Health Care or Bullshit

As if those in congress could give a rat’s ass about the state of your health. It’s time you gave a damn! And if you did, the first thing you’d do is stop eating cows, pigs, chickens; the whole nine yards and please, tell me what a ‘hot dog’ is. And when you find out, I’ll wait until you finish throwing up to tell me just what a ‘hot dog’ is. And you’ve got the nerve to wonder why your medicine cabinet is spilling over with pill bottles. Uh…you can’t possibly with what you’re consuming.

4 thoughts on “Health Care or Bullshit

  1. Thanks for reblogging this. Before the takeover of western medicine by Rockefeller and Dupont, a patient seeking medical care could reasonably expect their doctor would give them expert advice on diet, lifestyle and staying healthy. That all changed with the takeover of big Pharma, which originally grew out of Dupont and the chemical industry.

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    1. It was MY pleasure to re-blog it Dr. Bramhall. Dupont is known only for toxic chemicals and so we are then supposed to imagine that anything that is manufactured by Dupont is in our best interest? Hell if that’s so. And nowadays, if you go into any doctor’s office, you will find some man or woman dressed in a suit and tugging a suitcase filled with medications they are peddling to our doctors who then write a prescription out to us.

      When I was in the ER the other week, there were so many sick patients that I had to lie outside in the hallway with my head up against the restroom door and so I was privy to many conversations between medical staff and patients and each patient was being given Lisinopril, which of course is a blood pressure medication. I also heard patient’s medications listed as Halodol, Xarelto. Risperdal, Gabapentin and the list was endless. I was the only patient who was cognizant because the rest were having to be yelled at to see if they were woke. I can’t help but remember hearing, “Miss Green, what day is it? Do you know who the president is?” “Mr. Johnson, do you know where you are?” And believe me, this was not in the psych ward. I was there for an apparent attack of diverticulosis. I kid you not.

      We are in deep shit and that is putting it mildly.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


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