War, The Birth Of Death!

I was born old with the sounds of war
roaring through my head
and of scenes depicting
the fact that I am dead.

I am as old as war,
never to know peace
only sorrow, pain
and a cease fire that will not cease.

Brought forth in death
by man’s insatiable desire
to kill for profit and for pain
and war is my sire.

Though I may not have lines
or wrinkles on my forehead
nevertheless, I am old,
too old to live and so I die, instead.

War, the birth of death;
 for youth is drained and tired
but must fight to die;
as war’s bitter taste is acquired.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

And so it goes, our children are born but why? They are born, dead for their bodies are mere pawns in wars, moved here and there on the chessboard of war, driven to war by war hawks and warmongers whose children grow rich and fat off the sacrifices of our children who are bred for their wars. We willingly give our children to be adopted by the warmongers and then we host parades praising them for taking our children and making them dead and/or old beyond their years. The voices in their heads, never leaving them even if they leave the battlefield and if they come back to us, it is in name only, for they are already dead since war is the birth of death.

20 thoughts on “War, The Birth Of Death!

  1. I hate to break it to you, but nobody is listening, nobody cares. The masses are hypnotized by the usual bread and circus games. Nothing new, remember Rome? Same stuff, but now we do it with computers.


      1. @ Prole Center

        Thank you Prole Center! I thank you because you do care regardless of whether or not it changes things. Please, keep caring for we know not if our caring is in vain and I for one, will never relinquish my humanity just because I think it would serve me better to forget that I am human.

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    1. Well Lou, I am listening and I care and though I am of no account in that I am not a warmonger, nor am I rich enough to enact legislation ordering meals for children instead of missiles, along with all of the rest of us nobodies, in here I get to have my say. And I want it known that not all Americans are brain dead and filled with fake ass exceptionalism. Some of us do care and would change things if we could even though we cannot.

      Yea, though I rail in vain, and yet for what does it avail me to rail, I rail nevertheless for if I did not, who would know that I shall never acquiesce and accept that I am part of the problem as opposed to at least wanting to be a part of the solution if I am ever given the chance?

      And since you did mention Rome, remember what happened to Rome? It may take years that this earth does not have, and I can only hope that this is not true, but as Rome did fall, so too, shall America suffer the same fate.

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    1. Leslie, thank you and as inspiration strikes, you will continue to hear from me. I’ll not be silenced just because I feel that my ‘voice’ is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If we all felt that way, some strides that have been made, would never have happened and this we ALL know. So, like you, I will never stop caring.

      And again, I thank you for your comment and please know that despite Lou’s comment, you are always welcome here!

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      1. Well, all the more reason to keep that on his blog and not pester people on mine. We should not make excuses for bad behavior. There was no reason for you to be attacked like that Leslie. You are not to blame for his mood. But I do thank you for being most understanding.

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  2. Sadly the violence against children isn’t limited to war. Child poverty and the desperate living conditions it imposes on growing children is a form of slow violence. At present, 21% of US kids live in poverty. New Zealand it’s even worse – 28% of children live in poverty. In this country poor children live in cold damp homes because energy costs are so high. Often they go to school barefoot and without raincoats in the rain – and without breakfast or lunch. As billionaires keep sucking all the money out of the economy, the numbers of kids living in poverty keep going up and up.

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    1. First, to speak on the “21% of US kids living in poverty”, that number would not be so high if we did not spend what we spend on the military and this goes back to what I am saying, if we did not participate in wars, if we stopped producing children only to feed wars, we would not be willing participants in this travesty whereas “21% of US kids are living in poverty.” As someone once said, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Something we just refuse to understand.

      As for New Zealand’s mistreatment of children, I can only guess at what’s behind it since I am quite certain that you guys don’t fund a military presence like we do here in the states and so what can account for New Zealand’s spending if it is not on social programs to make sure that children are not living in these conditions? And I am quite sure that it is mainly the indigenous population that is suffering the most because of New Zealand’s policies especially seeing as how the indigenous population has no political representation which in my book is another travesty.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


      1. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I say! Of course, I am just being facetious here. Dr. Bramhall, that’s a sad ass shame when those people can be doing so poorly in their own country while those who stole it from them are, for the most part, doing just fine. And the status quo continues.


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