Amazon, Please Don’t Come Here!


Cities all across America are  fighting for the dubious ‘opportunity of being home to Amazon’s second headquarters and the incentives they are offering are ludicrous, especially since many Amazon workers are paid wages so low, they must seek public assistance. So, another Amazon headquarters, employing 50,000 poor working schmucks will soon come to an area near you. I just hope it’s not near me.

Amazon narrows list of cities for new headquarters to 20

The e-commerce giant received 238 proposals from cities in North America, many with lofty tax incentives and unique offers directed at CEO Jeff Bezos.

“Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough – all the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity,” Holly Sullivan, an executive with Amazon Public Policy, said in a statement.

How much money can you make working at Amazon?

Amazon Salaries
Job Title Amazon Salary
Fulfillment Associate $12.46/hr
Warehouse Associate $12.60/hr
Amazon Warehouse Worker $12.52/hr
Process Assistant $15.45/hr

And in Jeff Bezo’s own words,

“We pay very low cash compensation relative to most companies,” Bezos told Fortune in 2012.

Now, this proudly coming from a man who is reported to be the richest man in the world with a net worth of $105.1 billion while hundreds of Amazon workers in Ohio qualify for food stamps, not to mention that Amazon receives significant state and local subsidies which in translation equals to “our tax dollars.” It is quite apparent that Jeff Bezos would have a problem receiving “very low cash compensation” because if that were not the case, his net worth would not be $105.1 billion. So, while cities and states are subsidizing Amazon with tax incentives and other unique offers, Jeff Bezos is making out like a fat cat while our tax dollars are doing double time to pay for his employee’s food stamps and to pay for those “lofty tax incentives and unique offers” that cities throw at Amazon just to remain in their city and state where impoverished workers, after having finished their shift, must then line up at the welfare office to fill out forms for food stamps. Seriously???! And no one is finding one problem whatsoever with any of this? Unbelievable! It is quite obvious that no one is finding a problem with this since cities and states are bending over backwards to provide as much assistance as Jeff Bezos needs in order to bring the very same to their locale all the while exclaiming over how thankful they would be to subsidize Jeff Bezos’ employees and his corporation to the tune of millions of tax dollars.

Since people, worldwide, refuse to get up off their ass and do their own shopping, this is what we have come to. This is why retail stores are shuttering their doors, left and right and malls are turning into greenhouses, complete with trees and birds. And once again, workers get the shaft while a multi-billionaire sits somewhere with a smile on his face while stating that his company “pays workers very low cash compensation relative to most companies.” He could not have been speaking of Wal-Mart because everyone should already be well-acquainted with the fact that the Waltons became ‘mad scientists’ who came up with the formula for low cash compensation for employees as their employees are also lining up at their local welfare offices applying for food stamps and any other public assistance they can get while our tax dollars, once again, are being used to pay to Wal-Mart, “lofty tax incentives and unique offers.”

Why do we not even blink at corporate welfare, but will rain down fire and brimstone on any ‘human’ who walks through the doors of local welfare offices because their income is so low, it qualifies them for welfare? What is wrong with us when we can have no problem with our elected officials throwing our tax dollars at the Jeff Bezos and Waltons of this world, knowing full well that they are already taking advantage of every tax loophole they can?

And just how well did that online shopping work out for you this past holiday season? Did those pants you ordered, fit? How about those shoes? Everything you ordered was the right size and fit, was it not? Or did you finally have to get up off your ass to find a shipping company to ship that online order of yours back to Amazon? Or did your order from Amazon come with a box and return postage already stamped on it for just in case that shirt was too big or too small?

I don’t know about any of you, but I will be damned sorry to see all retail stores shuttered because unlike most of you, it would seem, I like to try my shoes on for fit and then walk out the door with them knowing that there will be no need to ship them back to where they came from. I like to walk in a store and come out with my items.

We will sell our souls if whatever we are buying with it will keep us on our lazy ass to keep us from doing a damn thing. Fast food drive-through windows, online shopping and now, we can order entire meals online. Skip the grocery store, Blue Apron to the rescue, Omaha Steaks to the rescue. Convenience or laziness? I guess it depends on the viewpoint and before I get bombed out for this, I do understand that women are having to do it all and this, some will suggest, is convenience for the working woman and to that I will say, “Women, regardless of whether you work or not, that man in the house, if he has two working hands, arms and legs, get him to take some of the chores and responsibilities off your hands.”

As for Amazondotcom, I have never ordered a damn thing from that company and I never will even if that company manages to shut down every single mall or retail store that’s left. I guess I will then be arrested for indecent exposure because I will not be buying shit and that’s a good thing!

Lastly, so-called ‘humans’ are too stupid for words since they will joyfully enrich one man to the point where he is the richest man in the world while at the same time, impoverishing those who work for him because fellow humans are too damn lazy to physically shop when an app on a smartphone can do it for them. Are you ‘humans’ too damn dense to see where this is heading? Sadly, I already know the answer.

6 thoughts on “Amazon, Please Don’t Come Here!

  1. Well if he comes here (Toronto) the minimum starting wage is $15.00/hour and we have all sorts of labour laws. Even at that rate his employees wouldn’t be able to afford to live in Toronto. You can’t rent most apartments for less than $2,000. a month and $15.00/hr doesn’t cut it.

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    1. Leslie, it doesn’t ‘even cut it’ here in the states. And it is quite obvious that while we buy their products, these corporate heads don’t give a damn for the consumer or for their employees because I would literally hang my head in shame if it were known that I’ve got more money than I can spend in over 20,000 lifetimes while my employees, who by the way, do all the actual work, are not even earning enough to keep a roof over their head and food in their bellies, not to mention, in their kids bellies as well.

      We have long since given up any sense we had when we gladly embraced big corporations over local ‘mom and pop’ businesses. I actually miss living in Minnesota because there were just so many alternatives to shopping online or at Wal-Mart. Minnesota is literally filled with wonderful thrift stores and consignment shops and believe me, people made use of them. I know I certainly did. We are allowing these major corporations like Amazon and Wal-Mart to take us over and live by their rules and our politicians are enabling them to get away with doing this because they make us think that providing 50,000 low wage jobs is a good thing. The sad fact is that many jobs these days are temp jobs and for those who do get hired, there is no guarantee that they’ll have a job tomorrow. Just look at what Wal-Mart recently did to 62 Sam’s Clubs; shuttered the doors without even giving the employees a heads-up. Many did not even know they no longer had a job until they showed up for work. This is basically where we are all headed and we obviously have no problem with this, not unless it connects with us, personally. It makes no sense that we are enabling ourselves right into homelessness and we don’t even have a clue.

      Leslie, I thank you for that great comment! It points, glaringly, to what the problem is!

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  2. Jeff Bezos is public enemy number one in my book Shelby. Neloliberals always argue that company behave so immorally because they have to serve their shareholders. I wonder exactly which shareholders Amazon is serving because the company doesn’t even pay them a dividend. All the money winds up in Bezos’ pocket.

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    1. I can most certainly believe that “all the money winds up in Bezos’ pocket” after seeing what his net worth is and not to mention that our tax dollars also end up in Bezos’ pockets and people don’t even care that their children’s schools don’t have computers or in some cases, air conditioning and enough desks because local and state taxes are going to fund Bezos’ Amazon and the Waltons Wal-Mart while the politicians spout lies about how many great paying jobs are being added in their districts when in fact, they are mostly low wage jobs that qualify employees for public assistance. This is, again, truly, ludicrous!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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