Stand In Solidarity With You? HA! (A Re-Post)


I am going to do a complete about face and I am going to stand in solidarity with the white motherfuckers who are now fucked up and ain’t hardly liking it. I am going to stand in solidarity with them because they stood in solidarity with me.

When I lost my job because I was the last person to get hired and when the economy tanked, I was the first person to get laid off. You white motherfuckers stood in solidarity with me. You told the boss, “that ain’t hardly fair! She’s such a hard worker. If you fire her, you’ve got to fire me too. We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When my credit took a nosedive because I lost my job and couldn’t pay the rent and was homeless with my two kids, you white motherfuckers stood in solidarity with me. You spoke up and said, “those goddamn credit reports are hurting those who have lost their jobs. It ain’t hardly right and we’re standing in solidarity to protest the foulness of that shit because shit happens to good people. We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When I had to get on public assistance because I couldn’t find a job and my kids were failing in school because shelter life ain’t easy, you white motherfuckers stood in solidarity with me. You didn’t belittle me and call me a ‘freeloading, Cadillac driving welfare queen who couldn’t keep her legs closed.” You went to bat for me. You saw that I was just about broken and with your relentless reaching out on my behalf to city and state officials, I was able to pull myself up with the aid of the assistance that I had to take while trying to get back on my feet. You said, “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When the police brutally beat my teenage son, put him in a wheelchair simply because they could, you white motherfuckers stood in solidarity with me. You didn’t turn your back when you saw the beatings and heard of the outright murders that were perpetrated against other young Black men by racist ass cops. You stood in solidarity with me because you knew that shit was wrong. “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When you white motherfuckers saw that my nieces and nephews were not getting a decent education and the new catch phrase became, “the school to prison pipeline,” you weren’t okay with that. You loudly voiced your disgust at what was purposely being done to Black communities all across this country. You stood in solidarity with me because you know that shit just ain’t right. “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When you saw the incarceration statistics for young Black men caught up in the ‘for profit prison industrial complex’ over selling some dime bags of weed, you raised such a hue and cry, they let ‘em go. You stood in solidarity with me. “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When you saw the national unemployment rate inch down and yet the unemployment rate for Black people remained in the double digits, you decried the foulness of that shit. You said, “goddamn it! Crime is high in the Black neighborhoods because unemployment is so goddamn high! Something needs to be done!” You stood in solidarity with me. “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

When you saw the abject poverty in Black communities all across this country, you…uh…never mind, you’re scared to come into the ‘hood’, but I am sure that you stood in solidarity with me. “We’re standing in solidarity together!”

Now, let’s fast forward to 2008 when the economy was collapsing and people were losing their homes and the Wall Street criminals were bailed out and then we began to hear about the ‘middle class’ getting fucked up. I went to pick up the phone because you had stood in solidarity with me throughout all of my troubling times but when I tried to find a number to call in the ‘solidarity group’ that had stood beside me, there were only blank pages!

When did you stand in solidarity with me? When did you ever give a goddamn about the problems that have plagued Black communities and just why the fuck are there so many ‘Black’ communities and not just ‘communities’ if we stand in solidarity together? Surely, you live right beside me because we’ve been in this all along, haven’t we? We stood together, side by side against those who have been oppressing my ass all along. Uh…no, we haven’t stood together in solidarity because my problems were never made your problems until now and now, I’m to stand in solidarity with you? Hell if that’s so!

We’ve had our ass handed to us and then some and now you want me to stand in solidarity with you because you’re just now starting to feel the impact of some shit that’s been finally let loose on YOUR ass? Ain’t gonna happen! Over a million of our Black men are in prison. We are segregated just as we’ve always been. We’re still suffering from the effects of disenfranchisement, rampant unemployment, extreme poverty, drug addiction, racism, bigotry and hate, but now, you want some solidarity? Ha! That IS funny! You left me to make it or not on my own and that is exactly where YOU stand. Make it or get broken by it because it don’t hardly matter to me what happens to you! You’ll get from me as much ‘solidarity’ as you gave me, nada! I’ve figured out what I need to do and now it’s YOUR turn! Figure it out!

And now, we come to the latest victim of a police involved shooting, Justine Damond, who we all know was murdered by a cop who was spooked by a trash can lid hitting the ground or was he spooked by the sound of someone dropping a plate or by someone breaking wind or belching or sneezing, coughing or playing bongo drums in an upscale area of South Minneapolis?

All of a sudden, some white people are calling out Black Lives Matter and the NAACP for not coming to protest for Justine Damond. First of all, Black Lives Matter has been front and center in Minneapolis since this event went down and the NAACP has, as well. It is my opinion that neither group should stand up in protest over this police involved shooting because many whites have tried to get Black Lives Matter defined as a ‘hate group’. Apparently, stating that Black lives should matter is projecting hate towards others. Never mind the fact that the majority of police killings have directly impacted Black people for hundreds of years starting with the slave patrols. And if white America had ever stood up, en masse with us, would we still continue to see this play out in every city in every state in America in the year 2017? We know the answer to that!

Don’t sit on your pink ass now and point the finger at Black people and tell us that we should be standing in solidarity with you because of one incident that has happened to the likes of you. I feel nothing for your plight! Not a drop of sympathy do I have and there will be none. A gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of sympathy that I can drum up for you pink-assed motherfuckers. BULEEEDAT! So come on up in here and tell me that we are all in this shit together and like I always say, “I will be more than happy to mop the cyber floor with your pink ass!”

Black people have been saying for decades that police brutality is rampant; running unchecked in this hellhole and is even encouraged and we were paid no mind by the likes of you pink-assed motherfuckers who basically told us to “Fuck off!” And so now, I am telling you to do the same! “Fuck off!” Your ‘plight’ don’t hardly concern me. And you hypocritical shits have the nerve to now parade around with signs stating, “White People: Are You Awake Now?” Yeah!, You’re awake now, but only because Miss Upscale Neighborhood ‘pink-assed’ Goldilocks got herself shot to death by some Somali-American cop who was startled by her farting or belching near them. But so many Black men, women and children have been murdered by cops and you’ve not called for the heads of police departments on a platter, but now that Miss Australian Goldilocks has been murdered by cop, it is now time to fire the Minneapolis police chief, bring in a Black cop, who by the way, has experienced racism in the very department that he will now oversee, to the point whereas he had to file a lawsuit and received compensation. So that right there tells us just how far he will be allowed to go in attempting to rein in trigger happy cops or cops who are ‘spooked’ into killing people because of loud noises nearby. Seriously?!!!

We must all get out the purple crepe and black armbands and violins and take to the streets to protest over an ‘upper class immigrant from Australia getting herself murdered by those thugs in blue uniforms? Yeah! Right! Wait for me to don my marching shoes and dust off my lame ass, fifty year-old protest sign and git ta stepping and you will find yourselves turning just as blue as a cop’s uniform. Yeah! I’m going to git ta marching and shouting, “No justice! No peace!” for this here ‘white’ woman who chose to come on over here to America and live the good life until she got what millions of Black people have been getting for hundreds of years in AmeriKKKa! I am not even marching for Black people anymore and I’m damn sure as hell not marching for Miss Goldilocks. She’s got the Australian government fighting for justice for her. She’s got her Australian family to fight for justice for her and she’s got all the upper crust white folks in an uproar storming City Hall fighting for justice for her. But where were they at when Jamar Clark was shot dead by cops? Where were they when Philando Castile was shot dead by cop? They were certainly not storming the mayor’s office demanding that she resign just as she demanded the resignation of her police chief and received it, post haste.

You pink-assed motherfuckers will never understand that what comes around, goes around. It’s now come around to you. Deal with it or not! I don’t hardly fucking care! But you will not blame us or demand that we Black folks stand in solidarity with you simply because we have been protesting this very same shit for hundreds of years, ON OUR OWN, while you hypocrites simply sat back and watched it all go down knowing all the while that this vile shit was put in to play by those who are your own kin folks. Fuck you AND yours!

5 thoughts on “Stand In Solidarity With You? HA! (A Re-Post)

  1. Every single word rings true. If you are white in this nasty-ass society and are not self-loathing you are completely detached from reality. I’ve been witnessing the depravity of nice white folk since the 1950’s. De jure Jim Crow was written into “civil” code. It’s only stronger today — de facto Crow knows no limits for its perpetration of crime. Now it glows red, white, blue and confederate with impunity. Self-righteous assholes are still assholes. The United States stands alone in its support of Israeli Apartheid. Well, we’re not really alone in condemning the victims of a 70-year-old occupation. No, the Marshall Islands (containing the place we humbled with hydrogen bomb tests) don’t cotton to Palestinians either.
    By the way, thanks most humbly for liking the post I just published about that racist place. I’m still self-loathing, but at least I’m honest about it.

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    1. Thank you Bill, for that most honest comment. And yes, I read your post in its entirety and I was quite fascinated by it. I should have commented to that effect. But nevertheless, to me, it is a ‘must read’ as many valid points were made.

      Would that most of us could get out of our comfort zone and see what it’s like to live somewhere else that we only read about from one particular perspective. We don’t bother to think that the perception we have of others could be wrong based on someone else’s agenda or position.

      As you can see, I don’t write to appease people or to get ‘likes’. I write the truth as I know it to be. And the truth is that if more white people would come to terms with who and what they actually are, we would not continuously see this extreme two-facedness from whites who want to condemn a group like Black Lives Matter for protesting outright murder of Black people by racist cops while on the other hand attempting to call them out on a supposed premise of displaying ‘favoritism’ when they are not guilty of it. And the very people who are calling them out are the very people who sit back and do nothing at all when Black people are murdered by those thugs in blue or brown uniforms, but will quickly point the finger at others because it is real easy to sit at a keyboard and do not a goddamn thing but point fingers at others.

      As you can see, no one had any idea of what to say on this particular post and so silence it was because the whites know what’s up and so do I and I have no problem pointing it out. I wouldn’t want to comment either if I knew that I was guilty as hell of sitting back all the while knowing that people who are related to me are doing shit that is abominable; knowing about what’s going down and not doing a damn thing about it makes that person just as guilty if not more so than the one who is actually perpetrating the offenses against a group based solely on the color of their skin.

      I am no less than a ‘white’ person simply because I was born with a permanent tan and was descended from slaves. I will not bow my head and walk around in shame, nor will I be made a victim of the ‘white’ man’s guilt over what he put into play. And yet, they will still to this very day, laud those filthy diseased bastards that they call “their founding fathers” knowing full well what those vile hypocrites were all about. But yet, we are supposed to follow suit and sing national anthems that glorify slavery, recite meaningless prayers in schools that do not pertain to us and never will. We are to denounce violence when it finally gets around to a ‘white’ ass, but there is nothing but a deafening silence from them when police brutality is unleashed against us, hourly.

      I refuse to be nice about this shit because the shit that’s going down against Black people ain’t fucking nice at all and we have been on our own in attempting to get some damn relief. But yet, we are expected to pick up our protest signs and march for some upper class ‘white’ Australian woman who got herself murdered by the very same shits that we’ve been pointing the finger at for hundreds of years. Nobody gives a damn when those bastards in blue shoot us for no reason, but we are expected to give a damn when they start filling the ‘upper crust’ whites with bullets. As far as I am concerned, it is not going to happen.

      Bill, again, I sincerely thank you for your comment. Ever the brave one you are, to be sure!


  2. Excellent post Shelby, even more pertinent the second time round. I also found Bill’s comment really interesting. I’m not sure about the self-loathing part though. As a person of European descent who has dedicated two-thirds of my life battling the oppression of people with dark skin, I honestly can’t see how hating myself comes into the equation. In my 32 years as a psychiatrist, I have found that it’s only in helping people honestly appraise and accept themselves as that we help them undertake the genuine personal change necessary to make genuine social change.

    A lot of my work has been anti-racist work with white racists both in the US and here and New Zealand. My experience has been (particularly with white men) that the main barrier in getting them to confront their own racism has been deep scabbed over trauma that they are terrified of confronting. Here in New Plymouth, I have been working with several Maori women in group anti-racist work. By approaching these white men, who are deeply psychologically traumatized like many victims of capitalist childrearing, with excruciating gentleness, the breakthroughs are always tearful but highly significant in their ability to reverse lifelong racist attitudes.


    1. While I do laud your work as it relates to attempting to combat racist attitudes of especially ‘white’ men, I cannot help but be bewildered over your apparent excusal of their behavior by labeling them as “psychologically traumatized like many victims of capitalist childrearing.”

      That is like saying that if I were born with a silver spoon in my mouth, then I cannot empathize with those who are poor and homeless because due to my upbringing, empathy is lacking in me; the ability to feel anything for those who I think less of is something that is not on me unless I can sit down and with some “excruciating gentleness” find some sense of why I am this way.

      Dr. Bramhall, with all due respect, please do not make excuses for stomp down, flaming racists who do know better. These people may act deranged thanks to their actions of killing people based solely on the color of their skin, but it has to do with a hatred so intense and a feeling of superiority that is so imagined as to be bordering on psychotic and though I have made some definitions for psych diagnoses here, it does in no way negate these peoples knowledge that what they think and do is wholly right and should be accepted by all in society, as vile and atrocious as their actions are.

      If everyone could get away with stating that they were traumatized during their childhood and so therefore, must act out in the same way they were traumatized, why should they be held accountable for their actions seeing as how it wasn’t their fault? We grow up and yes, we do carry around the baggage of our childhood with us, but to do so to the point that you hate and kill people over the color of their skin is not just a psych diagnosis; it is a crime. So, please do not downgrade what these racist bastards are, nor excuse what they do based on their upbringing. Black people have an upbringing far worse than any skinhead and the trauma that we are subjected to trumps any that could ever be experienced by skinheads and the like and still, we are not killing white people on the same level that they are killing us even though we know that they are why we suffer extreme poverty, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, drug addiction, mass homelessness, food insecurity, medical experimentation, racism, bigotry, Jim Crow, police brutality, income inequality, low educational attainment and the list is endless.

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment even as I disagree with some of its content.

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      1. My view is that there isn’t just one way to fight racism – we all have to fight it in our own way with our own tools. I’m not excusing anyone’s racism or trying to say they shouldn’t be held accountable. I’m trying to end it – both by calling it out and trying to address the psychological issues that underlie it.


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