We Celebrate Memorial Day!

We celebrate Memorial Day in honor of blood spilled.
And we stand silently by and watch those coffins, filled
with the bodies of dead soldiers who once knew joy
but then lined up as though they were a tin soldier toy.

We take this day to solemnly give thanks and praise
to those who willingly reduced on this earth, their numbered days.
What a wonder it is to be alive and to show our gratitude
while those who served this country lie in glorious solitude.

As we head to the store to buy flags made in Vietnam
to bestow upon the grave of the sacrificial lamb,
we honor the memory of every unknown soldier
by giving him a neighbor to lie beside him, shoulder to shoulder.

Why should we cease to inscribe names on yet another wall,
since it is so easy to produce another soldier to heed war’s call?
No, we must never truly show our gratitude for our war weary dead,
and to those whose body lives while their mind died instead.

So, eat your hotdogs and your apple pie and wave your flag
while another soldier is soon to be placed in a body bag.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

And here we go again! Taking a day to honor our war dead while still at war and so what have we learned? Not a goddamn thing! Monday, Trump’s depraved ass will solemnly place a wreath at the tomb of ‘The Unknown’ soldier; ‘The Unknowns’. And just which soldier did he know? What soldier did Obama or Bush know, either Bush, for that matter? Trump, after having just recently dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on Afghanistan and declared that more soldiers are necessary to fight some bogeymen that the U.S. trained and/or caused to be unleashed on the Middle East by way of the CIA will ‘borrow’ some dignity from somewhere just long enough to get through the hypocritical ceremony of the placing of the wreath. And then, it’s off to golfing and ordering some Big Macs.

Oh, how we really mean it when we “Thank a service man/woman for their service to this country” while we continue to add to their numbers because hardly any of us know a soldier who got him/herself killed in the line of ‘duty’ because it has always been some poor schmuck who was too dumb to understand that he’s still poor after having signed his life away and for what? Not a goddamn thing! Food stamps, a gun, a backpack and a flag to drape over his coffin. Yeah! Now, go eat your hot dog! Celebrate!

6 thoughts on “We Celebrate Memorial Day!

    1. Ain’t that a fact Kelley! These brain dead cretins, right on schedule will do as told or otherwise, instructed. There are deep discounts at the few remaining stores that have not declared bankruptcy and closed and so rush right on in for your Memorial Day shopping madness! Those sales are in remembrance of those who bravely gave their lives up so that we could have deep discounts in stores on the day we take to remember them. Yeah! We’ll be shopping and eating hotdogs and attending baseball games while those who ‘served’ this country have turned to dust in their graves. And we don’t even know who those dead soldiers are. I mean, what’s they got to do with me? But, I’ll shop at the Memorial Day madness sale in their honor, all the same, I surely will! And let’s head to the parade grounds, afterwards. We are so happy and grateful to be alive and not mere dust six feet under, we’ve just got to rush over to the Toyotathon sale and buy us a new gas guzzling SUV. That’ll show those dead service men/women how much we appreciate their ‘service’ to this fucked up country.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment. It is spot on!

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      1. No, it doesn’t. It just highlights our blaring and glaring hypocrisy! We don’t give a good goddamn about some dead soldiers. Hell! We refuse to even ‘man’ the suicide hotline for those who are still alive but who are dead inside because we are too busy running to Memorial Day madness sales. But we are surely doing something for the dead and fucked up in the head vets by shopping in their honor. Oh yes, we are!

        Thanks Kelley!

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    1. There you go, pointing out the truth again, Dr. Bramhall. And at Easter, we are told to buy Cadbury chocolate bunnies because nothing compares to the Cadbury bunny. We are told on the 4th of July to watch some fireworks, cook out on the grill and fly the flag because we’ve got to be patriotic. We are told when to start shopping for Christmas and everyone knows that’s Black Friday. We are told that we need to celebrate Columbus Day and for what? I don’t know because no one can get it straightened out as to why if Columbus ‘discovered’ America, America is named for Amerigo Vespucci. We are told to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, ham is the thing and we dutifully follow instructions. We are told to buy our cars at the end of year clearance and yep, there we are. So, why the hell are the OTHER robots coming down the pike when there are millions already here? For the love of!!!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment. Yes, indeed, Kelley was spot on!


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