Hollywood Sexual Assault Hotline: Call 1-800-Law-Yers!



We here at the Hollywood Sexual Assault Hotline feel your pain
and even though, we stand to gain
know that we will do all we can
for a Hollywood sexual assault ban.
So, please call us if you’ve been groped
and if you had sex when you were doped.
Don’t let the bastards get away with this.
He had no right to steal that kiss
or masturbate right in front of you
as if that was your casting cue.
Just because you played the slut
in a movie that the director cut
is not a reason to misconstrue
your morals, your principles and what you value.
Call our hotline and you will see
that we got your back, but for a fee.
But if you wait to file your claim,
he could say, “You were to blame!”
Men like that get down and dirty.
They’ll say that you were just too flirty.
And that if Donald Trump can ‘grab you by the pussy’,
then you’re just another brazen hussy!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

Now, it may seem as though I am making fun of these recent allegations of misconduct of a sexual nature by many big name men in the world of feature films and even in the political field, but I am not. It is just that I am not surprised in the least. Men in powerful positions are going to abuse that power; that is a given and it should be a well known fact. And if people have not reported this because they felt as though they would not be believed, why did they not record these incidences because from what I have read, they occurred multiple times and recording devices have been around for hundreds of years and are small enough to not even be detected and this I know because I have been using recording devices for years too numerous to count. The things that I have recorded would curl your toes. So, I don’t want to hear that you would not have been believed. If you use a little common sense, some things can be caught so that others don’t have to endure what you endured. Am I beating up on the victims? Not really, but at the same time, there are steps that they could have taken to not let things go this far. Why would I enter a hotel room with a man who has been ‘coming on’ to me or saying inappropriate things to me? I wouldn’t. But some of these women who are now accusing men of sexual misconduct did just that. Of course, many have stated that they were young. Ok. If you were that young, then where were your parents? It’s like saying, “It’s not my fault that I was groped while wearing a skimpy bikini in a Miss America contest.” When you put yourself out there, wearing next to nothing, throwing yourself at a man to get a part in a movie, he is going to take advantage of that fact. You mean, you didn’t know this? Of course you did. Now, accept some of the responsibility for this happening to you. It has been stated that these women knew of other women who had experienced the same thing they had experienced since lists were compiled of other women who had gone through a sexual assault of some kind and yet, you all just kept silent until now. What was it that prompted these accusations now? Why is everyone coming forward now? What is behind it?

I am not suggesting that these women ‘asked for it’, I am, however, suggesting that this could have been nipped in the bud sooner if proactive steps had been taken. Women are not stupid. We know what men want and yet we still take our clothes off in front of them on sets of movies and beauty pageants and expect them to remain aloof. We expect them to behave themselves when we know they won’t. I’ve never met a man yet that held back on letting me know where we stood and neither have you. Don’t act surprised when men do just what they’ve been doing since the first man and woman walked this earth. Now, call your lawyer!

9 thoughts on “Hollywood Sexual Assault Hotline: Call 1-800-Law-Yers!

  1. Hollywood is imploding on itself! And I love it.lol We all this is nothing new. The Hollywood casting couch has been going on forever. You have to sleep with ugly old fat men to be a big star in Hollywood. And that goes for men as well. Hollywood has always been full of sexual predators. I know people that have worked in Hollywood and they’ve told me it’s a very sick place.

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    • Prince, you are SO right! I really am making fun of this entire spectacle because that is exactly what it is. The only reason I am pissed off by this is because of all the REAL and TRUE victims of sexual assault out there who are most likely shaking their heads over all of this because the whores of Hollywood are themselves, willing participants of what they are claiming was a sexual assault.

      If they didn’t want to be ‘felt up’, then all they need do is get the hell out of Hollywood, but no! They wanted fame and fortune and at whatever price. Well, they got just what they wanted and asked for and they’ll get no kudos from me for so-called, ‘coming forth with their stories of alleged sexual assault’. They have no one to blame but themselves..

      And you are right again, it wasn’t called a “casting couch” for nothing. I hear tell that even Terry Crews of “Everybody Hates Chris” has gone to the police claiming that he was sexually assaulted, but I am quite sure that he is still standing in line somewhere hoping to get his next role, knowing full well that he’ll probably be claiming he was sexually assaulted, AGAIN!

      The fact of the matter is that Hollywood is losing its prominence in our society because I’ve also heard that ticket sales are down and that so-called big name celebrities are heading for the small screen. There are fewer and fewer people watching these whores and whoremongers pat each other on the goddamn back at their awards shows for doing not a goddamn thing but prancing around playing pretend. I am so glad that this shit is finally imploding, you have no idea!

      I thank you for your comment. It is right as rain!

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      • EEEEEEEWWWW! You and me both! Can you just imagine some big he-man type like Terry Crews bent over with ass in the air while being some big, fat white man’s bitch? YUCK!!! Hell no! It ain’t fucking worth it!

        Well, he can just call the ‘sexual assault lawyer hotline’, we’ll take care of THAT shit! Yeah, right! *Big ass eye roll!*

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    • “A very old problem,” indeed as we all should know. Men have been attempting to take advantage of women since Christians started spouting that bullshit about how Eve is responsible for Adam biting an apple in the ‘Garden of Eden’ and then there is Islam that’s saying to women, “When you get to ‘heaven’, you get to be one of uh…is it 72 virgin wives or 72,000 virgin wives?” Women are to be sex toys and that is it. Remember the “Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant” crap that’s been spouted for simply ages?

      But thankfully, you had enough sense to not go running off to a motel room to meet some man over a supposed ‘official business’ matter. Would that others had had just a wee bit of your sense and we would not have this mess continuing to play out to this very day. I cannot believe we still act as though we have learned nothing.

      Dr. Bramhall, I commend you, as always, for having your wits about you AND how! Thank you for your comment!


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