2 thoughts on “What I Wasn’t Taught in School

  1. No question about it, Shelby, Education has been corporatized just as health care and prisons have. Hopefully access to the Internet enables youth of color to challenge the conventional curriculum that’s shoved down their throat. While I would never dream of owning a Smartphone myself, this technology does seem to have been quite effective in making the Internet available to low income youth.

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    • Well, Dr. Bramhall, if you went to Kelley’s site, then you probably read my comment about how back in the day, we were taught not a damn thing about slavery or how folks who look like me came to be in AmeriKKKa. And ‘white’ teachers were so quick to point out how I resembled everybody from the Egyptians to the Spanish. So, that is why I stated that I suppose I ‘immigrated’ to America from Egypt via Spain. When others are telling MY history, I’d better do a bit of digging to find out the truth because I sure ain’t gonna find it from those who are responsible for atrocities, genocide, slavery, thievery and all things in between.

      I thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall.


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