Christianity And The Church





Well, it’s Sunday morning
and someone said to me,
“Why aren’t you in church
celebrating Christianity?”

I sat and thought a spell,
and I poured myself a drink.
I said, “Church ain’t about love,
It’s got less than what you think.

It ain’t about paying tithes
or listening to the word.
It ain’t about the preacher man
or his hypocritical herd.

Christianity and the church
thanks to man are now obscene,
how can the Lord’s work
get done by those who are unclean?

The Reverend, just last night,
pinched me on my ass!
And a married man is he,
but he pinched me, bold as brass.

Guess where the married deacon was,
and I’ll give you a little hint.
He was on his knees all night,
giving head to a well-hung gent.

Now, I’m not one to judge
and I sin and come up short,
but church folk revile the devil,
when with him, they do cavort.

No, I’ll not be sitting in church
with those good ole Christian folk.
Just a taking in a scripture or two,
’cause it’s all just one big joke.

Now let me tell you something,
drive by the local motel,
on any Saturday night
and see the Christians reveling like hell.

Then on Sunday morning,
they’re all so pious and calm.
And then next Saturday night,
they ain’t thinking ’bout the 23rd psalm.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2018 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “Christianity And The Church

    1. Kelley, since I’m from a small southern town, everybody knew everybody’s business and believe me, what I have written here are things that actually happened and worse. And then I was made to sit up in church while growing up and hearing about these things and I could not listen to ‘The Word’ because I kept picturing, in my mind, what I had heard the preacher had being doing the night before and it had nothing to do with ‘The Word’. And the same for damn near everybody else. The last place you’d find me is sitting up in a farce they call a ‘church’ these days. I wish the hell I thought!

      I thank you so much for the comment that actually proves how true and real this little ditty of a poem of mine really is!

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      1. Definitely. Every time I attended, even as a youth, I felt I had been pushed into a space with the highest concentration of hypocrites! It was just uncomfortable.

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  1. Lovely poem, Shelby. In my experience, the more fundamentalist Christians become the more they struggle with sexually appropriate behavior. Afterwards they always blame the Devil – they are seemingly incapable of taking responsibility for their own behavior.

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