Now, You Want The Simple Life!


You ‘white’ folks just simply amaze me! You have got some goddamn audacity. On another blog today, I took exception to a post titled, “Radical Voluntary Simplicity” in which there was a call for folks who wanted to go back to a much simpler way of life to get together on some donated land in Australia and live simpler. And wouldn’t you know it, the ‘whites’ went for that shit, lickety-split as though ‘white’s ain’t the very reason they’re now fed up with their own way of life.

“Simpler Way is about an experiment in radical voluntary simplicity in Victoria Australia in 2016 Using donated land, volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and the UK agree to opt out of the money/corporate system and spend a year in an intentional community. The documentary is a record of their experiences.”

Now that is rich! Volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom got together because they wanted to go back to the basics. Some were simply fed up with their corporate desk jobs and all of their hoarding ways; hoarding that materialistic junk that apparently, did not make them happy.

Let’s take a minute to think about this. Now, the UK is responsible for sending ships all around the world and ‘finding’ other cultures which they made assimilate to their way of life, made those ‘uncivilized heathens’ live like them. Take America for instance, weren’t the Indians already living the simple life? But the Europeans didn’t want that. Look at America today. It is anything but living simply. And what about Australia, the Aborigines Indigenous to that region were indeed, living the simple life and along comes some of England’s criminal rejects and now, Australia has been corporatized; ‘civilized’, thus turning it into a stomp down system of capitalism which is what these people are fleeing from who now wish to live the simple life. Not to be outdone, but some folks from New Zealand moseyed on over because they too were fed up with having destroyed the simple Maori way of life, turned those people into criminals in their own homeland, denied them political representation, but is it the Maoris who flew over to Australia to participate in going back to the basics? Hell no! It is the very people who shoved the Maori’s simple lifestyle aside and instead opted for “build baby build and now I’m so damn tired of corporate this and that, I need a goddamn break!”

What’s happening is now that ‘whites’ worldwide are becoming drug addicts and are committing suicide at alarming rates so bad that the Centers For Disease Control and the World Health Organization are issuing alarms and doing studies, it is now time to go back to the basics and to live simpler because expensive shit ain’t keeping ‘white’ folks happy. The whores of Hollywood ain’t doing it because have you heard, box office sales are way down and it ain’t looking so good. So, even Kim Kartrashcan’s ass ain’t cutting it no more! ‘Whites’ are overdosing on everything that they can get their hands on and so what’s left to do? Go simple! So, head on over to Australia where the progeny of England’s convict rejects have some donated land and are now inviting ‘white’ people to go back to the basics by giving up their worldly goods and make little houses or pop a tent.

Naturally, I had to comment on that shit, “Radical Voluntary Simplicity” and without further ado, I shall post my comment here!

First of all, every single time I see a project of this type, regardless of whether or not it is across the ocean or here in America, there are no Black people or other people of color to be seen. Why is that?

Secondly, if the Europeans, which represent the majority of these people who have worked in corporate America and then had some sort of epiphany and started realizing that the very mindset that set this all in motion is just not working for them and so they abandon it for the simple way of life which is what all other cultures were doing long before the Europeans came and decided to construct a capitalistic society, why then are there no people being interviewed whose culture was destroyed in the name of so-called ‘progress’ which is what these people in this video are trying to escape? I’ll tell you why. It is because the obvious would be right out in their faces and they don’t like it! That’s why. The ‘white is right’ way ain’t working for them now and they hate to be shown up for actually thinking that all of their technology was going to make life much better for them when in reality, they are more unhealthy, unhappy and depressed. More is not better is what they’re finally figuring out because all I heard in this video is about how many of them simply gave up much of their hoarded belongings in order to free themselves to live simpler.

The Indians in America were living just like what these people are hoping to ‘get back to’. The Aborigines Indigenous to Australia were living like this before Australia was colonized by convicts shipped over from England. The Africans were living like this before the Europeans arrived and decided to ship many of them to America to turn America into what these people who are depicted here are now wishing to escape from. The Maoris were living like this in New Zealand. This is insanity! And yet, not one of those whose ancestors actually lived like these people now want to live is depicted here even though if not for the Europeans believing that their way was the RIGHT way, they would not be fed up with what they thought was the RIGHT way to live; slaving away at a desk job, polluting the environment and keeling over thanks to bad food, water and air! For the love of !!!!!

Not one project of this type have I ever seen to include those who lived the simple life before the Europeans came and fucked shit up and yet, they are going to save the goddamn day for us all! That will be the goddamn day! They have just now figured out that they have fucked this world up not only for all other cultures and peoples but they’ve fucked it up for themselves and they ain’t liking it none too well. Well, suck it up because you own this! Your own goddamn kind fucked this entire planet up for us all and now you motherfuckers want to live simply again. Shut the fuck up because you bastards put this shit into play and now we’re all walking toxin factories thanks to your depraved asses! But now, you’re “going green and simple”. Like hell you’re going green, but you got simple down pat! You have destroyed whole cultures, decimated the land of others, enslaved people for profit, invented bombs that killed millions, but now you worthless, no account, depraved and useless motherfuckers want the simple way of life AFTER ALL economies worldwide are crashing? But yet you refuse to even depict in your ‘living simpler’ films’ any of those whose culture you decimated so that you could sit at a desk and get pissed off about it. You refuse to have those people, whose culture you thought was beneath you, in front of a camera,  to point out to you what was right in front of your face this entire time while you were busy thinking that money, big houses, fancy cars and smart TVs were the shit! Get the fuck outta here with that goddamn dumbass bullshit! Even when you know you are wrong, you refuse to have it pointed out to you and you refuse to take the blame!

6 thoughts on “Now, You Want The Simple Life!

  1. Shelby, you nail the incredible irony. I really like your line, “They have just now figured out that they have fucked this world up not only for all other cultures and peoples but they’ve fucked it up for themselves…”

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    1. Thank you JoAnn! I just call it like I see it! And it is all such a damn shame that in order to find out that we should have been living a certain way all along, we have to destroy it and then think that we can turn around and have it all like it was before it got fucked up. Seriously???!!! They will never learn or admit that what they did was oh so horribly wrong and now it is too late to do a damn thing about a damn thing. But they’re going to fix it again by running over to Australia and live the ‘simple life’ for a year! Yeah! That’ll change everything! Right! smh

      Again JoAnn, I thank you for your comment!

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  2. It’s true, I’m afraid. And obvious to any with eyes willing to see. The white race, my race was never superior in intellect, as they fancy themselves. Only do they excel in selfish, arrogant, and oppressive behavior and do an excellent job in spreading the mentality among all. Little spoilt brats. And now the world’s a big shithole, a murderous, warring, flesh-eating, greedy glob of dung whose only salvation lies in the hope of a gigantic asteroid strike.

    I don’t know; I’m so frustrated with it all I can’t even think straight. Fuck ’em all.

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    1. One thing I can ALWAYS count on you to be Peter, and that is honest. How many ‘white’ people will admit this? Not many and we ALL know this! You know me, I will call out shit when I see it regardless of whether or not the shit be from those whose complexion is like mine or not, but not many people can deal with the truth all up in their fucking grill! Well, I don’t let anyone off the hook. If the shit stinks, goddamn it, we ALL gonna smell it!

      There was a comment on the other blog about the reason being that Black people and other people of color are not included in these little ‘simpler lifestyle’ films is because projects of this sort are not aimed at them. That’s a bald faced lie. The ‘white is right’ crew is hell bent on attempting to have everyone believe that they are spearheading any movement back to the basics when they are responsible for why we are in deep shit today. There was a film online about a bunch of ‘white’ hippie types taking over a house in Philadelphia and the house was surrounded by Black folks and even in the film, the hippies spoke of the house being set smack dab in a Black neighborhood and yet, you never saw one Black person welcomed into the ‘new hippie back to basic living’ movement and you’re not going to. These motherfuckers discriminate even when it comes to so-called, ‘helping the environment recover from them fucking it up’. For the love of goddamn hell! It is a motherfucking shame when we have got to have ‘movements’ to go back to how we should have been living this entire time!!

      And believe you me, I share your frustration and like you, I repeat, “Fuck them ALL!”

      Peter, I thank you for that most wonderful and right on target comment!

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      1. And the way I see, Shelby, nobody calls ’em out better than you. Keep on Shelby, you’re bringing a whole lot of truth to light, even if the motherfuckers can’t handle the truth!

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      2. Hell no, they can’t handle the truth! I have been sent many comments from sites that would like to include my content, but only if I will tone it down. They have got to be fucking kidding. I’m not toning a goddamn thing down. They don’t like the language I use. They don’t think I’m politically correct. Well, I told them in no uncertain terms just where the fuck to get off!

        I don’t care if I talk to my goddamn self and continue to remain obscure. But for those who do make their way on to this blog, they’re getting hit with the truth whether they like it or not; the hard hitting truth.

        And I was even told that I need to think about what happens to folks who piss off the status quo. What the fuck do I care about who I piss off? What are they gonna do to me? Oppress me? Done! Hate me? Done! Deny me rights? Done! Incarcerate me? Done! Hell! Who is actually free? Not a one of us if we was to be honest about it. Though I’ve never been in a jail cell, literally, I am in a jail cell, literally. It’s called ‘This Prison Planet’. So yeah, I’m real fucking scared of them killing me. They can’t kill what’s already dead. And the fact of the matter is, we are ALL walking death! If people don’t think so let ’em read about how the Pacific Ocean is now one big cesspool of radiation thanks to Fukushima. What’s going on with the innocent marine life? That’s the food they eat. That’s killing ’em. They’ve not heard how filled with toxins the water we drink is? Hell, that’s got every toxin you could imagine in it and then some. And don’t even get me started on the dead, tainted meat they pick up at the grocery store and chow down on. That’s so filled with disease causing shit, I’m surprised that more of ’em ain’t dropping dead than already has.

        But I’m supposed to be fearful of what might happen to me. Hell! They’d be doing me a favor by putting me out of my motherfucking misery and they’d better get a fucking clue! And seeing as how I never get the ‘invite’ to ‘live a simpler life in Australia’, hell I’ve got to deal with the shit they caused; the ones who now want props for their ‘live simpler’ movement. Hypocrisy at its finest.

        Peter, I thank you again AND how! You lit a fire up in here even when one was already raging!

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