We Are Voiceless!

I threw myself into the fray.
I said, “I will persevere, come what may.”
Little did I know that I was to throw in the towel
so soon as I exit this stage with a scowl.

I added my voice to the billions who yearn
for a change to take place, but we never learn.
We are voiceless in the midst of this screaming crowd,
speaking to no one though our voices are loud.

Oh, how little and insignificant we are,
though we hate to admit this truth by far.
I talk at you while you talk back at me,
and nothing gets done in this virtuality.

I am part of a chorus that will never be heard.
I exit this stage, distance myself from the herd.
What language I speak, gets lost in translation.
 And with that being said, I tender my resignation.

I never had anything of significance to say.
And so into my pillow, at night I shall bray.
It will do just as well as what is said to you now.
We’re all preaching to the choir and it don’t matter no how.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote this poem because a fellow blogger I used to ‘follow’ decided that he was not doing anything of significance by blogging and that he was only adding to the problem. I, myself, have felt this way so often, there are poems to that effect all over this blog. When I first started blogging, I was full of inspiration and enthusiasm because I was mostly blogging to bring awareness of those who are also voiceless; the homeless. I thought I had something of significance to say and I also thought, “Oh what the hell? I shall add my voice to countless other voices out there!” But I also  wonder, “What is it all for?” Am I wasting my time? Yes, I’m pretty much wasting my time. Although, I will admit that I have learned a few things from blogging. I have also taken away from it, that people can often be close-minded, uninformed or simply misinformed and even outright stubborn and stuck in their ways. By reading the stories of others, I have in essence, changed in some ways and in other ways, I don’t think I ever will. It is human nature, I guess to want to be right and to also not want to believe that you could be wrong and that because you could be wrong, that maybe you should take a look deep into why you think you could be wrong and either rationalize it or consider that you are not as open-minded as you would like to believe you are; that you are not as willing to accept people for who and what they are as you think you are. I have condemned people based solely on my own narrow way of thinking and that is wrong. I was taught that unless a person does something to hurt me personally, I have no right to judge that person by my so-called moral code or to hold them up to what I deem to be right and good and decent and cut them down for not thinking or living the way I do.

There is much that I can work on and I intend to. But I would also like to think that through this blog, I have given folks an inkling into what makes me, me. And that good or bad, I try in many ways to become a better person. Will I succeed? I can but try.

16 thoughts on “We Are Voiceless!

  1. What you have to say has great significance. The “they’ want us to lose hope and give up but you have challenged them. Don’t let “them” silence you.

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    1. Leslie, there are many whom I’ve met through this ‘virtual’ reality and they are now, dead; and they died while nothing had changed. And they blogged because by doing so, they hoped to awaken the masses and to show people that they were caring and concerned about ALL mankind and to what did it avail them? Oh yes, they touched my heart, but they are, as I’ve stated, gone and nothing has changed for the better and nothing will. I hate to have this fatalistic attitude, but when I look around, all I see is hatred, intolerance, bullying, discord and enmity, intolerance, deceit, vainness and hypocrisy and the list is endless, but of peace and ‘real’ beauty, love, compassion and togetherness, there is none. And I see no hope that any of the latter will win against the former.

      Leslie, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Shelby, those people before you, inspired you and you in turn will inspire someone else. Eventually it will get to someone who is in a position to do something. We may not live to see the changes but at least we have carried it forward. Your words are powerful, you do have a gift.

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      2. Leslie, as with all of the others who commented here, I add you to the ‘voice of reason’, as well.

        I failed to understand what you just pointed out, in that they did indeed, inspire me and though I think they made no difference at all, in fact, they did. They made much difference. They taught me much. They made me understand that not all people are despicable and incapable of feeling and they got me to realize that I am also capable of feeling because though I never met them, the loss of them impacts my life greatly. And I know that we are ALL in this together; those of us who are in this!

        Leslie, I cannot thank you and the others enough for your thoughtful and oh so right on point comments. They have made all the difference in the world to me! And each and every one of you impacts my life, daily, in a most wonderful way!

        Bless your heart!

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      3. Shelby, bless you for what you do. I know we all long to see change and it will come. Don’t let anyone silence your voice.


  2. Someone is reading your blogs and poems and getting something out of them. Even if that someone is YOU and ONLY YOU! I feel ya it gets rough at times, we just have to pace ourselves, stop and take a break and get a drink of water and regroup, like a marathon. Things will get better, or maybe they won’t, who knows. But at least you’ll say you tried and fought to the bitter end. You’ll have no regrets. Keep up the good work🖒🖒🖒

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    1. Thank you for that most encouraging comment themelanatedman. I needed it at a time when I am hopelessly pessimistic. I get this way from time to time and I distance myself from this and try and concentrate on other things, but even in what is my reality, there is no escape. I have tried many times to ‘vacation’ myself from the ugliness of this world, but it is everywhere one turns. There is no escaping it. And so, my poems offer me a way to express what I am feeling though there is nothing I can do about it..

      You are also correct in that I know that I have tried and even though I know that what I do, gets nothing done, I tried to show people that some of us do possess compassion, empathy, sensitivity and tenderness, caring and concern for our fellow man and animals.

      I thank you again, for your comment themelanatedman!

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  3. Hi Shelby, I only discovered your blog a few months ago and find your writing and your voice inspiring — the words you sent forth for “Bringing Social Issues To The Forefront” inspire me. Enough to realize the influence you’ve brought to my own perspectives and views. In fact, I have just browsed into earlier entries (like 2013 even) to discover a consistent, bright and enthusiastic style. They buoy the spirit that keeps me at it when I *also* think that only the choir listens. But you never really know when it makes a difference. You make a difference. I hope we all do out here in your audience!
    Thank you most genuinely 🙂

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    1. Billziegler1947, first of all, “Welcome!” And yes, both comments ended up in my ‘Trash’ folder. This has been happening too often lately and I must tell Worstpress about this AGAIN!

      I want to thank you for that wonderful comment, actually both of them, because it does my heart good to know that I am not alone in how I feel and from the other comments, I gather what I sometimes feel is not so unique after all. I think what I have a problem with is the fact that, unfortunately, we have no ‘on air’ time to refute the lies and outright propaganda that is put out by the mainstream media. Our ‘enemy’ so to speak, owns the airwaves and so their message is received by millions who are fed their lies and who then eat them up and swallow them down whole without even retching over them. While we on the other hand, feel lucky if two people view what we write especially seeing as how it’s people like us who really know what’s going down. We are beholden to no corporation, nor are we selling out for a dollar. And so sometimes, I just feel as though my message gets lost in the ‘noise’.

      But again, I do thank you for sharing with me that I am not writing in vain and that what I have to say is appreciated, looked forward to and is something of significance. Your wonderful blog is as well and we shall both keep speaking out on the need for people to recognize and understand that eating animals is something else that mainstream media will not tackle, but we do and we will. Many, many thanks Bill!

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  4. Just to give you an idea of how much I value your voice, Shelby, I composed a comment, hit send and witnessed that comment disappear somewhere among the WordPress electrons. This time I’m composing outside the comment rectangle in case that happens again.
    Well, this gives me a chance to prove that my appreciation of your enthusiasm and great writings aren’t stopping me from starting at that proverbial square one: expressing the importance of your blog. In fact, I browsed on through your previous posts (to 2013 even) and found a consistent and convincing writing style.
    In these strange times our voices are even more important — you inspire me to continue posting when it seems that only the choir reads my stuff, or that the stuff I write is not making a difference. We have to believe they are. From a personal perspective, I want to read more from you. So now let’s see if this comment does not get lost among those electrons :-

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  5. Beautifully expressed Shelby, the moment we think we know it all, seen it all, done it all… is the moment we stop growing as a person. Blogging allows me to question all my long held beliefs, try to view all sides of the story – to break my own mental programming, which is really a prison of our own choosing.
    There’s no point in trying to change other ppl’s minds if I am so rigid as incapable of changing my own.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

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    1. Thank you for that extremely thoughtful and thought-provoking comment 1EarthUnited. You are SO right, if I am close-minded, how in the hell do I expect others to be open-minded to what I’m trying to say? It works both ways.

      But also with this poem, I was paying a little tribute to those who had something to offer, did indeed offer it and it was felt by them that what they offered was just not accepted. And unfortunately, they have passed on. I am just in a melancholy mood here, especially seeing as how I am also attempting to write another tribute to my sister who passed away 4 years ago tomorrow.

      I thank you, again for your comment 1EarthUnited.


    1. Awww, Dr. Bramhall, thank you for that! If you stopped blogging, I would indeed, miss you. I look forward to your posts daily. And they certainly inspire me to comment more often than not. What would we do without your level-headedness and common sense? As we both know, that is sadly lacking these days. As I stated in the above comment, I am just in a melancholy mood for several reasons, but like always, I shall get myself together and come up out of the doldrums. I had also given up champagne and lo and behold, the doorbell rings and a case of the bubbly was delivered. I cannot very well refuse to consume now, can I? Uh…don’t answer that. The answer is, “No, I can’t! Cheers and bottoms up!”

      Dr. Bramhall, again I thank you for your most thoughtful comment.


      1. Thanks for your very kind comment, Shelby. In my own case, I’ve found the best way to cope with melancholic periods is to remind myself they will pass. They always do. A very good friend taught me this.

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