The Good Die Badly

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Whispers of a Womanist

****Trigger warning: The following contains sensitive and speculative material. ****

Dr. Bobby Eugene Wright was a earthly genius gifted to the black collective in the later half of the twentieth century. Although acquainted with western science, Wright used what could have been assimilatory teachings to explicate the black experience. Wright’s brilliance birthed one of the black collective’s youngest and most resounding minds, the late Fred Hampton—who was murdered by Chicago police at the age of 21 after an ambush that left the young revolutionary shot at point-blank range. Nevertheless, unlike his pupil, whose documented and highly publicized murder functioned to cease black activism, no information about Wright’s death is known. Instead, the black collective just knows that this revolutionary mind is in fact dead. The internet readily provides the date and year of his departure, but no details surrounding his transition have been made public. It’s hard to believe that…

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2 thoughts on “The Good Die Badly

  1. When I was a psychiatrist in Seattle, I and other like-minded friends fought really hard to get the police to investigate the suspicious death of two of my patients who spoke out against the system. The first was an African American postal worker and shop steward who was clearly beaten before being pushed out a window of the 5th floor of the YMCA. Just as we were making headway with the local police, the US Postal Inspectors waltzed in a seized the evidence file claiming they had jurisdiction. I later linked up with the National Association of Federal Injured Workers who found 2 congressmen willing to open a congressional investigation into 29 suspicious postal worker deaths – the congressmen were subsequently “redistricted” and forced out of Congress like Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney.

    The second was a female African American race car driver who exposed DEA involvement in laundering cocaine profits through the race car circuit.

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    1. I am not surprised Dr. Bramhall. Black people are to sit quietly somewhere and not have a problem with what is going down on our ass every day since we were dragged to this shithole. There are hundreds of thousands of Black people who have been killed, most likely because they were considered to be a threat of some sort in that they were sick and goddamn tired of being the face of oppression, subjugation, slavery and the list of the like is endless.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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