What Did This Teacher Say That Was So Wrong?

I am in total agreement with this teacher.

Military-bashing California teacher pulled from classroom pending investigation

“Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbshits. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.” – Gregory Salcido,49, who allegedly made this statement after asking his students why would they want to serve in the military overseas?

I am literally in tears from laughing! The man is absolutely spot on! So, why hate him for stating the truth because that is what he did? He called it like it is.

My stupid cousin Harold is in the military and he is even more stupid than Homer Simpson is portrayed and he’s also a nasty son-of-a-bitch in the bargain and cousin Harold signed up because he couldn’t keep a job, but the U.S. military said, “Welcome Harold!” And in went freaking stupid cousin Harold, right into the U.S. military.

The cannon fodder that make up the U.S. military are grunts fresh out of high school who cannot find a job or are working low wage jobs that don’t even pay them enough to live in a studio apartment in Cleveland, OH. These people are not ‘academic people’, nor are they ‘intellectual people’. They are indeed, ‘the lowest of our low’ because you can’t have much sense if you sign on the dotted line to kill or be killed in some foreign land while your wife here in the states is heading to the military base store to redeem food stamps because the couple’s baby would starve otherwise. The life of a new recruit is not worth much to the U.S. military and then we have the nerve to wonder why our military keeps getting its ass kicked everywhere it goes and don’t forget about the fact that the U.S. Navy can’t even navigate past ships in the ocean without ramming into them. Now, whoever was maneuvering that was freaking stupid!

sailors missing from US Navy warship involved in collision, US admiral says

Seven U.S. sailors are missing from the USS Fitzgerald after the ship collided with a Philippine-flagged merchant vessel ACX Crystal while operating off the coast of Japan

Now, this was a ‘warship’ that couldn’t even navigate around a merchant vessel and so since that was the case, what the hell is it going to do in actual live combat? Ram an enemy vessel? And that would probably be by accident and if some grunt was manning the torpedoes, so to speak, the torpedoes would probably be turned the wrong way and blow the U.S. Navy ship to bits.

Yes, indeed, as the teacher featured in the article has intimated, you’d better think long and hard before you sign on the dotted line to go overseas to engage the enemy with your freaking stupid Uncle Louie watching your back because how the hell do you think soldiers die from ‘friendly fire’? It is because of a bunch of freaking stupid Uncle Louie’s, that’s how. It is much better to remain at your low wage job and stay alive, than to risk life and limb for wages that still keep you in food stamps. Poor is poor except when it’s U.S. military poor which still means food stamps for your family and almost certain death for you if you are sent to a war zone and at the very least, mental illness and even homelessness because the U.S. military cares not one whit if you become mentally ill. You are then just as useless to them as if you were dead.

Have you forgotten Army Sgt. La David Johnson? Johnson and three others were killed over in Niger while acting as ‘advisers'(and even I don’t know to whom) when they were shot dead and before Sgt. Johnson signed up for the army, he worked in the produce section of his local Walmart. How could pulling bad lettuce and tomatoes from shelves at Walmart be of any use to an Army Sgt.? Now, if he had been responsible for plating salads over in Niger, hell yeah, he’d of been properly trained for the mission, but this soldier was carrying a gun, not a salad bowl when he was killed. So, this man had a high school diploma and was referred to as ‘produce boy’ by his friends and family and then he enlisted and was sent to Niger, with gun in hand and told to be a soldier. How well did that work out for Sgt. La David Johnson? Ask his widow and his little children who are left behind. This man would still be alive if he had continued to be ‘produce boy’ at Walmart instead of taking his dumb ass over to Niger and serving the U.S. military as expendable cannon fodder.

So, don’t castigate this teacher for telling the truth. Everything is not about disrespecting or dishonoring the troops. There are times when you ought to listen to the message without attacking the messenger, who in this case, is trying to save your stupid life.

8 thoughts on “What Did This Teacher Say That Was So Wrong?

  1. Great post, Shelby. The low level performance of US troops all over the world is an embarrassment to the Pentagon. I’ve heard some analysts say this is the main reason the US is turning to drone warfare. US troops are so badly trained and equipped that they can no longer win a war through occupation and invasion.

    This teacher was doing his students a great service by warning them against the wiles of Pentagon recruitment efforts. It’s really sad to see school officials trying to destroy his career over it.

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    1. You are so right, Dr. Bramhall. This teacher was actually doing what every teacher should be doing and that is to try and steer their students away from committing themselves to what is a farce because the claim by the military that soldiers are fighting for honor and glory and to protect the homeland from terrorists is just a bold faced lie! The soldiers are just enriching warmongers and war profiteers and they are turning themselves into mindless drones who go about the business of destroying and occupying countries that the U.S. has deemed, a threat or needs ‘humanitarian intervention’ which we all know is code words for “install another puppet dictator with the full blessings of the U.S. government and then the corporations take over and pillage, plunder, decimate and destroy rain forests, indigenous populations and we must not forget that opium is flowing out of Afghanistan thanks to America’s military whores over in that country making sure those poppy plants get harvested. The Taliban was actually against poppy production, it was only when the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan is when poppy production exploded.

      So, indeed, we need more teachers like Mr. Salcido here to actually tell it like it is!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


    1. Indeed, Kelley! And yet, they seem determined to run this man out of his classroom and set him up as an example of what not to say to students in class. See, the status quo wants as many of our children’s bodies to be used in their wars for profit. They don’t give a damn about our children and not one child should be misled about what to expect if they enlist in the military. It is bad enough that they’ve got that blatant nonsense in schools called, ROTC running around in those stupid uniforms. That mess should be banned especially seeing as how Army recruitment centers are damn near every school.

      Hell! When I was in Baltimore, they had that mess down at the Inner Harbor and of course Black folks were lined up letting the army test their physical strength while the Air Force was flying overhead making maneuvers and making too much damn noise. I would have laughed my ass off if they had crashed. It is just sickening that the military has even taken over the NFL what with demanding that everyone salute the military by placing hand over heart when listening to a racist ass national anthem. “Enough is enough,” I say! And I actually wish that there was something that I could do to show my solidarity with this particular teacher.

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Yea I don’t get it. People that believe the military is necessary and doing a great job clearly are not in their right mind. I’ve learned that anything Amurderikkka lauds is usually poison for us commoners.

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      2. You got that right! We are expendable! We are all seen as live bait for a landmine in some foreign country. And the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson was not even able to see the remains of her husband. The Army flat out refused to let that man’s wife view his body. She doesn’t even know if her husband is actually in that coffin. Now, how ridiculous is that? We never know the whole story when shit goes down and we never will and they think they I would suit up and get sent somewhere and I don’t know a damn thing about a damn thing and the next thing I know, I’m getting shot full of bullets when I’m supposed to be “advising some folks?” Seriously?

        And this teacher was making just too much sense and so they had to shut him down because if he had been lauding running to the military to sign up, they’d be planting a medal on his chest. But since that was not the case, they ran him out of his classroom instead and will install someone who is more ‘military friendly’.

        People are just too stupid for words and that is what he knew and that is what he said. And he was right!

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