America, The Shithole!

There is no greater shithole on the face of this planet than America!

We’ve got a shit for brains racist president that makes no bones about the fact that he is racist as hell while the White House is frantically running around trying to assure everyone that Trump never referred to Haiti and African countries as, ‘shitholes’.

President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, a Democratic aide briefed on Thursday’s meeting told NBC News.

According to the aide, when the group came to discussing immigration from Africa, Trump asked why America would want immigrants from “all these shithole countries” and that the U.S. should have more people coming in from places like Norway.

Well, why the hell didn’t this shithole originally drag people over to this shithole from Norway to slave away on plantations? Why the fuck are Norwegians just now becoming so popular with this flaming racist president who is just as damn racist as the first presidents of this stinking ass shithole?

People from African countries would not already be here if not for the fact that this shithole had people in it who looked just like Norwegians but who were so damn lazy, they didn’t even want to pick their own cotton, tobacco, vegetables or do their own goddamn cooking and cleaning. This shithole could have long since been filled with Norwegians and only Norwegians if it weren’t so fucking racist since only Africans were considered inferior enough to do backbreaking and menial tasks as slaves.

But now, this fucking shithole wants Norwegians? And people from African countries should be glad to remain in their huts in Africa? You know what? My Black ass would have been mightily glad to have been able to remain with my ancestors in their goddamn huts, but you white motherfuckers weren’t about to have that. Oh hell no! You needed slaves and it is quite apparent that your first consideration for that dubious distinction was not the Norwegians, it was those who were quite happy to remain in their motherfucking huts, that is until today, since Donald Trump tells us so.

Here in this shithole to end and all shitholes is a goddamn pile of shit with a flaming racist tongue protruding and spitting out shit, left and right about what other countries are shitholes? Talk about shitty balls. That motherfucker’s got the balls of bulls to even vomit that putrid shit up!

But let me expound further on what makes this shithole, a shithole!

This WHITE MALE MASS MURDERER who killed dozens and wounded hundreds is first up!

Don’t forget about what happened in Las Vegas! What a shithole!

Sandra Bland, murdered in a Texas jail and the shits that run this shithole called it, “SUICIDE!” Fuck that!

Where was the justice for Sandra Bland in this racist shithole?

‘How A Police Officer Shot A Sleeping 7-Year-Old To Death’
Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones was sleeping in her home on the east side of Detroit on the night of May 16, 2010, when officers barged into the house. Officer Joseph Weekley fired his gun and shot to death a sleeping child, seven year-old Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones.
So, what did this child do to deserve getting shot dead? She wasn’t selling drugs. She didn’t have a rap sheet. She was asleep and murdered and what happened to her killer? Nothing! Because he is white and this innocent seven year old child was Black. It wasn’t her fault that she was living in America, The Mother of ALL Shitholes! Where is the justice for her?
Muhammad-Ali was almost jailed and was stripped of his right to get into a boxing ring in the prime of his life because he recognized this worthless racist shithole for what it is, a shithole!
Philando Castile, murdered in front of his girlfriend and her daughter for cooperating with ‘law enforcement’ trying to produce his identification and no one was held responsible for murdering that man in this racist shithole!
Alton Sterling, another Black man murdered for no reason because just being Black is no reason to be lying in a morgue in this racist shithole, but that’s what he got!
These nine Black people were holding prayer service in their church in this shithole when a racist gunned them down. But I guess it was their fault since they weren’t of Norwegian descent.
Tamir Rice, aged 12, dead! Murdered by a racist cop because he was playing with a toy gun in a park in this racist shithole!
Anna Brown, dead, aged 29 because she went to a hospital because she was sick. The hospital called the police and she died on a jail cell floor from blood clots in her legs that traveled to her lungs. She, apparently, was not Norwegian and so therefore, was not deserving of care in this flaming shithole!
Barbara Dawson, dead, same reason as Anna Brown in the above picture is dead. She fell ill, went to a hospital and was promptly arrested. She died after having been handcuffed, dragged out of the hospital and collapsed. Too bad she wasn’t Norwegian in this shithole!
Remember Emmett Till? His mother leans, inconsolable, over the coffin of her 14-year old son who was brutalized and lynched by feral racists in this shithole for doing not a damn thing. But then, he wasn’t Norwegian, so I guess that explains this, doesn’t it???!!!
Michael Brown and Eric Garner, both dead. And Eric Garner’s death was filmed and he was killed by a cop using an illegal chokehold and who was held accountable for his death in this racist shithole? And so many lies were told about Michael Brown, it isn’t even funny, but I do know that he was shot dead and his body was allowed lie there in the hot sun, uncovered, for hours as though he was a dog, shot dead. For the love of !!!! Again, too bad he was not of Norwegian descent because maybe, he’d still be alive.

Have you seen enough proof of what a shithole America is, a racist shithole, at that? Or did you really think that a shithole has to do more so with how a place looks than what it really is. Because all of the above happenings makes America, the shithole to end all shitholes. And how dare that pompous, racist, megalomaniac sit on his shitty ass and declare that Haiti and all African countries as being “shitholes” when America has always and will always reign as the “Supreme Shithole To End All Shitholes!”

But I’ll leave you with something else that is reminiscent of a shithole!


Look at the maps and take note of how close to ground zero you are in this toxic shithole of glyphosates.


And yet, that racist fuck, Trump thinks that I wanted my ancestors to be dragged from what he calls, “shitholes?” Is that fuck for real? Seriously? I am not some ‘African’ trying to immigrate here. And why they would want to is a complete and utter mystery to me! Maybe the Norwegians, back in the day, would have come, willingly, but my people were dragged to this SHITHOLE!


33 thoughts on “America, The Shithole!

  1. Thanks for the truth that abides, Shelby. I quite agree with Prince: the photographs tell all, and so must be ignored because truth abides and shames the guilty. The Norwegians, Vikings, transformed the English language and taught the Anglo-Saxons a thing or four — they showed up where Erik the Red had ventured earlier, who proceeded to ravage those they named the savage to annihilation on the Native American’s own soil. Simultaneously they circled the Atlantic to feed a system invented in Britannia: industrial exploitation, never letting the sun set on brown-skinned human resources, the natural resources they plundered or the clever machines they invented to leverage the shoulders that turned the wheels. By 1776 the imperious methods were already passing to the European-skinned slavers to whom the spoils accrued. The Gilded Age never ended for the white self-named superior privileged, such as the Family Drumpf.

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    1. Bill, your comment is right on the money! I will always put it out there; the truth, even if it has to be in living color! I will not let this shit slide when America has no high moral ground on which to stand. This country, if it were made to pay for every single atrocity it has committed against the innocent, would have sunk beneath hell!

      Every night before I go to sleep, I pray for the complete destruction of this shithole to end all shitholes because this worthless shithole whore called America, needs to die already! That no good orange-coated bastard has benefitted from pillaging and plundering, raping and torturing the innocent Black people all across this planet, he as well as those just like him. And now, he has the unmitigated gall to spout that vile shit about Haiti and African countries being ‘shitholes’? That shameless, racist, toupee-haired bastard is beyond the end of enough!

      I’ve got to stop here because I am roaring with rage all over again.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment!

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    1. Thank you Kelley! I tried but there are so many that could be depicted here, I had to stop somewhere, but we all remember Freddie Gray and all the others who were victims of this racist shithole!

      And those see-through skinned cretins like Donald Trump have the nerve to point the finger at other countries and call them ‘shitholes’ when America has done nothing but attempt to make every nation and country on this planet, a shithole by bombing them to bits. Iraq, America fucked up and is now over there building that country’s infrastructure back up with our tax dollars while we’re the ones who are actually sitting in a shithole that’s nothing more than a toxic waste dump! America has bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and many other African nations and now that bloated racist gets to wax and wane on what is a ‘shithole’? Unbefuckingbelievable!

      Kelley, again, thank you for your comment! I declare, I’m about to burst a gasket!

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  2. I’m with Kelley, Bill and Kushite Prince, Shelby. It’s a great post. Besides their inability to highlight (as you have) the US is for most of its population (especially minorities), the US media also fails to point out that the only reason third world countries become “shitholes” is due to the rapacious behavior of Europeans during colonization. I think this is what angers me about Trump more than anything else – the way he rewards and justifies his base of supporters for their total ignorance.

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    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall! The truth always gets ignored because the truth is ugly, it’s hideous what this shithole has done to other countries and yet, if you listen to the vile shit emanating from the mouth of a depraved racist, you’d think this shithole is a shining example of the exact opposite of what a shithole really is when nothing could be further from the truth.

      This shithole, America is about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day. This shithole is about to embark on another daylong display of hypocrisy and ignorance in posting speeches and dreams of a man whose ancestors live in shitholes. And this coming from President Shit, himself, who presides over the only true shithole on this planet, AMERICA!

      This country, when it was first inhabited by the Indians, was indeed, pristine, but that all changed when those shitholers rowed ashore, stole people from their homeland and now are expounding on how countries where the stolen labor originated are now shithole countries. If that don’t beat all! The sheer arrogance and conceit of these depraved shits over here is absolutely astounding! They’re all insane! And that orange-coated, bigoted, racist bastard Trump was given a ‘clean bill of health’ by an obvious quack because there ain’t no way in hell that Trump could ever be considered, a healthy specimen, especially of the mind!

      Dr. Bramhall, again, I thank you for your comment.

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  3. People getting arrested in hospitals?!? Wow….

    I think one of the many reasons Trump was put into office, was to ruffle a whole lot of feathers with his racist, ignorant potty mouth. To upset and offend so many people since he has a very bad case of verbal diarrhoea. Nothing he says surprises me anymore really. Bu this was a great, fact-filled post.

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    1. AfroDaisy, I didn’t even cover the tip of the iceberg. People have been getting arrested for absolutely no other reason than for walking down the street while Black. People have been shot dead by the hundreds for no other reason than the fact that these racist cops over here feel like it and not a one of them gets prosecuted, indicted and imprisoned for doing so.

      And if you have not yet read this post, please do so. It explains all about how Anna Brown went to the hospital because her leg was hurting and she was turned away simply because she was homeless. No one, regardless of whether or not they have the ability to pay for their medical care at a hospital should be turned away, but only Black people have been turned away and dropped dead from being turned away because these see-through skinned rejects from hell only took the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ when dealing with anyone who is not Black. When dealing with Black folks, the ‘Oath to do no harm’ was ‘The HYPOCRITICAL OATH’! They swear a goddamn oath to do nothing BUT harm to us! I just read an article where they put yet another Black woman out of the hospital in below freezing temperatures with just her hospital gown and socks on. Another Black man taped it and that is how this woman received help.

      What goes on here in ‘The Mother of ALL Shitholes’ would curl your toes! Believe me, you would NOT like to be at ground zero and yet, we are!

      I thank you so much for your comment!

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  4. An automatic knee-jerk assumption that white supremacy is a gift from the blue-eyed Trinity is like a pandemic strain of self-righteous behavior that developed over the cold cloud-covered Northern European Plain. Inherent white supremacism assumes that too much sun, too much tropical heat led to a torpor of the people. That European empires brought civilization and missionaries to the dark continent. The lucky ones were given a free Atlantic Ocean cruise, but they are not properly thankful for the opportunity — as if there would be *any* African-Americans around today. What of the Native Americans who got in the way of Manifest Destiny?
    The soundbites of American history classes throughout the entire self-serving educational system (itself formed from a Prussian model) *must* toe the line drawn by the evangelical censors of Texas.
    Thanks for your voice, Shelby!

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    1. Thank you for appreciating my voice Bill! I am pretty sure that there are quite a few who don’t appreciate what I write and I hope they continue to not appreciate what I write because unlike what’s been done, I don’t aim to sugar-coat history or what is currently going down and that should be a well-known fact for anyone who cares to peruse this blog.

      I have written extensively on the plight of the Indians as well because what was done to them and what continues to be done to them to this very day is just an absolute horror! There are obviously not enough of them left for any politician to even pretend to go after the Indian vote. And the shits in this shithole are trying their damn best to make sure that we go the route of the Indians; that is why we have mass incarceration of mostly Black people, a school-to-prison pipeline, the criminalization of Black crack addicts as opposed to rehab and gentle care for white heroin addicts and lawsuits against Big Pharma by states over opioid drug overdoses of whites, gentrification, income inequality, no access to decent health care and the goddamn list is endless.

      And those goddamn missionairies were nothing more than no account thieves and liars who were hell bent on making sure that those Black bodies were put to use in countries and on islands all across the world as slaves. But yeah! I’m supposed to be so goddamn thankful that my ancestors were given a free ride in the stinking cargo holds of slave ships because I was saved from being lazy and just basking in the African sun all goddamn day long when my ass should have been out in the damn fields in AmeriKKKa picking cotton and some mo shit from dawn to dusk and remaining ignorant of all else, to boot! Yeah! I am so damn thankful, these shits in this shithole have no goddamn idea!

      You are also right again! None of that shit did I ever see in a textbook when I was in school. And it is even worse today because McGraw-Hill Textbook publishers have now written that slavery of African people in America was not really slavery. That those Africans in the stinking cargo holds were just having a grand time of it immigrating over here alongside the Irish to work good paying jobs and were thankful as all hell for such an opportunity. Someone caught that shit and McGraw-Hill had to pull the textbooks. And not to mention, that some white woman wrote a book about a ‘Happy Slave Bakes Birthday Cake For President‘. Who in hell would be happy to be a slave, baking a goddamn thing for any damn body? Apparently, ‘Hercules’, the slave, and cake baker for George Washington was just so damn happy, he could not contain himself and excelled mightily in cake baking! For the love of !!! So, there ya go! History ‘re-written’ and don’t it sound good??!!!

      Bill, I thank you again for yet another spot on comment!

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  5. As accurate and robust as your words are, they cover just the needle point of the iceberg. You know that, of course. Thank you, Shelby, for your inspiring courage and candor.

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  6. History and you understand the essence of the country the “founding fathers” founded. Unfortunately few do, satisfied with their self-indulging existence. An empire created and maintained for and by the wealthy white slave owners. Built on the blood of the blacks, the genocide of the native populations, the oppression of women and non-property owning immigrants, the squandering of natural resources, the slaughter of indigenous animals, the destruction of land by the introduction of non-native species and contemporary corporate pollutants. And let’s not forget the deliberate spread of drugs, pharmaceutical and otherwise. Nor should we neglect to mention the malicious patriotism and godforsaken bullshit religion, these sacred manipulative hate-filled addictions of the gullible masses. And last but not least the rise of the intrusive government/corporate surveillance state of the union.

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    1. Indeed! But the thing is see, there is not a goddamn thing supremacy like about them. They are just a bunch of damn depraved, scared shitless motherfuckers, who if were confronted by a Black person, one on one, would shit their goddamn pants. That is why those assholes trot out in groups with guns and this is why they have joined the police force because they can use that gun, legally, to shoot us dead; the goddamn cowards!

      I thank you for your comment.

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      1. I most heartily agree with you Caleb because that self-proclaimed term, “White supremacy” is indeed, a ‘misnomer’ because not a one of those depraved, racist assholes is synonymous with ‘supremacy’, quite the opposite.

        It would be more appropriate for me to walk around declaring myself, a “Black supremacist.” In fact, I am going to go on a crusade to declare that “Black Supremacy” is in and out with that other shit!

        I am indeed, a Black Supremacist because I have tolerated those racist shits my entire life and have managed not to kill one of those motherfuckers for even looking at me cross-eyed, not to mention, strutting down the goddamn street in that fucked up, conehead, head gear while wearing sheets with eye slits. What toothless, inbred, redneck hillbilly came up with that getup anyway? And THAT wants to announce to one and all about how full of ‘supremacy’ it is when its walking around looking like something that’s so stupid, it should be standing in a corner of a classroom facing the wall for saying something so foolish as to warrant that punishment?

        “White supremacy” my ass!

        Thank you for that spot on comment Caleb!


  7. If they want more Norwegians to immigrate here so badly, I’ve got the perfect solution. They could support an invasion or coup or they could foment a bloody civil war. Then Norwegians would probably be trying to get out in droves the way people who’ve been plundered by our bloodthirsty imperialism, such as Haitians, are seeking to do. Otherwise these Norwegians will look at America and say, “why would I want to go live there when I could just stay my happy ass over here?”


    1. And you know what! That is exactly how the Norwegians responded to Donald Trump’s stupidity: “Why would we want to go live there when we are quite happy where we are?” And that no good, racist bastard Trump had the unmitigated gall to say that “He is the least racist person.” And his son stated that the only color Donald Trump cares about is “green.” Apparently, not! Green is of course at the top of his list, but his comment was an attempt to denigrate Black PEOPLE by sliding in a racist comment in by way of the backdoor. So in essence, Trump was stating that Black people are “pieces of shit!” because what comes out of a shithole? Shit! Exactly!

      Of course AmeriKKKa has never had a problem invading sovereign nations and killing their leaders and installing AmeriKKKan puppets. This shithole is eyeball deep in that foul ass stinking shit since those so-called ‘founding shits’ invaded this country and stole it from the Indians who were here first and now these racist shits want to sit up spout bullshit as though their shit don’t stink. For the love of!!

      Caleb, again I want to thank you for another spot on comment. Great to see you in here!


    1. You are so right! When the first white goddamn foot stepped ashore, a shithole this became because we ALL know that the white man was so full of disease that he spread it to the Indians and to everyone else he came into contact with. Those syphilis dripping, pox faced, motherfuckers damn near decimated entire ethnic groups who had never been exposed to their foul diseases. And now they want to scream and shout about Ebola in Africa and Zika in Latin American countries with the vile ass shit whites got up their ass? Seriously? For real? They want to even go there? Those worthless fucks have always had too much goddamn arrogance and conceit as they sit somewhere and look at others as though they are inferior when those diseased white whores and whoremongers spread every vile STD they had from one end of the globe to the other. Indeed, AmeriKKKa has been a shithole since the first white foot stepped ashore and this as well, cannot be stated enough!

      I thank you for your comment nido!


  8. Clarence Tom-us was confirmed in 1991, he replaced Thurgood Marshall who was confirmed in 1967. Mitch McConnell would not even allow Merrick Garrett a single word, but Trump-us wasted no time in appointing Roman Catholic (a church frequented by very few blacks) Neil Gores-us. Gores-us is a Supreme Court “Originalist” who commits to restricting his gaze to the small shelf of rulings that Originalists like Antonin Scalia, his predecessor (also Roman Catholic). SCOTUS is now comprised of 6 Catholic and 3 Jewish justices. 8 white and 1 may-as-well-be white.

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    1. Oh yeah! That ‘Uncle Tom’ bastard, Black-assed as he is is not Black. If you ask him, he is as white as his wife. And the only truly great Supreme Court Justice was Thurgood Marshall and I actually wept when he died because I knew that we’d never see his like again sitting on the Supreme Court and we never have. And when that racist scumbag Scalia bit the dust, I celebrated with one of my best bottles of champagne. I figured it was worth it since at least one more racist became worm food and the worms had a feast on that bloated carcass.

      Bill, thank you for that most relevant comment. It shows just what we are up against.

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  9. Shelby you did a blacktastik job with this piece. But there is one thing that must be said Aiyana Stanley-Jones 7 years old, murdered (sleeping while black) in her grandmothers living room.

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    1. Moorbey, you are SO right! I have included her in so many other posts and I should have done so here. I shall correct that now! Thank you! She was not forgotten by me, it is just that there are so many to post, I could have gone on for years posting pictures of those who have been murdered by the slave patrols.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

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