War Never Takes A Holiday

Another government shutdown looms
and with it clouds of mushroom plumes.
Can you smell the toxic fumes
that reek of death, mankind it dooms?

Bombs away! Look lively there!
Behold the rocket’s bright red glare,
as soldiers stand, salute and stare,
no thought for a mother or child she’d bear.

Duty calls and they obey.
War never takes a holiday.
My child, your child; both will pay
for peace will always to war, give way.

And though we think we are immune
here at home, war will come soon.
You’ll pay the piper for this tune.
No Star Spangled Banner will you croon.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

Here in the land of the stupid and the brain dead, and it should go without saying that I am speaking of America, we go about our business as usual. Government shutdowns are threatened as congress plays the same tired old game of supposedly shutting down a government that doesn’t work anyway. So what’s to shut down? I don’t know because nothing that is ever good comes out of the halls of congress or the White House. And inside both chambers sits the useless, the deranged and the greedy bastards who are owned; lock stock and barrel by the very corporations that also run our lives. We have certainly given up on any pretense that we have a say over any aspect of our lives. What we eat is owned by nine corporations. What entertainment we still thirst for is owned by a handful of corporations who feed us what we see and hear.

I read just the other day that Trump’s poll numbers soared after he gave the order to launch 59 missiles at Syria and when he also ordered the MOAB(Mother Of All Bombs)to be dropped on Afghanistan. And now, we anxiously await his orders to drop bombs on North Korea. Well, just sit back and think that this will have no impact on US and you’re in for a rude awakening. Regardless of whether or not you think that Kim Jong Un is crazy has no relevance on what is going down. Donald Trump is just as crazy and yet, this nutcase has his finger on the ‘red boom-boom’ button. The war chickens are coming home to roost up your ass, AmeriKKKans and I sure hope you like it hot; hot and funky ’cause you’re going to smell the fallout from your living rooms and from your spa hideaways and your luxurious hotel suites. The claim is that when you fly for 7 hours, you are subjected to what amounts to an x-ray. Well, that’ll be the least of your worries, but then you’ve never considered how much radiation you’re subjecting your body to when before you are even allowed to board a plane, you must first be radiated and those of you who are frequent flyers, well…let’s just say that you are already a cancer ticking time bomb. But no worries for you because just as soon as your son and your husband, cousin, father, brother and nephew start sending nuclear missiles to North Korea, you can thank them for what they’re about to set off up your ass because you’ve been lucky thus far but your luck is about to run out. And about time, I’d say.

So, you thank Donald Trump, you damn warmongers for killing your ass via your own sons and husbands, but the last thing you will be applauding is Trump’s rising poll numbers as you watch AmeriKKKa get what she has so long been begging for, war at our front door! I’m placing big bets on this and my money is backing Kim Jong Un! Bring it!

9 thoughts on “War Never Takes A Holiday

  1. I’m with you, Shelby, let the government shut down. Who cares? Themselves, that’s who. But it won’t. That’s just hype. Scare tactic.

    And who are the crazier, Kim Jong Un or any of our current and past presidents and their puppeteers?

    North Korea’s nuclear capability; that they can make radioactive cinders of Seoul and Japan is thus far the only thing that has kept them off the growing list of countries laid waste by America. And now it appears America willing to take the next step.

    Great post.

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    1. I thank you for your comment Peter. It would seem that we never grow tired of feeding the war machine and we quite actually celebrate with soaring poll numbers for those who say, “Let’s drop some more bombs!” We somehow think that we shall never pay the price for this bloodlust that we have. But I do sincerely hope that we are not left unscathed in regards to this latest development that continues to develop. Maybe I am just too hopeful that what’s happening on the Korean peninsular will affect US, but I am going to keep much hope alive that it does. I sincerely pray to the Christian’s non-existent gawd that Kim Jong Un and crew can get some missiles dropped on the mainland here before getting shut down. I’d love to see some war refugees over here for once fleeing bomb struck Washington, D.C. I know, I know, but I’m still hoping.

      And quite frankly, the French and the Germans and those other morons across the sea should be the ones sending missiles up our ass seeing as how we, here in AmeriKKKa are responsible for why they’ve got so many ‘terrorists’ activities going on over there. You see, AmeriKKKa can sit back and start shit without having any fear that refugees by the millions can crawl into leaky boats and make it to this shore and so where do they end up? All over Germany, Hungary and Sweden, refugees fleeing our shit stirring are straining their economies and even Greece is dealing with the fallout. Those countries have many reasons to send bombs here. I only wish Syria, Iran and Yemen could send some, I truly do! We have turned overseas into a hellhole and yet we still want more? And somehow, North Korea is the problem? We are fucking unfuckingbelievable!

      Peter, again I thank you for a most spot on comment!


      1. So true Leslie! They just continue to add to the misery and the suffering. Something needs to stop it! And we play a huge role in continuing to add to that suffering, misery and despair and then turn around and thank those military whores for doing this. I will never understand so-called ‘humans’ who can greatly harm and kill other ‘humans’ whom they’ve never even met just because some warmongers tell them to. It simply makes no sense at all!

        Thank you for your comment!

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  2. If you set this poem to music, people could use it as the ringtone for their Smartphones. I’ve tried singing it to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and most of scans except for the second line.

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    1. Why thank you Dr. Bramhall, that’s mighty kind of you to say that about my pitiful attempt at poetry. However, I hope that we soon shall be ‘singing’ a different tune; one of woe is US because bombs are in our living rooms, for a change! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of stupid, brain dead, warmongering whore shits!


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