Fear Is Not A Halloween Mask!


Fear is not a Halloween mask,
 nor is it a walk through a graveyard.
Fear is waking up behind a dumpster
knowing that you can never let down your guard.

Fear is not ghosts and ghouls in fiction books,
nor is it a jack-o’-lantern’s evil grin.
Fear is having a pain in your side
and a nasty rash on your skin.

Fear is not a witch riding on a broom,
nor is it a cauldron boiling hot.
Fear is looking into an empty cupboard
and thinking of all things you haven’t got.

Fear is not a vampire biting on a neck,
nor is it a movie about a Nightmare On Elm Street.
Fear is the life you live of desperation,
hopelessness, misery and defeat.

No, we don’t need Halloween
to bring out the fear in our lives.
All we need do is live another day
to know real fear and why it thrives.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

As this is Halloween, we tend to think of the usual things that are supposed to instill fear in us; from evil masks to scary, haunted houses while people are dealing with real fears; fears for their children’s health and wellbeing, the fear of wondering if they will have their retail job after the coming holidays are over, fear that there will not be enough food for their families and fear that they will not be able to keep a roof over their head. There is so much to fear even as we are bombarded with advertisements on the whores of Hollywood and what unique costume they will be sporting and how they will celebrate lavishly at some party somewhere while millions of people are damn near destitute, hopeless and wondering where their next meal will come from.

We have all contributed to what we see today. We have stood silently by and watched this all unfold, but since we still have Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and whatnot, we don’t really have to look up from our iPhones and take a good look around at what is going on. It is a sad shame that we call ourselves social creatures just because we peruse ‘social media’ every single day as we become more and more removed from each other than ever before. So, don your costumes, go to your Halloween parties and post the pics on Facebook. Tweet along with our stupid and ignorant president about what a great time you had and tomorrow when the costume is lying on the floor, when you’ve received 200 ‘likes’ on your costume via Facebook, please tell us how much better off your circumstances are and that of your neighbor.

12 thoughts on “Fear Is Not A Halloween Mask!

  1. Yes indeed. Definitely felt this one. Here in Atlanta, the Mercedes Benz stadium was built adjacent to one of the worst hoods I’ve seen in my LIFE (Vine City)! (This includes neighborhoods I’ve seen in movies/tv.) America is so good at masking the ugly with pretty, new, shiny things. This stadium cost $1.6 billion to construct and we still have people starving and begging and homeless. They complain about the homeless, yet use their money to…make themselves more money!

    Great post.

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    1. And Kelley, another thing America is good at is hypnotizing her citizens; distracting them with all the bright, shiny gadgets that come down the pike. When you take a look around, regardless of whether it is on the inside or outdoors, just look at all the people whose heads are bent over a damn phone. It makes no sense that we all act as though we have always had those damn so-called ‘smartphones’. People are so into those damn things that deaths from car accidents are up, tremendously thanks to those damn phones because people cannot even look up from them long enough to drive. And then we have the nerve to wonder why people have no problem with their tax money going to help build billion dollar stadiums for grown men to play a child’s game in? But we will instead get upset because some ‘liberal’ is mouthing off about funding for social programs to help the poorest among us…..that is, when we can be bothered to even lift our heads from the ‘smartphone’ to hear what anybody has to say.

      All of this just makes my blood boil, it does. Why I post this, I don’t know for all the good it does.

      But I sincerely thank you for your comment and for the compliment on this one!

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      1. I almost plowed down a coworker going to work party because she stepped off the curb into the street on her phone. Walking at top speed too! Could you imagine this story in the workplace if I had hit and killed her? NOTHING on my phone is that important to (almost) get me killed! And the drivers are just as bad because they have tons of metal under their control and could easily kill themselves or someone else distracted by… ? A game? a text? It really is disgusting, the focus we put on certain things.

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      2. Kelley, I’m sure you probably know that I am not amused by these distracted cellphone users seeing as how I am now in a state of debilitation thanks to a car accident that involved someone texting on a highway, for God’s sake! So, I know better than anyone just how sick and sad this shit is.

        I just read an article the other day on this very same issue. It in essence stated that smartphones are killing Americans and no one is even taking a count; meaning that due to being distracted by their smartphones Americans are plowing into each other, killing people. And this was something that was not prevalent a mere few decades ago, but now we can add DWT(Driving While Texting) alongside DWI and DUI as the cause of death in vehicle accidents. And as much as I rail against technology, it wouldn’t be so bad if people knew when to use it.

        Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      3. Yes! Let’s suspend driving privileges to drivers just like DWIs and DUIs! And fine them up the who haa for their poor choices.

        And I agree with you; technology is doing so much good but it’s being clouded by the negative.

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  2. I find it really sad that Americans have got themselves into a situation where they allow Wall Street and the public relations industry to dictate to them how they should live. Sadder still is they think they’re free – when they have totally lost the ability to make decisions for themselves.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, Americans, for the most part, are delusional, hypnotized, brain dead, stupid cretins who quite actually love living in their tarnished cages because it is quite obvious to some of us that the fake gold paint is starting to flake off our cages. But as long as the lights are on enough to power up the smartphones, Americans couldn’t give a flying turd over what their reality truly is. A more deserving bunch, you’ll never find and so do not think that American’s situation is sad since we ask for it each and every single day by our stupid compliance to the status quo.

      I sincerely thank you for that spot on comment, Dr. Bramhall.


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