“Welcome To OUR World!”


I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out and so far, hardly a word from the police. But of course, they are wondering just how they are going to play out the usual, “I feared for my life!” scenario. I mean, the latest ‘victim’ of an unlawful police killing of an unarmed citizen just happens to be ‘white’ and even though she was from the ‘land-down-under’, she don’t look at all Aborigine to me.

Australians, bride-to-be’s dad rocked by Minneapolis police shooting

Australians expressed dismay and a father pleaded for “the light of justice” Tuesday as investigators in Minneapolis tried to determine why a city police officer fatally shot an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault.

Justine Damond, 40, was a meditation instructor who moved to the U.S. in 2015 to be with fiance Don Damond. She was shot just before midnight Saturday in an alley outside her home, unarmed and in her pajamas.

“We thought yesterday was our worst nightmare, but we awoke to the ugly truth and it hurt even more,” her father, John Ruszczyk said Tuesday local time in Sydney.

And add insult to injury and it looks like the ‘victim’ is the one who called the police in the first place and was actually speaking with them when she was shot dead and of course, there is no body cam footage, nor is there dash cam footage even though citizens fought hard for body cams and have been and are paying for them to be used, but for some strange reason, many are found to be turned off at the most inauspicious of times.

But wait! The plot thickens!

Minneapolis cop who shot Australian woman during call was named in recent lawsuit, faced two open complaints

The Minneapolis cop who fatally shot an Australian woman during a police call was celebrated as one of the department’s few Somali-American officers, but had two open complaints and named in a recent lawsuit.

Mohamed Noor fired at Justine Damond on Saturday night while she was speaking to the officer’s partner.

Say it ain’t so! ‘Miss Pure White As Snow Australia’ was gunned down in ‘cold’ blood by a refugee from Somalia; a decorated Somali-American police officer, who has by the way, been praised most enthusiastically by Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges.

“I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department,” Mayor Betsy Hodges wrote in a Facebook post last year. “Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.”

And the article goes on to state that Noor’s partner in the patrol car was absolutely STUNNED when Noor opened fire on ‘Miss Pure White As Snow Australia’; just completely, devastatingly STUNNED, he was, to be sure!

What police officer was stunned when Eric Garner was choked to death by another officer on video on a New York Street for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes? What police officer was stunned by his partner shooting and killing twelve-year old Tamir Rice only seconds after pulling up on that child while he was playing with a toy gun in a park? What officer was stunned when a fellow police officer shot and killed John Crawford in a Wal-Mart store for holding a toy gun? What police officer was reportedly stunned when witnessing the murder of 23-year old unarmed Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from New Guinea who was shot 41 times by four New York cops? But now, it is time for a fellow officer to be absolutely, appallingly STUNNED over the shooting and killing of an unarmed ‘white’ woman from Australia by his partner, a fellow cop. Cops are shooting citizens every single day and are killing them for no good reason and not one time have I heard that even one cop was STUNNED by the actions of another. All we hear is how the cops are always in the right because they “FEARED FOR THEIR LIVES!” To hell with our lives, they fear for theirs. So why the fuck did they sign up to be police officers in the first damn place if they were just going to be namby-pamby piss their pants mommas boys and girls every single damn time they shot somebody to death who happened either to be unarmed or to be legally armed as was the case with Philando Castile? If you lousy ass shit your pants wimps are so goddamn fearful for your lives, then don’t sign the fuck up to be cops! That’ll stop that shit right there! You can’t have it both ways; grab a gun, shoot some unarmed or lawfully armed, law abiding citizen and then claim “you feared for your life” to get yourself off the hook every single time you kill someone who is unarmed and who posed no goddamn threat to you whatsoever! Thus far, you have gotten clean away with this scenario because it’s been mostly Black people that you’ve dished this shit out to, but let’s see you slither your way out of this one. The ‘whites’ ain’t gonna take kindly to you filling their asses with lead. They don’t give a damn about what you do to Black folks, but goddamn it, enough is enough when you start that shit up with ‘Miss Goldilocks’ and her ilk! Let’s see how far that “I feared for my life!” bullshit gets you THIS time! I can’t wait for it!

But the fat is in the fire now because it ain’t some no-account Black thug with a criminal record that’s got himself shot dead by cops. The shit is going to hit the fan now because it ain’t just some no-account twelve-year old Black boy that’s got himself murdered by wimp-assed cops. The world has got to stop turning because now, ‘Miss Pure White As Snow Australia’, who was soon to be married and who had only three years ago arrived on these shores and who was just a saint and all that comes with it, has been shot dead by those murderers in blue and brown. What’s the story gonna be, eh? What lies will come out? And how much will the other loathsome cops stick up for this Somali-born cop that shot ‘Miss Goldilocks’? We’ll soon see how thick that ‘blue wall’ is, won’t we? We’ll soon see at what lengths the Minneapolis police department will go to protect ‘one of their own’. I can’t wait for the unfolding of this event.

Hey! White folks! You taking note of this? How do you feel now? She looks like you! And they shot her in stone ‘cold blood’. Are you going to wait to see if she had a ‘rap sheet’? Are you going to say, “Oh well, another thug shot dead,” if it turns out that she was ticketed for jay-walking and/or littering continuously? This shit is just too horrific for words, now ain’t it? What the hell? They can’t shoot you, now can they? Uh, yes, cop  Mohamed Noor did! So, all I can say to that is “WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!” Ain’t it great to be in America where we are protected from the common criminals by those great folks in blue and brown uniforms? Salute our heroes in blue and brown today, why doncha! Thank them for filling your ass with lead! Thank them for getting out of any wrong doing on their part by simply saying, “I feared for MY life!” Never mind Tamir Rice’s life! Never mind Eric Garner’s life! Never mind Freddie Gray’s life! Never mind Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones ‘ life! Never mind John Crawford’s life! What are you going to do now that it’s YOUR life they’re snuffing out?


13 thoughts on ““Welcome To OUR World!”

  1. Hey Ms. Shelby,

    I was thinking the same thing when I read this story. Now, that a white woman has been gun down by crazy ass, trigger happy, race soldiers they are gonna move both heaven and earth to get justice. I’ll just sit back with my hands folded in front me with a silly half smile on my face.

    I wish I could say my heart bleeds for the family of this women, but it doesn’t. This stone in my chest has been through the ringer and it is now bleached out and hardened.

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    1. I hear ya HLJ! And I agree with you 110%! I got no ‘skin’ in this one and that’s for sure! However, I cannot wait to see how they are going to spin the hell out of this one because I don’t think that “I feared for my life!” bullshit is going to fly THIS time! Here, we have ‘Goldilocks’ shot dead in her PJs and she’s the one who called those trigger happy bastards in blue. Let this have been in North Minneapolis which is predominantly Black and she had been a Black woman that this had happened to and we’d not be hearing a goddamn peep outta anybody about another ‘Murder by cop’ of a Black woman. But this here Ms. ‘From-the-land-down-under, pure Snow White Goldilocks’ and stop the goddamn presses already and dig up some justice and answers from somebody’s asshole if need be.

      If they stand behind this fucking cop on THIS one, I’ll be fucking shocked because it seems as though the narrative thus far is that those bastards were startled by a loud sound and so, get ta shooting already, why doncha. If those bastards are startled by noise into shooting someone dead then they’ve no business being a goddamn worthless ass cop in the first damn place.

      So now, everybody’s knickers are in a knot from America to Australia and I ain’t heard a peep either about a ‘rap sheet’ or even if ‘Ms. Goldilocks’ collected a few tickets for littering and such like and so therefore, wasn’t deserving of getting shot and killed by cops seeing as how she wasn’t walking around being considered a criminal for merely having the audacity to have some melanin in her skin unlike us real bad Black folks that’s got rap sheets a mile long and so was just begging to be shot dead for that shit.

      I can honestly say that I won’t be losing any sleep over this one and since I’m not long out of Minnesota, I am actually enjoying the ‘pickle’ they’re in up there especially those in the Somali community because I hate those puss head bastards like you wouldn’t believe. They’re already talking about how folks is looking at them cross-eyed. HA! That’s the least of their problems.

      HLJ, I thank you for your comment. It was right as rain and also, might I add, good to see you. Hope all is well with you!

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  2. I live just outside Cincinnati, another city where nice white people cannot understand the mildest criticism of the protectors and the servers who own an endless deck of free-pass cards. Never do they mention that it is legally impossible to imprison racist cops who wear the blue uniform — even while wearing a protective confederate flag T-shirt on his skin (Ray Tensing), a simple fact that the judge refused inclusion with exhibits A through Z.
    I listen to the chatter raised when another video clip would mean another nothing. It is still legally impossible to render a judgment when the only words needed for case dismissal are “I feared for MY.” So Tensing walks, “I feared for MY” on the part of Dubose and his family earns them a mighty meh by polite white society. Dismissed. Video be damned.
    Cognitive dissonance (brown by birth) or cognitive harmony (white by birth) — judgment within a fraction of a second. Any level of brown is unacceptable in this racist place.

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    1. What you say is oh so true Bill! And thank you for your comment.

      As I have stated in the above post, I cannot wait to see how all of this will unfold. The latest I’ve heard is that the cops are now saying they heard a loud noise and so the cop started shooting. So, what? Now, a loud noise gets the cops so damn scared that the first thing they do is to fire shots? They “feared for their lives” over hearing a loud noise? Unbefuckingbelievable!

      Officials: Australian woman shot after cops heard loud sound

      One of the officers said they were startled by a loud sound right before Damond approached the vehicle.

      Her death sparked anger and a call for answers in the U.S. and Australia.

      And yes, whites have been so apathetic and complacent even upon seeing video evidence of outright murder of Black people by mostly racist ass KKKops! Not one goddamn grand jury indictment because “They feared for their lives!” Black people have been and are being killed, systematically by those racists with a badge and gun, but that is just business as usual in this racist shithole. But even now, it would appear that the KKKops are sticking up for ‘their own’ even under these most ridiculous circumstances of hearing a loud noise and so get to shooting over it already. For the love of!! I figured the stories would be unbelievable and so far, they are. But nothing will be done about the out-of-control police murdering with impunity, not until enough ‘white’ folks start getting shot dead like this here Australian woman. Black folks know that white folks don’t give a damn about us getting murdered eight ways to Sunday by racist ass KKKops, but when that shit is let loose on their ass, it’s a big, huge ass deal. No, it’s not! Because if it’s not a problem when KKKops shoot Black folks for no reason, it’s not a big deal to us when they shoot their own lookalikes.

      Bill, again, I thank you most kindly for your comment!

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    1. Indeed, that is exactly what they are doing Leslie and since they have been mainly killing Black people, that shit was deemed okay but hell if it’s okay now that nice little ‘bride-to-be from the land-down-under Ms. Goldilocks’ was shot dead while in her PJs and all and her not having a weapon or a rap sheet 10 miles long, that shit right there is just deemed too awful for words. Like I said in my post, the goddamn fur is gonna fly now and how they’re going to spin this one, I can’t wait to find out!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment.

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  3. I’ve said it before, it’s no accident cops are punks. It’s an elaborate selection process. Not like going to Wal-mart and filling out an application. Oh sure, there’s a good cop every now and then (Right? Maybe? Or not.), but that’s the exception, if so.

    Now I’m of a different mind. I don’t believe this will end with a cop prosecution either. It’s ruffled feathers, more than if it had been a black boy with a toy gun that got shot. It will get more than its cop-killing share of media attention. But these thugs are not known for convicting their own.

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    1. Too true Peter! They are not known for convicting their own and until more ‘whites’ in upscale communities get killed while in their PJs, there’s going to continue to be no convictions of those “Feared for their lives!” scared shitless motherfuckers!

      It is too bad that regular, everyday citizens can’t get away with saying they “Feared for their lives!” when confronted by a cop, but then again, they can’t anyway, not with being shot dead by those blood-thirsty, pansy-pants, snot nosed, wimp assed cowards. The only thing that keeps them from shitting their pants is that gun they’re allowed to carry. Let ’em have to carry only clubs and have to walk the beat and those corrupt bastards would all quit in one fell swoop. They’d be doing us a big ass favor, they would. I’d never call those useless, depraved bastards; not fucking hardly because in my book, those snakes would only make a bad situation, lethal.

      And I can quite honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever laid eyes on a ‘good’ cop. To me, those bastards are ALL bad, down to a one! And I’d tell ’em to their face, only I don’t aim to call one for a goddamn thing. If I fucking get robbed, I get robbed. I’ll take my chances.

      But of course, this will be business as usual. This will all blow over. The cop will be found innocent of any wrong doing. The family will settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit and all’s well that ends well. Ain’t that the script? Indeed it is!

      Peter, I thank you kindly for your spot on comment.

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  4. It is now several days into this, the days when the fairy-tale backstories become effusive, when the personal details are sought, reported and endlessly repeated, when everyone on the planet joins to sympathize, empathize and sob uncontrollably.
    The killer cop is handled with kid (baby goat) gloves, granted privacy.
    Am I now a heartless troll? Am I being callous? No. I am not a heartless troll. I am not callous.
    No. I must say something, in these days of uncontrollable sobbing.
    Let’s take *all* the black-cop-killed backstories and combine *all* those perfunctorily reported backstories during the last 10 years. Slap them all together, every single backstory. I posit that the words spoken and written in the last 10 years to tell the black-cop-killed backstories would not amount to the last 24 hours of this white-cop-killed backstory.
    Black deaths by killer cops are under-reported and seldom repeated. Everyone on the planet does not join to sympathize, to empathize and to sob uncontrollably. Enough is never said.

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    1. Quite true, Bill, quite true! Even when we saw the footage of poor Philando Castile sitting in his vehicle covered in his own blood, did Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges call for the resignation of the Minneapolis police chief? Hell no! But now that a Black cop has killed a white woman in an upscale part of town, the mayor’s ‘feud’ with the police chief was spotlighted in order to excuse why she asked for the police chief’s resignation.

      With the fact of the Australian government demanding an inquiry into this police-involved killing of one of their own, everybody’s knickers are in a knot. Whites have been saying that BlackLivesMatter has been silent as well as the NAACP and that is a bald-faced lie! Those groups are being extremely vocal about the fact that they have been interested in cops being brought to justice for killing unarmed people of ALL races. It just so happens that the majority of these types of killings have been perpetrated against Black people. These groups have been trying to get people to understand that this type of heinous shit is out-of-control, but since it was perceived as a ‘Black’ problem, there was no outrageous hue and cry and man the torpedoes.

      This speaks again to the glaring hypocrisy of the reactions to when Black people are murdered for no reason by cops on killing sprees as opposed to when they gun down a white woman in an upscale area. I saw a protest sign on an article earlier that stated, “White People, Are You Awake Now?” And it was a ‘white’ person holding the sign. Go figure! You see, this sort of thing should not have happened to THIS particular woman because of the particulars of what she stood for. As far as all the rest who have been murdered in this fashion, is there a problem? And so it goes.

      Bill, I thank you most sincerely for another spot on comment!

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  5. Great post and discussion here. I have only just now sorted out my WordPress problem. When you first posted this article, Shelby, I was unable to comment on it (there was no comment box in the version I saw in my Reader). But hopefully this is sorted now.

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    1. Thanks Dr. Bramhall for continuing to try to post comments even though Worstpress has made it hell for you to do so. I sincerely hope that they get your situation figured out because I miss your input here. I truly do!


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