Democracy: Every Cook Can Govern (Pt.2)

Absolutely spot on!

Zone of Non-being

Since writing the first part of this series, I have received several comments and criticisms on another thread about these ideas. Here are some points raised below and my responses to them:

 “I can’t believe that someone can say that governance does not require expertise. We don’t choose our surgeons randomly. We choose our surgeons intelligently. We want the best possible surgeon.” 

Have you taken a look at the people in positions of leadership lately? Donald Trump is the leader of the free world. The Terminator was governor of California. Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati. And now, Kid Rock, The Rock, and Caitlyn Jenner are considering runs for office.

Have you taken a look at the economic state of affairs? Nowhere in the U.S. is the minimum wage sufficient to cover the costs of the average apartment. This is the handiwork of “experts”?! I am not impressed…

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2 thoughts on “Democracy: Every Cook Can Govern (Pt.2)

  1. Donald Trump is a mere figurehead – like the Queen of England. He makes no real political decisions on his own. Every year when the British parliament opens, the ruling party hands the Queen a speech to read verbatim. Likewise Trump’s Wall Street advisors write his speeches. It’s a pity they don’t write his tweets as well.

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    1. You are right as usual, Dr. Bramhall. Sigh! Someone told me today that Trump’s impeachment papers have already been drawn up and co-signed. Clinton was impeached but not impeached and so I’m not real worried about a Trump impeachment. What the hell for? Whomever would take his place would just do exactly as you have stated, do whatever Wall Street advises, verbatim. Meanwhile, we continue to get screwed and just accept it. Oh well, we did ask for it.

      I thank you for your comment.


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