is Being Reinstituted On January 1st, 2016! is the number one post because you scared ass pieces of whiny assed exceptionally brain dead cretins are shaking in your cowboy boots and wife beaters over the possibility of you having to get up off your fat ass and get it handed to you by the Russians and the Chinese. You don’t have to worry about being drafted because you’re fucking useless, what with a needle stuck in your damn arm loaded with heroin and who knows what the hell else. Your fat ass can’t even fit in the cockpit of a fighter jet because you’re too damn lazy to even get up off the couch and turn the channel on the TV. The only thing you’re good for is nothing! Ain’t no use for you whatsoever. So quite actually, if a bomb was to land squarely in your fucking living room, it’d be doing you a favor by sending you to meet your fairytale maker sitting up in the sky waiting to receive your worthless ass, or so says your slimy piece of shit reverend; the snake oil selling bastard! Yeah, a bomb would quite actually be good for you because it’d put you out of your sorry ass misery. I wish they would send a bomb up the ass of every single piece of American filth and think I don’t mean that, you sorry ass filthy fuckers!

14 thoughts on “Bomb This Hellhole To Bits!

  1. Well said, Shelby.

    There’s nothing like a good draft to stir up the anti-war protests, I always said. Something Vietnam taught the warmongers. They learned the draft worked against them. All they need do is stir up some patriotic bullshit and just some misguided dupes wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross will volunteer. God save the president!

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    1. Thanks Peter! And you are right! All those ‘draft dodging’ politicians found a way out of getting drafted by claiming deferment after deferment. Mitt Romney claimed a religious deferment and fled to France and was holed up in La Chateau just a preaching the word about some Mormon bullshit and where was Donald Trump? Also somewhere claiming deferment after deferment and so it goes. But Joe America had to suit up and get sent to Vietnam since he could not claim a college deferment or even a religious one.

      I posted The Draft Is Being Reinstituted In January 2016! to do just what it did, scare these American dumb as all hell motherfuckers, shitless and it did just that. That has been THE number one post on here ever since it got posted except for the one about those transgender motherfuckers; that’s number 2! Go figure! Talk about weirdo creeps and a draft and you got yourself a winner! Now, if I know what can stir these brain dead Neanderthals, then we ALL know that TPTB know what to do to get these stupid yokels in line and it works every time. So fucking predictable, these so-called ‘humans’ are! The thought of them actually having to get up off their ass and have it handed to them, sends them running to hide underneath their mama’s bed. The only ones who sign up are those who claim there are no other jobs and then there are those who sign up because they love killing for the sake of killing.

      I sincerely wish to GEEBUS that some country would get the balls to send some goddamn big, hot ass missiles up our ass, I surely do!

      Peter, again, I thank you for your comment. Ever the brave one you are, to step up into this hot ass kitchen!

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    1. Thanks Leslie! You know me, if a nerve is to be touched, I’m the one to do it and most obligingly I do it too. You guys in Canada have my sympathy because if anything should happen, you’re likely to receive some fallout, but the thing is see, no one wants to use the Big ‘bomb-bomb’ because everyone’s ass would get toasted, fried and oven roasted at some point in time. But like I said, all the same, I keep hope alive! It’s the least I can do!

      Leslie, again, I thank you for your comment!


      1. Never lose hope Shelby. Your thoughts and writings are an important contribution and I hope you will always keep touching those nerves because they really need it.

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  2. Interesting it took Trump less than three months to totally reverse his foreign policy to conform with the demands of the Pentagon and military industrial complex. Who is surprised? This outcome was so predictable I really regret that I didn’t wager money on it. I should have checked the odds. Maybe I would be a millionaire now.

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  3. And of course, the MSM is salivating all over this and the focus has been taken off Trump’s mess. I am not surprised at all especially since Trump vowed to further enhance the military budget at the expense of all other program budgets. Even now, the Trump Administration has told all other agencies to expect and prepare for budget cuts, across the board. They’re pretty much existing on a shoe string budget as it is, especially HUD and I just read that Ben Carson got stuck in an elevator while touring an affordable housing complex and the fire department and the police had to be called to get him out. This is an indication of the serious issues plaguing not only HUD but this entire country from one end to the other, so go figure!

    One of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s takeaways from his nationwide listening tour may be to use the stairs next time.

    The unsuccessful 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, his wife, and five others were trapped in an elevator for about 15 minutes while touring an affordable housing complex in Miami on Wednesday.

    I too, wish I had wagered on this. We’d both be swimming in America’s funny money. Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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