Ho Hum! Another Mass Shooting By A White Man

stephen paddock



You know, this is becoming quite redundant and actually, I have not read one report, article or blog on this most recent mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas. I only read several headlines since you cannot miss them if you tried.

From what I gather, another upset ‘white’ man went on a killing spree and shot up a bunch of people at some country music venue. Imagine that! And I am quite sure the usual tired talking points were expounded upon on channel after channel with reporters attempting to look as somber as possible while inwardly, they were all but shaking with glee to have something to report on other than the recent destruction of Puerto Rico by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Puerto Rico, with your woes, step aside especially since Mr. Bankruptcy himself, President Donald Trump, has blamed the island nation for its woes claiming that, well…read it for yourself.

Donald J. Trump


Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble..

Puerto Rico is “suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt?” Is he serious? The entire U.S. is “suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt” and this fool wants to concentrate on that when the people of Puerto Rico are dealing with no food, water, access to electricity, telephones; the whole nine yards. Donald Trump is ALL heart! And please note the sarcasm.

But as usual, I digress. I chalk it up to getting older.

Back to the ‘disgruntled white mass murderer’. Let me guess! He was ‘mentally ill’. His mommy didn’t change his diapers often enough when he was a baby. His daddy walked out on them just when he needed a father figure the most. He was bullied in school. He could never get the pretty girls. He was a loner. His dog died and he became bereft and drifted about. He had loads of money and did not know what to do with all of it and so he bought himself an armload of eye candy who took him for everything he was worth and so he decided to take his anger out on others. Am I getting hotter?

But I am sure the media is not calling this ‘white’ man, a terrorist or a thug. Oh! No way! Those designations are for Muslims and Blacks. This man just needed some meds and some counseling and he’d of never done this deed. I am also guessing that he’s dead and so no explanation is to be forthcoming from him and the news is ripe with speculation and innuendo. Every CNN reporter, MSNBC reporter, ABC, NBC, CBS and so forth and so on are going on and on about this poor man’s mental state at the time of this mass shooting. “Oh what terrible, horrible life this man must have led to lead him to do something of this nature!” We have got to do something about the lack of available slots for the mentally ill!” “We need more background checks…yep…background checks would have stopped this!” Sigh!

For the love of !!! Give me a damn break! No amount of background checks in the world would have stopped this mass shooting just as it will not stop the next and the next. There are so many guns in the hands of Americans that there is just no way to disarm the people of this country. The NRA will not stand for it. And there will be shouts that by disarming ‘mentally stable’, law-abiding Americans this will cause only criminals to have access to guns. We’ve heard it all before and we shall hear it again. But you know what? I’m not one bit upset by this most recent mass shooting because I am still reeling from the murder of Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones,  Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Philando Castile, Freddie Gray, Keith  Childress, Bettie Jones, Kevin Matthews, Michael Noel, Leroy Browning, Roy Nelson, Miguel Espinal, Nathaniel Pickett, Tiara Thomas, Cornelius Brown, Jamar Clark, Richard Perkins, Michael Lee Marshall, Alonzo Smith, Anthony Ashford, Dominic Hutchinson, Lamontez Jones, Rayshaun Cole, Paterson Brown, Christopher Kimble, Junior Prosper, Keith McLeod, Wayne Wheeler, Lavante Biggs, India Kager, Tyree Crawford, James Carney III, Felix Kumi, Asshams Manley, Christian Taylor, Troy Robinson, Brian Day, Michael Sabbie, Billy Ray Davis, Samuel Dubose, Darrius Stewart, Albert Davis, Salvado Ellswood, George Mann, Jonathan Sanders, Freddie Blue, Victo Larosa III, Spencer McCain, Kevin Bajoie, Zamiel Crawford, Jermaine Benjamin, Kris Jackson, Kevin Higgenbotham, Ross Anthony, Richard Gregory Davis, Curtis Jordan, Markus Clark, Lorenzo Hayes, De’Angelo Stallworth, Dajuan Graham, Brandon Glenn, Reginald Moore, Nuwnah Laroche, Jason Champion, Bryan Overstreet, David Felix, Terry Lee Chatman, William Chapman, Samuel Harrell and the list is endless. These Black people were killed by KKKops and they were unarmed, some of them were mentally ill and posed no threat to anyone, some were killed by police who were engaged in high speed chases which had nothing to do with who they killed and not one KKKop that murdered any of the aforementioned has been charged with a crime but I am quite sure that ALL mainstream media reporters have now jumped on the KKKops aka ‘first responders bandwagon, praising them to the high heavens for rushing to the scene of this mass shooting. But what mainstream media reporter has given any attention to these people who were murdered? HA! That’ll be the day! This is mass murder. Oh indeed, it is! But you see, mass murder of Black people by racist KKKops is just business as usual. Nothing to see here. Move along.

But now that we’ve come to Mr. Misunderstood Mentally Ill Affluenza, well we’ve just got to make excuses for his heinous crime. It is not his fault. He is a victim of ‘white privilege’ and us Black folks had just best be glad that we don’t suffer the effects of this most serious of privileged afflictions. No, I will not be getting out the purple crepe and the black armbands, nor will I offer up any stupid, useless ‘prayers’ because so long as ‘whites’ continue to worship their guns even as they sit up in church with them strapped to their side, mass murder of ‘innocent’ people will continue and don’t they know it. You people are so deranged and depraved that you don’t even care that you’re probably next. You’ve got your gun strapped to your hip and you’re badass. No, you’re not! You’re stupid! And you’re a fool if you believe that that gun will protect you because you’ll be hit when you least expect it, just like the 59 who got whacked by a murdering, privileged ‘white’ terrorist. When have I ever tread lightly for your sake? It hasn’t happened and don’t hold your breath waiting for me to do so for if you do, you’ll be just as dead as those 59 country music concert goers in Las Vegas; Sin City. Go figure! And while you’re at it, figure out that you will die by that which you so love, your damn guns! Oh, and before I forget, I hear tell that you now want guns with silencers. I sincerely hope you get your wish, silenced!

13 thoughts on “Ho Hum! Another Mass Shooting By A White Man

  1. Comment from ‘McKenzie’

    There’s a site that documents the retail meltdown

    Amerikkka is reaping what it’s sown! 😈
    Grab ur popcorn 🍿


    ‘McKenzie, above is your comment in its entirety. I did not post it directly because you are not a regular in here.

    Now, in response to your comment. I feel as you do, “Amerikkka IS indeed, reaping what it’s sown!” And about time, I would say! I am not one bit upset by all that is going down ALL across Amerikkka because what is going down, should be going down and I’ve been stating this for years, the fact that a hard row to hoe was coming to Amerikkka and these clueless, useless fools have seen nothing yet. They ain’t even been hit with the BIG shit, but that’s coming also and they are as ill prepared for the coming shit storm as they’ve been about what’s come thus far. I am loving it!

    I am sitting back in my ‘double wide’ in the ‘Redneck And Friends Trailer Park’ with my jug of corn liquor, swilling liquor and sitting back watching the show.

    Retail stores have been shuttering their doors for some time now and the only mall we got here in Hillbilly Hollow is hollow as hell. The other day, myself and some of my redneck neighbors loaded up the trucks and went to the mall and the employees outnumbered the customers. No one was even lined up at the movie theater. We had the place to ourselves. The food court was a joke with only three, that’s 3 food venues still open IN A MALL! Ain’t that some shit. Sears closed, JC Penney closed and the only anchor store left is Belk and they’re on life support. Oh, yes indeed, this doomed Titanic is sinking like a stone and may she stay buried once she sinks!

    ‘McKenzie’, I thank you for your comment!


    1. I feel no pity for them because they beg for it! And I just viewed pictures of the deceased and only one was Black. Now, why he was at a country music concert is anyone’s guess, but each to their own, I suppose.

      This WHITE man intentionally targeted other WHITE folks for why else would he shoot up a country music concert since Black people are not known for being fond of country music except for the stupid Black guy that got himself shot up at this particular country music concert. I’m sure he’s in country music heaven right now listening to Johnny Cash, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard and Glen Campbell.

      And you are SO right! This is THEIR creation and they shall surely continue to “reap the consequences of it,” and so they should. Their GOD is a GUN and since they worship it, they may as well die by it and be sent to ‘GUN HEAVEN’ where they’ll continue to shoot it out amongst themselves.

      Oh, no indeed, they will get no sympathy or pity from me especially seeing as how they don’t give animals a chance when they go hunting, so why should they receive a chance? Dude went hunting and he’s got quite a few trophies to show for his sport. Upset about all of this? Me? HA! That’ll be the day!

      Marcus, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. There’s no question about it, Shelby – the rule of law is defunct in the US if it ever existed. I still hold to my belief that Americans would be better off governing themselves than being governed by a corrupt state.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, the majority of Americans are corrupt and so it would just be business as usual even if we were given the opportunity to govern ourselves. There will always be those who think they are superior to others for one reason or another. There will always be those who are just too greedy for their own good and those who are just too nasty for words and so how that would work, I don’t know. We’ve gone too far over to the dark side and I don’t know if that’s saying much seeing as how we most likely were never ‘good’ regardless of what the ‘Christians’ say about Adam and Eve.

      This doomed Titanic called America just needs to sink and soon!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


  3. Thank you for this excellent perspective and for providing your own unique voice, Shelby. I agree with you that it only deadens the mind to listen to overwhelming news coverage that sets stories in a continuous loop, repeating the same words in a droning sequence — with the occasional “this just in breaking news” that then gets spliced into the continuous loop. To spice up the splice they interview the same authorities, the same mental health professionals, the same voices on the street, or worse: take calls from people who lock their ears and eyes to the radio and television who are parroting the same expressions of bewilderment and faux surprise expressed by all the others who chain themselves to media streams.
    Whenever these highly predictable events occur I deliberately tune out the groupthink and allow my brain to something unusual, like thinking independently and critically. 🙂

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    1. Well, you’re one in a gazillion Bill because most Americans are just useless, empty bobble heads who couldn’t think for themselves if a gun was pointed at their head and they were told to think or get shot, they’d get shot.

      I also refuse to sit myself down in front of some stupid ‘news’ show to see fake ass expressions of outrage, grief and wide-eyed wonder over what’s become ‘the norm’. No one should be one bit surprised by what keeps going down and no one should still be trying to see and hear from the same talking heads who say the same things each and every time this happens. I’d have been fed up long before now. Americans aren’t fazed by this for if they were, something concrete would have been done about it but nothing doing and nothing will be done because Americans have always loved guns to the detriment of their own hide and that will never change.

      Bill, I thank you for that spot on comment!

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  4. Well said, Shelby. This article is only stronger in hindsight given what recently happened in El Paso and Dayton. What I find to be crazy is that mainstream media is actually using the terms “White Supremacy” and “Domestic Terrorism” more than any time I can think of. This has to be because of you and others calling these mass shootings out for what they are.

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    1. How kind of you to suggest that little ole inconsequential me has got anything to do with what the whites are calling what’s been going down, but it is appreciated that you would say so even though I am sure that I am so obscure in my little corner of the world wide web, it ain’t even funny. But I call it like I see it and there are others who have said exactly what I have said. There is no use in dancing around this shit and since not many people are falling for the lamestream media’s attempts at continuing to tell vicious lies about everything, they had to come up with something because there are just too many people who would rather skip the lamestream media’s lies and go online to find out the REAL deal. And if they come all up in here, that’s exactly what they’re going to get. I don’t sugar coat a damn thing and I’ll not start now.

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for that wonderful comment. It made me smile and that’s a hard thing to do these days.

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      1. You’re not inconsequential. You were/are part of a much greater effect to bring the truth out there no matter how big or how small your blog is. Trust me, I don’t have that many followers on all my blogs. You’re just doing your best to become the media to form a counter-narrative against whatever the lamestream media says. I do agree that more people need to spread truth against the lies from TV, movies, corporate sites, etc. I’m doing what I can with my opinion pieces and with my creative projects.

        You’re welcome, Shelby. I’m glad I could get you to smile and to encourage you in your blogging.

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