Homeless in Hawaii

While watching this video, I literally broke down in tears. Pu’uhonua O’ Wai’anae village is Hawaii’s oldest and largest homeless community. Most people who live there are Native Hawaiian. The unofficial mayor of this community, Twinkle Borge, had this to say, “How is it that the Hawaiians are struggling? You came here and took our land from us and we are struggling.”

A third of Hawaii’s homeless population are Native Hawaiian. And the white folks who went to Hawaii and apparently made it big off the tourist trade now own multi-million dollar homes and are demanding that local and state politicians continue to enact laws that make it illegal to be homeless in Hawaii and yet another law was enacted making it illegal to ‘sit or lie’ down on the sidewalk.

What was done to these people is worse than a disgrace and those of you who are of European descent have much to answer for, too damn much and yet, you are immune to the suffering that to this very day, you are the cause. How can you even think that you can call yourselves, “human?” Because it is quite obvious that the majority of you have no conscience to bother you at all.

The average house in Hawaii costs $700,000 and it has been stated that most people have to work two jobs just to pay for somewhere to live. And yet while the native islanders are homeless, in this video there were tourists who were having wedding photos taken at the same time that people whose land this was originally are trying to find water and who have no electricity in their homeless encampment.

These are the times when I am so very glad that I am not ‘white’ or otherwise of European descent because when the time of reckoning comes, I won’t have to worry, you will! And how! And hell would be too good for the likes of you!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Homeless in Hawaii

First Documentary (2017)

Film Review

Despite recent publicity about the high level of homelessness in Los Angeles, it turns out that Hawaii is the state with the highest rate of homelessness.

This documentary begins by exploring local efforts to criminalize homelessness via their “sit and lie” laws (which make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk). Hawaii Kai, the second richest post code in the US, has a residents vigilante group patrolling the streets for homeless people to report to the police.

A quote by one of their wealthier members is absolutely priceless: “You can’t have a society where one factor just takes and takes and takes.” Ironically she is referring to homeless people – even though her comment is far more pertinent to the wealthy elite she belongs to.

The film goes on to profile a campaign by Hawaii state senator Josh Green to…

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9 thoughts on “Homeless in Hawaii

    1. Leslie, everywhere a depraved ‘white’ foot has stepped, the indigenous population suffered for it and it still continues to this day and yet ‘white’ people want to scream and shout about how they are not responsible for what their ancestors put in to play. Yes, they are because they are continuing what their depraved ancestors put into play and this is one such example among billions! ‘Whites’ today, are no different from their piece of shit ancestors and I would tell each and every one of them to their fucking face if I could!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  1. Thanks for reblogging this post and your excellent commentary about the truth of the US colonization of Hawaii by force. The US military conquest of Hawaii took place in 1893 – Hawaii’s own government was overthrown while most of their residents were driven off their lands for the benefit of rich white white people from the US mainland. These facts are conveniently left out of most US textbooks.

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    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall. And I am sure that when you posted this, you knew that I would come out with both guns blazing because I will not sit still for this. This same mess has played out all across this planet and white folks are in fucking denial or just flat out don’t give a good goddamn over the evil, vile ass shit they perpetuate, day in and day out. They blame the Indigenous populations for their problems when those people were innocent as a new born baby and never saw it coming. I am just too goddamn through!! SIGH!


    1. Ain’t that the goddamn truth! They have damn near managed to ruin this entire planet that was once a paradise that all other groups respected and were at one with except for those vile, depraved, vicious and corrupt degenerates who ran all around the world dragging in their wake, disease, rape, pillage, plunder, war, shackles, chains, whips, misery, suffering and death!

      And yet, those slithering worms have the unmitigated gall to believe that they are so humanitarian, that even their shit don’t stink. I certainly hope the day will come when each and every single one of them will get what’s coming to them, sparing none!

      Kelley, I thank you for your comment!

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      1. Riiiiiight. I mean, what is the end game? They are the most intelligent species on Earth, so I know it’s expertly planned out. My mind says it cannot be good.

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      2. Why these ‘geniuses’ are going to develop ‘real warp speed’ which will enable interstellar travel whereupon, what they’ve done to this planet, they will do to others. Aren’t those other species, if they exist’, so lucky to have these ‘geniuses’ wanting to get to a planet, any other planet than the one they’ve damn near destroyed? No need to answer. Rhetorical question.


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