Race Relations Are Deteriorating


Nooooo! Say it ain’t so!

A majority of the nearly two dozen poll respondents reached by Reuters, including Cartagena, Mami and Dees, said they have recently sensed an unsettling rise in racial hostility – or at least a greater willingness by some Americans to express it.

It’s not just minorities who say they’re feeling unnerved. Dees, the painting contractor from Many, Louisiana, a town of about 2,700 people, said he sensed rising anger among black residents after Trump’s unexpected victory.

It did not take the election of Donald Trump to get me to speak out on race relations. I have been speaking on race relations for years. When you drag people from a continent, enslave them, supposedly ‘free’ them only to make sure that there is no way for them to compete on a level playing field for jobs, housing; the whole nine yards and you systematically incarcerate them by the millions, thus ensuring that this country will always have slave labor, what did you think was going to happen?

When nothing has been done to rein in hate groups by at least calling them ‘terror organizations’, what did you think was going to happen? When you display only racism, bigotry and prejudice to a group of people who are in AmeriKKKa through no fault of their own, did you think that they would grow to love their oppressors? Let me clear up one thing, white folks, the majority of us hate you with a passion that words cannot do justice to and each and every single day we long for your death and we hope that you die in the most horrible way possible. That’s the truth. As much as you hate us for being here thanks to your lazy ass ancestors who had no work ethic at all and hence, that is the reason we are here, your hatred for us pales in comparison to ours for you. Just because some coonhead sellouts will lie down with you, wed with you and give you accolades does not mean that the vast majority of us fall into that category. The vast majority of us despise and loathe you with every fiber of our being. Yeah! Let that sink in. Let it marinate because you see, we have been seething for over 400 years now and like a kettle that’s brought to boil, we’re likely to boil over like this dude did.

Fresno shooting rampage: Suspect who shot dead 3 wanted to kill as many [white] people as possible, police say.

Police said the man who killed three people on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday while shouting “Allahu Akbar” wanted to kill as many [white] people as possible after a warrant was released for his arrest in the murder of a motel security guard last week.

Muhammad went by the nickname “Black Jesus” and has made posts against white people and the government on his Facebook page.

On what appeared to be Muhammad’s Facebook page, he repeatedly posted “#LetBlackPeopleGo” and encouraged “black warriors” to “mount up.” A flurry of posts emerged in the past day.

And another Black warrior did ‘mount up’ and shot dead 5 KKKops in Dallas, TX.

DALLAS — The heavily armed sniper who gunned down police officers in downtown Dallas, leaving five of them dead, specifically set out to kill as many white officers as he could, officials said Friday. He was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb-making materials.

Sound familiar? You bet it does! What is with these Black men who set out to kill ‘white’ people and only ‘white’ people? What could they possibly have against those who constantly speak of freedom, rights, justice and humanitarianism? White folks, shut the fuck up because you are the worst hypocrites slithering and crawling across this planet spreading your vileness and your atrocities with relish. You have managed to fuck up an entire planet and yet, you think your shit don’t stink and that it’s such an atrocity when someone turns around and does to you what you are doing to an entire planet. Keep sitting back and thinking that the chickens are not going to come home to roost all up your depraved asses. What you have read here is only the beginning because believe me, people with nothing left to lose are some dangerous motherfuckers and you have made sure that millions of people have nothing left to lose while you sit back and pour salt into the wounds of those you have enslaved, made poverty stricken and homeless but who are here through no fault of their own. What god you lay claim to is no god because you’ve made yourselves, god and you use a non-existent god to keep every other group pliable to what you’re doing to them. On some of us, it is no longer working and this is fast catching on.

You can no longer lull us into believing in your fictional lord and savior because how in the world is the likes of you heading to some paradise after you croak what with all that foul shit smeared on your funky asses for all the world to see? There ain’t enough prayers or psalms in the Bible to get you through even your fake ass pearly gates because the evil that is you would have long since singed any precious metal or glow right off a pearl and off of anything else you’ve managed to vomit up. Death is finally stalking your ass and you don’t know when it’s coming, but it’s coming. So, go right ahead and continue wreaking havoc across this shithole and the world and what you give is most definitely what you are going to receive! It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving. And just so you don’t forget, re-read these block quoted words. And just keep in mind that “rising anger among black residents!”

Dees, the painting contractor from Many, Louisiana, a town of about 2,700 people, said he sensed rising anger among black residents after Trump’s unexpected victory.

A “rising anger” indeed! Yeah! We’re goddamn tired of printing signs and wearing out the soles of our shoes waiting on you to get something you’ve never had and never will get; a heart, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, humanity, love and mercy. Not one of those words is synonymous with ‘whites’. ‘Christian love and charity’, my goddamn ass! You don’t even believe your own lies. So why should we?  But it’s quite obvious that we’re not standing for your shit anymore! This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace! You’ve seen to that!

7 thoughts on “Race Relations Are Deteriorating

  1. from the msn article:
    “It’s not just minorities who say they’re feeling unnerved. Dees, the painting contractor from Many, Louisiana, a town of about 2,700 people, said he sensed rising anger among black residents after Trump’s unexpected victory.
    “You can just feel the tension building, like something is fixing to come to a head,” said Dees, 46, who did not vote in the November election. “There is more of a hatred toward white people.” ”

    If this man don’t sit the f down. He talks as if Donald Trump’s election wasn’t primarily motivated by a hatred of all peoples considered nonwhite. How does he expect his fellow townspeople to view his supposed “did not vote in the November election” ass after the election came to pass?

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    1. Thank you for that wonderful comment Caleb! Unfortunately, I cannot take that man to task because Black-assed as I am and non-felonious in the bargain, I too, did not vote. I voted to not vote because I just could not hold my nose and vote for Hillary ‘warmonger’ Clinton but nor could I vote for Big ‘make AmeriKKKa WHITE again’ Cheetoh! I could make excuses that I’m ailing and getting around with the aid of a walker, but that don’t cut the mustard ’cause my walker has a seat and I could of sat down while waiting in long lines.

      I just thought to myself, “Why vote when even when I do vote, I complain and if I don’t vote, I complain, so why vote especially with two such deranged worms to vote for; one being a warmonger’s favorite whore and the other, an egotistical, pussy grabbing maniac?” And so I abstained. I sat on the sidelines. I sat this one out.

      But you must remember that no matter who has been ‘elected’ to the presidency, none of us who are just the average Main Street America ever really make out. And Black people can just hang it up anyway. We see that there is no one that is going to do anything about our horrendous stats of homelessness, joblessness, inadequate health care, mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline and the list is endless.

      So, yes, I am just as guilty as dude is and as you can see, I was seething when I wrote this here post. Why I have not spontaneously combusted is a complete and utter mystery to me. But for the life of me, I just could not head to the polls and vote, what with those two as the SELECTED choices. And look at what happened when I did stand in line and voted for Barack Obama, not once but twice and we ALL know what a piece of work he was. And now, right on schedule, he is living off the fat of the land; Wall Street’s movers and shakers. The dust from the Oval Office has not even been scraped off his shoes yet and he’s already made $400,000 on a speech to Wall Street’s cronies and then some had the nerve to wonder why not one Wall Street banker was ever jailed following the 2008 financial crash. This is why. He knew who would be buttering his bread once he slithered his way out of the White House and he made good on those promises to that Wall Street scum.

      And here we are, with racial tensions at boiling point, and on the brink of nuclear war. At this point Caleb, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

      I sincerely thank you for your comment Caleb. It is much appreciated.


      1. Oh I agree completely with your statement that the choices are dreadful and I don’t pass judgement on anyone who cannot bring themselves to vote for either of these terrible war parties. What I was taking issue with is the way this man so casually talks about the Black people in his town of less than 3,000 people as being so “filled with hatred for whites” after the Trump election as if there is no reasoning or justification behind their distrusts of whites who live in their community. After all the white population in this area went overwhelmingly for Trump so he should expect to be viewed with suspicion if he hasn’t done anything to disassociate himself from the hatred stirred up by Trump.
        It’s also a damn shame that the writer of that msn article decided to quote the white Louisianan’s opinion about the local Black community without bothering to ask any of them how they actually feel, as I’m pretty sure they could’ve explained how they felt better than that man could have. After all, in a town of slightly over 2,000, how hard could it have been to get a general feel of how the townsfolk are feeling aside from the opinion of this one man?

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      2. I completely misunderstood your comment Caleb and for that I apologize. I was focused only on the fact that I did not vote. You are SO right in that that piece of filth(Dees) was interviewed and yet no Black people were. We know why! They don’t want to hear the truth. They refuse to print the truth as seen through our eyes. They want the watered down version of everything including the fact that Trump deliberately and with malice aforethought sought out the so-called ‘white nationalists which of course is just a code word for skinheads, the Klan and other white non-supremacy groups. We are always silenced through gunfire, incarceration and ignored through non-reporting and the list is endless. That is why there are nothing but lies about us in the HIStory books. You of course, know that even the textbooks are attempting to eliminate slavery and are instead printing that African slaves were merely immigrants who came here alongside the Irish and other immigrants to work good paying jobs. There is also a book out about happy slaves baking birthday cakes for presidents; namely George Washington. Who in hell thinks a slave was happy? But that’s what we have to put up with along with all the other shit that’s flung our way. I sincerely appreciate you and those like you who will stand and say exactly what’s going down especially when it’s rotten. When it’s rotten, you say it is. And I encourage everyone that reads this to head over to YOUR blog, ushypocrisy.com. They’ll get an eyeful of exactly that!

        Again, I thank you Caleb! And I do hope all is well with you!


      3. It is and to be fair I wasn’t completely articulate in the way I worded the first comment. I live in Louisiana just like the guy in this article and I’m not lying when I say that among the vast majority – like probably 80% – of whites in this state Donald Trump is their man. You mentioned how Trump making appeals to skinheads and Nazis in his quest for the presidency. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this post I made back in December but I did my best to chronicle some of that in one post here https://ushypocrisy.com/2016/11/23/donald-trump-is-moving-his-love-affair-with-neo-nazis-and-white-supremacists-into-the-white-house/
        Much love and best wishes!

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  2. When I first studied black history about 30 years ago, I was taught that the mutated albinos who would eventually populate Europe didn’t just “migrate” out of Africa – they were rounded up and driven out by black chieftains because they were dirty, sneaky and dishonest. The chieftains rode camels and forced the white people to walk barefoot across the burning sands. This makes a certain amount of sense to me. You have to ask why they all left (at roughly the same time) – it seems to me this would only happen if they were driven out.

    For some reason this oral history seems to have fallen out of fashion – I can find no reference at all to it through a casual search of the Internet.

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    1. I have highlighted your comment Dr. Bramhall because it is sound and it certainly makes sense. With people who are as depraved as white people are, it makes sense for those Black chieftains to have gotten that vile garbage out of their face and land. That was the only way to ensure that their people would not be subject to what we are being subjected to here. We, unfortunately, are the minority and so are at the ‘mercy’ of these depraved spawns of evil and so have no choice but to be fucked up by them. Would that we could round them up and drive them from this continent. The poor Indians tried, but unfortunately, their weapons were no match against those who sought their annihilation and their land. And we all know what happened to the Indians afterwards.

      Some of you may have what could remotely pass for a conscience, some of you may know right from wrong, but too many of you are not worth what a worm shits out. And there are many of you who know others of your kind who are skinheads, who are racist KKKops and say nothing, do nothing and so therefore, are complicit. And whites are the very ones who are so very loud about Christianity and are the farthest thing from good, kind, decent and empathetic. Hell! We know that the so-called ‘Christian charitable organizations’ are only out for themselves and are exploiting disabled workers by paying them 22 cents an hour. And if they can do that to those who look like them, then it is no stretch of the imagination to consider what’s being done to us.

      So, Dr. Bramhall, I sincerely thank you for daring to step foot all up in this hot ass kitchen. It ain’t hardly bright and sunny up in here, hell no!


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